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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EAGERLY

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Astrology, 207:is, however, only possible when the personality eagerly enters into this relation with the Angel,Bethlehem, 179:to death, and his second coming looked for so eagerly that (as is well known) when Cortes appeared,Discipleship1, 115:Years ago, my brother, you sought more eagerly for the good results of your activity. Now you areDiscipleship1, 708:own formulations of truth and where they are eagerly demanding the next step. The first thing,Externalisation, 457:far as possible, whilst the forces of evil are eagerly trying to foster and nurture them. They areHercules, 58:and that without delay; forward he rushed and eagerly removed the load, lifting it off theIntellect, 33:capable of successful achievement, he will eagerly grasp at it. If society can provide the meansMeditation, 44:to Their Lotus Feet, is by you to be desired and eagerly welcomed. Cultivate daily, therefore, thatProblems, 12:with the welfare of humanity, as a whole. They eagerly desire recognition of the one world, of theProblems, 102:people everywhere are aware of this and are eagerly demanding that these persecutions end. TheProblems, 117:scale throughout the world. People are looking eagerly for the unexpected and the unusual, for anProblems, 172:settlements which the man in the street is so eagerly awaiting? The answer is not hard to find andRays, 168:talks of identifying himself with others, and eagerly he endeavors, to ascertain his group and
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