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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLIER

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Astrology, 26:to the individual man. These have been laid down earlier in A Treatise on the Seven Rays but itAstrology, 38:have passed on, being the product of the earlier system, that wherein Intelligence or Manas was theAstrology, 39:kingdom and the fifth Creative Hierarchy of the earlier system which makes itself felt in man inAstrology, 40:Persons of the Trinity and the flower of the earlier system from a certain angle. From anotherAstrology, 40:angle, when studied as the "flower of the earlier Eight, "They are the eightfold points awaitingAstrology, 44:matter responding still to the vibration of the earlier system. This means that the four lowerAstrology, 60:point must here be made, following upon the two earlier emphasized. A great part of our study willAstrology, 62:the consummation and the spiritual fruit of earlier life experience, world experiment and soulAstrology, 62:your minds. I have hinted at them in some of my earlier books but it will be of service to refer toAstrology, 63:There has to be a constant rectification of the earlier conclusions of humanity and of this theAstrology, 63:modern science but is still believed by many. I earlier gave a hint upon which definiteAstrology, 70:the candidate in a totally different manner than earlier. Cyclically the energies from theAstrology, 71:but their effect is very different to the earlier experience. At the fifth and final initiation,Astrology, 90:most interesting; I touched upon them somewhat earlier in this treatise. These "charts of theAstrology, 95:the triplicity to which I introduced you in the earlier pages of this treatise: Life - Quality -Astrology, 114:my statement and work with these planets. Much earlier in human history, they had to accept theAstrology, 127:in a fourfold way which he is not in the earlier stages. They embody the recognitions and theAstrology, 128:and to a point of basic change for which all the earlier and many changes have prepared him. It isAstrology, 128:and active response to the energies released and earlier mastered through the experience of theAstrology, 133:command of the soul to its instrument during the earlier stages of evolution goes forth and theAstrology, 157:the bestower of light, and the darkness of the earlier cycle is lightened by the Bull. The GoatAstrology, 175:the later ways of portraying this constellation. Earlier, in Atlantean days (from which period weAstrology, 175:to be found in our modern presentations. This earlier sign of the Centaur stood for the evolutionAstrology, 191:(the higher powers) are as yet embryonic in the earlier Sagittarian experience of the disciple, butAstrology, 242:Gemini and Libra altogether. They were of an earlier date than the latter who in reality had aAstrology, 243:most illuminating and is handled somewhat in my earlier Treatise on Cosmic Fire. The nature andAstrology, 247:be considered; these triangles will, as I have earlier hinted, dominate the new astrology in a mostAstrology, 261:same directed method, rhythm and measure of the earlier mass movement but this time with changedAstrology, 269:than upon [269] the Path of Discipleship and the earlier stages of evolutionary development. TheAstrology, 271:one for initiates above the third degree. As I earlier pointed out to you, the sign Virgo isAstrology, 276:of the life of conscious duality which marks the earlier stages of the Path of Discipleship, up toAstrology, 299:the formation of the triangle to which I earlier referred: Leo-Scorpio, leading to initiation inAstrology, 314:this basic triplicity begins to return to the earlier state of the "breath of spirit" but, thisAstrology, 321:for certain cosmic energies. Much has been earlier indicated along this line, and a trueAstrology, 336:also some of the points [336] which I have earlier made, but a careful study of the suggestedAstrology, 341:insight into the relationships we touched upon earlier when we discussed the rulers of this sign -Astrology, 346:This worldwide institution was - as I have earlier told you - organized under the influence andAstrology, 360:form surely in the place of power, swinging the earlier achieved balance and control definitelyAstrology, 367:sign or with Gemini rising. This leads in the earlier stages and with the undeveloped person to aAstrology, 368:in effort, yet preserving all the versatility earlier developed but controlling and governing theAstrology, 381:Aquarius. I would, therefore, refer you to my earlier comments. Scorpio is, as you will haveAstrology, 382:movement and momentum. You have (if I may repeat earlier implications) the following conditions andAstrology, 383:and the Earth, I would have you ponder on what I earlier gave in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. TheAstrology, 392:therefore, little known or understood. I have earlier referred to Vulcan as the Fashioner of divineAstrology, 400:all these and before the great disruption in an earlier solar system which led to the Moon becomingAstrology, 407:This study will fall into three parts as I earlier indicated: Triangles of Energy - constellations.Astrology, 410:moment. This I called to your attention in an earlier part of this treatise. Another factor littleAstrology, 411:of the Path of Discipleship and of Initiation. Earlier in this treatise I referred to a fact whichAstrology, 411:and affect the personality. To this I earlier referred, but have restated it here as I seek to haveAstrology, 421:at this time and which follow upon information earlier given. These groups of triangles emanateAstrology, 422:has to be transcended before even the earlier stages of the understanding of these mysteries becomeAstrology, 434:in unison. A consideration of a hint given earlier as to the symbolism and significance of theAstrology, 440:the gentler vibration of the Hierarchy. I have earlier told you that this Leo force from ShamballaAstrology, 446:from East to West, from Asia to Europe in the earlier history of that continent and from Europe toAstrology, 449:from the three major constellations are given earlier by me (on page 435) and this again is correctAstrology, 454:Life to the ajna center in individual man. Earlier I told you that the fifth Ray of ConcreteAstrology, 472:and the Centers There are, as I pointed out earlier, seven great crises in connection with theAstrology, 472:being upon the path of evolution; they cover the earlier, the later and the final stages of hisAstrology, 478:connection, I would remind you of what I said earlier in the treatise that the Science of TrianglesAstrology, 479:Again I would also point out that I stated earlier that this science must always be approached fromAstrology, 482:as this was covered when we studied each of them earlier and separately. I would, however, like toAstrology, 484:- with the Science of Initiation. This I have earlier pointed out, but the idea is so new and theAstrology, 487:possible. I would like here to remind you of an earlier reference [488] to still another triangleAstrology, 489:responsible for producing the world situation. Earlier in this treatise, I gave you the relationAstrology, 492:is from the angle of hierarchical effort, as I earlier pointed out. Throughout human evolution,Astrology, 513:- are related to the different planets. As given earlier, they are as follows: Sacred Planets 1.Astrology, 514:If these statements are added to the three I earlier gave you, you will have twelve suggestions asAstrology, 522:of this force is "I serve," as I told you earlier in this treatise (see the last page of A TreatiseAstrology, 537:Doctrine or the Vishnu Purana. A.A.B.) In the earlier activity, the fourth active constellation wasAstrology, 538:at this time are those listed in one of the earlier tabulations which I gave you. Leo - Ruler: TheAstrology, 539:useful, even if it is only a repetition of that earlier said: Constellation Ruler Ray House Leo TheAstrology, 544:time the balancing is on mental levels; in the earlier crisis, it was on the physical plane. ThisAstrology, 544:is to humanity, to the Sons of Mind, what the earlier point of crisis was to the planetary [545]Astrology, 550:relate what I here say to what I have said in an earlier part of this treatise re Capricorn, youAstrology, 559:purpose and the unified consummations of the two earlier crucifixions become almost blindinglyAstrology, 591:emerging purpose on the physical plane. I have earlier referred to three major expressions of theAstrology, 621:studied in connection with the diagrams given earlier in this treatise, remembering thatAstrology, 681:geometrical progression of the fire through the earlier mentioned Triangle. It has been stated thatAstrology, 683:of Spirit burns up all lesser fires. [683] As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly Man is linked withAtom, 6:has been shed upon vast tracts which were earlier [12] considered lands of darkness, is a guaranteeAtom, 24:and link them with the three schools of thought earlier referred to, studying them as The stage ofAtom, 34:corpuscles, thus subdividing the atom of earlier science into numerous lesser bodies. The elementsAtom, 37:for this purpose is compounded of a Greek word 'earlier than,' and 'the stuff of which things areAtom, 38:the Scientific American for October 1920. In the earlier instance he is quoted as follows: "I doAtom, 58:of forms, or the aggregation of atoms. We have earlier dealt with the atom per se, but have in noAtom, 84:the logical sequence that grows out of all these earlier developments. First, the primordial stuff,Atom, 99:general ideas in line with what has been said earlier, I shall be able to lay another stone uponAtom, 99:Dictionary gives, and which I have quoted earlier. The average thinker who takes up the majority ofAtom, 100:illustrate. It might be done as follows: In our earlier lectures we have seen that we must considerAtom, 105:is stored up all that has been gained in the earlier stages in the three lower kingdoms of nature.Atom, 122:and little is actually known. Much of the earlier teaching of physical science has beenAtom, 126:of their own personal salvation, being in the earlier atomic stage as yet. There is another stageAutobiography, 29:Mrs. Maxwell, of Castramont, of whom I have earlier spoken. We used to spend every summer with herAutobiography, 48:has stood the test of time and trouble, as my earlier beliefs did not. It is a knowledge whichAutobiography, 79:I was handling problems for which (as I have earlier said) I was quite unfitted and some of themAutobiography, 89:were planned and that the life work which He had earlier outlined to me would start, but in a wayAutobiography, 126:It was a major spiritual crisis. As I have earlier pointed out, I had arrived in America with muchAutobiography, 150:coming on top of my experience a few months earlier, did not help and laid the foundation for aAutobiography, 167:possible point. This can be fatiguing in the earlier stages, when one is probably trying too hardAutobiography, 191:H.P.B. and his writings are to be found in the earlier magazines and I am very proud that he stood
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