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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLIER

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Discipleship1, 330:It would not have been possible for me earlier to have enlarged upon this matter as you would notDiscipleship1, 349:and is a group asset and of major usefulness. Earlier, I gave you some seed thoughts to be the germDiscipleship1, 349:when I chose the seed thoughts given to you earlier this year. I would ask you now to take theDiscipleship1, 363:make you a true success - steps which I have earlier indicated to you. For a time, my brother, loseDiscipleship1, 364:six seed thoughts for meditation. Otherwise my earlier injunctions to you hold good and your futureDiscipleship1, 372:be enabled to make anent you and not the usual earlier one, "and still the Master Workman waited". Discipleship1, 383:you know). Follow the instructions given to you earlier, but when you retire to your room at theDiscipleship1, 388:who look to you for inspiration. As I told you earlier in your training, spiritual effectiveness isDiscipleship1, 395:sense of isolation (which can be enjoyed in the earlier stages). All this has been complicated byDiscipleship1, 407:now (nor would it be wise) to change the work earlier [408] outlined for you. Not yet have youDiscipleship1, 416:first instruction to you. I gave it not to you earlier than this because I was testing out yourDiscipleship1, 425:greatly. Continue to Ponder upon the thoughts I earlier gave you as seed ideas for meditation. TakeDiscipleship1, 429:and reflect upon this theme. Then at night, or earlier in the evening if more suitable, use divineDiscipleship1, 438:bear in mind the two suggestions I made to you earlier in this instruction. Also, my brother, asDiscipleship1, 447:in action, due to the lessons learnt on the earlier stages of the path. Your astral body is on theDiscipleship1, 463:soul. I would like here to point out to you that earlier I gave you a hint that there might arise aDiscipleship1, 468:personality ray approves. Your service is, as I earlier pointed out to you, the task of "lifting"Discipleship1, 473:to focus your attention upon the four rules I earlier gave you. You have, as I have told you, madeDiscipleship1, 475:result that I do not seek to alter aught that I earlier gave you. Keep up the meditation work butDiscipleship1, 476:deep seated self-pity. Study with care what I earlier gave you, renew your consecration andDiscipleship1, 478:do not like you - consequently. [478] I told you earlier to teach yourself to "recognize the need."Discipleship1, 483:or personality resumption of various earlier activities but through a poised attitude of mind whichDiscipleship1, 491:What I have to say to you grows out of your earlier instructions. I wonder how much you have readDiscipleship1, 495:soul light, will bring you release. But in the earlier stages of this process you will have toDiscipleship1, 500:Hence the emphasis upon decentralization which I earlier suggested to you. I have not much to sayDiscipleship1, 501:is definitely one of your major assets. As I earlier pointed out, much seventh ray energy alsoDiscipleship1, 501:- because it was your predominant energy in an earlier incarnation and is, in your case, aDiscipleship1, 514:my brother, that I am only re-emphasizing my earlier teaching to you. Of its value, I know you areDiscipleship1, 516:your relationships as a true sannyasin. This I earlier pointed out to you. I called you definitelyDiscipleship1, 535:seek now to change entirely your meditation. The earlier one given has accomplished its intendedDiscipleship1, 551:of every day existence. There was, in these earlier times, but little of steadfast, coordinatedDiscipleship1, 552:of meditation is of no profound difficulty. In earlier lives you established the line of approach.Discipleship1, 558:my request that the three questions I put to you earlier in this instruction should be answered byDiscipleship1, 566:it is of interest to you to know, as I have earlier told you, that your soul ray is the second andDiscipleship1, 575:and inner reorganization. Forget not my earlier injunction to go slowly. Discipleship1, 585:attention some words out of an instruction I earlier gave you wherein I pointed out the necessityDiscipleship1, 586:amounting almost to delirium. As I have earlier pointed out to you, you are so over-active and yourDiscipleship1, 599:cleaned another window pane. That also which you earlier cleansed and to which I referred in myDiscipleship1, 602:The two are allied. Forget not either my earlier injunction to you that "There are other things toDiscipleship1, 614:after your initial service of financing the earlier stage. But, my brother, the giving of money isDiscipleship1, 644:release in you the knowledge which you gained in earlier lives and there is, consequently, muchDiscipleship1, 676:the playground, meeting dead shells built in an earlier stage, stepping upon forms discarded andDiscipleship1, 702:an important point to remember. I is - as said earlier - a magnetic point of tension, a fusion ofDiscipleship1, 749:Chela within the Aura The definition, as given earlier by me, runs as follows: "The stage whereinDiscipleship1, 751:and acts as intermediary. The chela (as I have earlier pointed out) is in touch with the MasterDiscipleship1, 768:Master's heart, and to pass rapidly through the earlier stages of discipleship. It offersDiscipleship1, 769:esoteric and spiritual values. Can you do this? Earlier, I used a phrase in which I referred toDiscipleship1, 787:to which I would like to call your attention. Earlier - many years earlier - I stated in A TreatiseDiscipleship1, 787:to call your attention. Earlier - many years earlier - I stated in A Treatise on White Magic that IDiscipleship2, XIII:and that the real group work can begin. I have earlier stated the wider and more importantDiscipleship2, 5:in mind that they may quite easily carry their earlier tendency into the new group. Only a freshDiscipleship2, 11:basis of the rapport between A.A.B. and myself. Earlier, I explained that a neophyte in an ashramDiscipleship2, 17:in the working out of the experiment hinted at earlier - the experiment of group initiation. IDiscipleship2, 18:preparatory to initiation. I referred to this earlier (in Vol. I, Page 99): "As time goes on, IDiscipleship2, 18:disciples in training for preparation - a much earlier stage. These hints I will convey to you inDiscipleship2, 31:the various phases of our study which I have earlier outlined, my use of this theme will emergeDiscipleship2, 32:upon the outer. Three of your comrades in the earlier groups have rejoined [33] the group; theDiscipleship2, 33:protection so that in a coming life he can start earlier, and move forward with greater precision.Discipleship2, 38:II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction As I earlier said, I at this time shall not deal withDiscipleship2, 42:seen, and I can begin to consider with you (earlier than I had anticipated) some of the problemsDiscipleship2, 45:work of interpreting the Formula, as outlined earlier and not specifically discontinued by me, hasDiscipleship2, 49:for the coming New Age activity. In some of the earlier instructions (A Treatise on the Seven Rays,Discipleship2, 53:I began to widen the teaching and I added to the earlier technique. In the religion of the future,Discipleship2, 56:of a new scientific religion, called (as I have earlier pointed out) the Science of Approach. It isDiscipleship2, 64:methods and techniques of training (as I have earlier told you) are being remodeled and rearrangedDiscipleship2, 71:Much of this has been given you in the earlier teaching you have received, but I repeat theseDiscipleship2, 74:Seed Group. My experiment in reorganizing the earlier groups into one large group has notDiscipleship2, 74:the New Seed Group has lasted five years. The earlier experiment with the groups lasted ten years.Discipleship2, 99:you know them better and love them more than you earlier did? This means all of them, as a group.Discipleship2, 108:of you a complete list of all who were in the earlier groups as well as those who were or are inDiscipleship2, 109:to work within an Ashram. Disciples - in the earlier stages - are apt to be didactic; they like toDiscipleship2, 113:upon the same fundamental truths which have been earlier laid down (in Discipleship in the New Age,Discipleship2, 113:In this connection, let me repeat what I earlier said, for it makes a fitting preface to what IDiscipleship2, 122:would again caution you and call attention to my earlier statement that all stimulation of theDiscipleship2, 126:point, study anew the teaching I gave in the earlier instructions on the theme of Visualization andDiscipleship2, 126:is the secret of all true meditation work in its earlier stages? I seek not to repeat, but thatDiscipleship2, 127:do this on the five days of the Full Moon (as earlier detailed), you will produce a group fusion ofDiscipleship2, 143:presented for your use and consideration. In the earlier stages of your training the emphasis wasDiscipleship2, 151:giving you is formless in comparison with the earlier meditations outlined. I have already givenDiscipleship2, 171:religionist of all the world faiths. As I have earlier pointed out, the return of Christ will beDiscipleship2, 177:now has no relation to the disciple - as had the earlier three; they related almost entirely toDiscipleship2, 179:repeat at this time some of the idea!; which I earlier gave you; I would like also to show you theDiscipleship2, 179:use a major duty and obligation. This I have earlier impressed upon you and would ask you now ifDiscipleship2, 187:too concrete. There are the twelve words which I earlier gave you (Page 144). Please use one eachDiscipleship2, 187:previous teaching you have received and all your earlier meditation work was simply an elementaryDiscipleship2, 189:the Invocation, because I did so fully in the earlier meditation instructions. I earnestly beg you,Discipleship2, 198:that of intelligent activity, and - as I have earlier pointed out - is from every possible angleDiscipleship2, 218:of humanity, which was a factor lacking in the earlier civilization. Once this has been dealt withDiscipleship2, 236:New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part XIV Earlier in this instruction I used the words: "AnDiscipleship2, 245:and they follow upon what you have had earlier when I sought to help you to integrate with yourDiscipleship2, 246:the group and me. Much of what I said in the earlier instructions (Vol. I) on the relation ofDiscipleship2, 252:of Revelation I have dealt considerably in my earlier writings with the theme, Points of Crisis. WeDiscipleship2, 252:the ages. Upon the Path of Discipleship, in the earlier stages, the eye of vision is the illuminedDiscipleship2, 252:that which was the goal of initiation in earlier aeons and perceives these things normally and asDiscipleship2, 252:his inclusiveness opens for him doors which in earlier times only opened to the initiate knock. IDiscipleship2, 253:This is no easy adjustment to make, and this the earlier imparted Rules of the Road (DiscipleshipDiscipleship2, 268:subject of initiation differs today from that of earlier times - even so short a time ago as fiftyDiscipleship2, 270:modeled upon that of Christ or Shri Krishna, his earlier incarnation. This makes possible,Discipleship2, 274:preparation for initiation which I called in an earlier instruction the "presentation of points ofDiscipleship2, 276:out in the West. This does not mean that the earlier methods were not correct and right. It means
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