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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLIER

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Discipleship2, 276:not the exercises. On Hints The hints a Master earlier gave were concerned largely with theDiscipleship2, 280:life force within the soul which will, in the earlier stages of discipleship, work through theDiscipleship2, 285:Initiation - Part IV Points of Revelation In the earlier part of your last instruction, I pointedDiscipleship2, 322:study of the three revelations indicated in the earlier instruction will reveal the accuracy of theDiscipleship2, 325:responses which it took them years to master in earlier cycles of hierarchical effort. This isDiscipleship2, 331:the Ashram of the Master Morya by H.P.B. in his earlier incarnation as Cagliostro, (Cagliostro,Discipleship2, 333:given you much along these lines in other and earlier writings. The bringing together of "twoDiscipleship2, 346:I realize that I am repeating what has been earlier given, I must - for the sake of clarity - callDiscipleship2, 349:the initiate is presented by the Christ. The earlier initiations may have their correspondingDiscipleship2, 367:that in which the revelation is taking place. Earlier I said that "the next sequential revelationDiscipleship2, 369:"in the Light" let us consider them as suggested earlier. Energy follows thought and the eyeDiscipleship2, 381:scheme which should engage your attention. Earlier in these instructions I pointed out to you thatDiscipleship2, 384:which is oft overlooked, but which I gave to you earlier, and that is the mental approach toDiscipleship2, 388:them here, not in the question form as given earlier, but in their original wording. I would askDiscipleship2, 397:teaching upon the Formulas was concluded in the earlier instruction because enough had been givenDiscipleship2, 398:(to the Master) the all-enfolding Purpose. Earlier I told you that three words should be consideredDiscipleship2, 409:God," back to the place - our Earth - where he earlier demonstrated perfect love and service. But -Discipleship2, 411:a part of the content of the sixth hint which is earlier given as follows: Hint Six. "The modernDiscipleship2, 417:is faced. It [417] is for that reason that I earlier remarked that my one effort at this time, asDiscipleship2, 417:yet no initiation is attained without an earlier self-engendered and not conferred revelation. LetDiscipleship2, 425:is also a statement of fundamental truth. In an earlier instruction I pointed out that three ideasDiscipleship2, 427:three stages of the process, which I mentioned earlier: Penetration, Polarization, Precipitation.Discipleship2, 429:Part XI One of the factors (and I believe I have earlier pointed this out) which has warred againstDiscipleship2, 444:increasingly avail yourself. Seek, as I have earlier told you, to be; aim at being a conduit forDiscipleship2, 453:his work would slowly weaken as the tension, earlier initiated, weakened; his ability to attractDiscipleship2, 456:disciples (particularly those trained in the earlier, personality-tainted groups) believe theDiscipleship2, 461:Because of this, you will have to watch the earlier effects of this group meditation with care soDiscipleship2, 487:These being the three words with which I earlier impressed you and which seem to me today to be ofDiscipleship2, 492:each disciple to work in those places where earlier effort, the ties of karma and nationalDiscipleship2, 498:by communicating with as many as you can who earlier worked with you, seeking again to get in touchDiscipleship2, 498:the news and the condition of those who earlier worked with you as members of the Arcane School.Discipleship2, 500:increasingly in the future in the place of your earlier service. Again, I recall to you the closingDiscipleship2, 500:until the way opens up for a resumption of work, earlier started, you have two things therefore toDiscipleship2, 518:To it, I referred in the six statements which I earlier gave you. That word is: simplicity. IDiscipleship2, 518:you. That word is: simplicity. I stated in that earlier writing that the simplicity of the soulDiscipleship2, 522:This would simplify your life, and I told you earlier that simplification was a needed attributeDiscipleship2, 530:faced with an acute problem in discrimination. Earlier - years ago - I gave you three words whichDiscipleship2, 530:and astral body have suddenly betrayed you. Your earlier freedom from glamor led to carelessness -Discipleship2, 552:thus listen, the two other principles to which I earlier referred as governing the life of theDiscipleship2, 558:to the complete working out of the effects of earlier relationships so that to that relation theDiscipleship2, 576:which I gave to the group members in the earlier stages of the forming of the groups, are inDiscipleship2, 582:and is most confusing to the neophyte in its earlier manifestations. Later, the disciple learnsDiscipleship2, 598:necessity use this time when he comes; when he earlier came he employed the teaching aspect of theDiscipleship2, 601:You are freeing yourself for service. All that I earlier said as to your problems still holds goodDiscipleship2, 611:seen much change in your life, and for this I earlier sought to prepare you; it is change which isDiscipleship2, 611:are four of the more important facts which I earlier gave you and I recall them to your attention,Discipleship2, 626:being. Therefore we appropriate that which we earlier "earmarked" (if I may use that ancient phraseDiscipleship2, 629:understanding of my injunction to you, given earlier, to "seek the pinnacle of loneliness which isDiscipleship2, 644:been made. Such a choice came to you in your earlier years. This crisis of opportunity relates everDiscipleship2, 663:A home life which has not measured up to your earlier dreams and a physical body which limits allDiscipleship2, 673:You see now the purpose of my remarks in an earlier instruction? Today, few disciples realize thatDiscipleship2, 682:reaction to the short instruction I gave you earlier in the year? This you did not like, nor didDiscipleship2, 687:still as the Observer, see the reversal of the earlier process. The solar plexus is dimmed. TheDiscipleship2, 692:concentration upon a group thought-form. I have earlier told you that you are being trained to workDiscipleship2, 763:you adhere to the Full Moon procedure outlined earlier by me, and I would ask you to keep thisEducation, viii:is something more than a recrudescence of some earlier forms of Christian ideology. In thisEducation, 23:which you would find it of value to consider. Earlier I suggested the goal. I now link that goal upEducation, 30:energized by mind and not by desire, as in the earlier cases. Aspirants on the physical plane useEducation, 57:In the above comments, plus what I have given earlier, you have the few suggestions which I haveEducation, 72:I have said "decades" and not "centuries." The earlier experiments along this line will becomeEducation, 73:must be studied along the lines suggested earlier in this instruction. Visionary, mystical hopesEducation, 75:the more technical approaches outlined by me in earlier parts of this instruction, should be theEducation, 83:intuitional potentiality. In infancy and in the earlier school grades, the development of rightEducation, 121:as has the Piscean or Christian Age, or the earlier period governed by Aries, the Ram or Goat. UponEducation, 126:and unit and between group and group. In the earlier stages this is effected on a mass scale byExternalisation, 21:the condition which was brought to an end in earlier days, when the Hierarchy (in order to furtherExternalisation, 23:or whether more time must elapse before the earlier ancient cooperation between the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 26:Remarks Seed Groups in the New Age July 1937 Earlier I gave you some thoughts anent the new groupsExternalisation, 37:is that of mental relationship or telepathy. I earlier told you that, as the race achievesExternalisation, 39:emanate from soul levels, via the mind. I have earlier pointed out in A Treatise on White MagicExternalisation, 54:experiments today going on. Remember this. As I earlier said, the processes of education, of lawExternalisation, 57:purpose of the soul aspect. That is why (in my earlier discussion of the subject) I linked theExternalisation, 71:with humanity. I would suggest that you read my earlier writings on the Great Approaches. (EsotericExternalisation, 73:centers on to the human. This we discussed earlier (The Destiny of the Nations, Page 22). Those ofExternalisation, 76:Psychology), are the descendants of that earlier group which was held in pralaya between the firstExternalisation, 91:nature; therefore, to the tabulation which was earlier given I would add the following for yourExternalisation, 94:procedure is being followed as was used in the earlier stage of founding the fourth kingdom. TheExternalisation, 98:the mind (with which humanity was endowed in the earlier process) to the light of the intuition andExternalisation, 100:groups, a small minority, correspond to the earlier and first method of mind-implantation in animalExternalisation, 111:a new kingdom in nature - the human. As I have earlier told you, this present world crisis, if metExternalisation, 116:of the present war and the inherited pain of the earlier stage (begun in 1914) is bringing about aExternalisation, 128:in the majority but are - as I pointed out in earlier writings - relatively futile to control theExternalisation, 132:the three great world centers about which I have earlier written can be seen expressing itselfExternalisation, 133:in 1425. I referred to this conference in my earlier writings. (A Treatise on White Magic, PagesExternalisation, 139:- Section II - The General World Picture I have earlier suggested to you (A Treatise on the SevenExternalisation, 139:of the values to which I have referred earlier in this article. This is humanity's [140] jointExternalisation, 143:the new order. 6. The instructions in my earlier pamphlets remain as before and should be carefullyExternalisation, 152:is concerned) is acceleration. As I have also earlier pointed out, such an acceleration carriesExternalisation, 157:dual activity of the true disciple to which I earlier referred, i.e., the task of emphasizing aExternalisation, 159:of Peace." As I have elsewhere told you in my earlier writings, the Christ embodied in Himself theExternalisation, 184:influences others; the restitution of lands, earlier held, directs the acts of others. ForExternalisation, 186:of the human spirit must be placed beside the earlier picture of man's selfishness and cruelty, ofExternalisation, 206:them to renewed effort. Through the work earlier done all over the world by the men of vision andExternalisation, 220:and along what lines it should be solved I have earlier indicated. [221] As for the world disciplesExternalisation, 226:complete satisfaction the questions I put to you earlier in this communication. When you have doneExternalisation, 227:exercise to these three days, you could take an earlier three days of preparation, and thusExternalisation, 230:I have been interested in the response to my earlier article, written in April, 1940. The majorityExternalisation, 239:First, that these Forces were defeated in the earlier phase of the conflict thousands of years ago,Externalisation, 248:The goodwill effort of the world, which I sought earlier to inaugurate and to synthesize, hasExternalisation, 250:will be your use of the new Invocation. I said earlier that the war could have been averted from
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