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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLIER

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Fire, 1088:certain angles of vision) the product of an earlier system, and only waited for the time in theFire, 1090:solar system effects of causes originating in earlier kalpas or - to word it otherwise - the karmicFire, 1090:or - to word it otherwise - the karmic seeds of earlier logoic activities. Our solar Logos has notFire, 1095:a left-over (if so it might be expressed) of an earlier kalpa. These two points must be carefullyFire, 1096:back by influences which are the result of His earlier activities in System 1. The dense physicalFire, 1109:The student, therefore, can apply what has been earlier said anent the astral and physical bodiesFire, 1113:particular solar Angel. These groups have been earlier dealt with. g. Energy is transmitted also toFire, 1121:of energy within the bodies. This has been earlier dealt with, and it is only necessary here toFire, 1125:with what is termed "the residue of that which earlier was." He responds to the vibration of theFire, 1125:to the vibration of the solar system of an earlier greater cycle in which the knowledge, or theFire, 1125:this lack of response is hid in the karma of the earlier manifestation. As we know, the Sons ofFire, 1132:touched upon when we studied incarnation and, earlier still, when considering pralaya orFire, 1147:by the three qualities of matter as has been earlier brought out, and they have been genericallyFire, 1148:upon here. It should be remembered that in the earlier stages of incarnation, the unit is governedFire, 1149:of a later stage in which he returns to the earlier group recognition on a higher turn of theFire, 1160:center between the shoulder blades, referred to earlier in this Treatise as the manasic center, isFire, 1160:on a higher turn of the spiral, the work he earlier did as man. This becomes possible when theFire, 1162:is transmitted from that constellation which (as earlier I have [1163] hinted) must remain obscureFire, 1169:negative planetary lives with the positive ones earlier pointed out. The systemic marriage, or theFire, 1169:lower four groups concern themselves with the earlier stages, and with the animal aspects ofFire, 1170:the chain process of individualization, and the earlier three Initiations concern the animalFire, 1174:methods employed by the Lords of the Flame, as earlier seen. [1175] It can be studied in two mainFire, 1183:This is conditioned by the karmic seeds of an earlier system, and only that substance is utilizedFire, 1185:(human, subhuman, and superhuman) which have earlier been associated, and have, therefore, somewhatFire, 1197:have passed on, being the product of the earlier system, that wherein Intelligence or Manas was theFire, 1197:kingdom and the fifth Creative Hierarchy of the earlier system which makes itself felt in man inFire, 1199:the three Persons and the flower of the earlier system from a certain angle. From another angle,Fire, 1199:angle, when studied as the "flower of the earlier Eight," They are the eightfold points awaitingFire, 1202:matter responding still to the vibration of the earlier system. This means that the four lowerFire, 1210:which has been called "the refuse of that which earlier [1211] was seen," with that latent energyFire, 1244:which all humanity are found and which have been earlier treated in this Treatise. As we haveFire, 1250:necessary in explanation of the expression used earlier in connection with the passing of adeptsFire, 1259:those of the fourth and the sixth order. As earlier pointed out, this is the Path that the "lordsFire, 1269:and turns His Lotus Feet back to that Path He earlier left behind, and from the other side remountsFire, 1277:[1277] approach, when He changeth the key of the earlier spoken Word, the disruption of the wall isGlamour, 4:is not the activity of the intuition. Love. As earlier said, this is not affectionate sentiment, orGlamour, 33:we have seen, is of more ancient standing and of earlier emergence than is illusion. It has littleGlamour, 36:a true content of the equipment of the disciple. Earlier I referred to the fact that part of theGlamour, 53:and recapitulating as it does the events of an earlier development, they again reach a point inGlamour, 53:reach a point in their realization which they earlier reached. The significance of their attainmentGlamour, 54:and to study with care the tabulation earlier given you. Illusion, for our purposes, can beGlamour, 75:riches is not producing the clutching hands as earlier in racial history. Things and possessionsGlamour, 82:however, will [82] make its presence felt much earlier in extremity or on urgent demand. Glamour, 86:itself, brought over as latent seeds from an earlier solar system. It might perhaps become clearerGlamour, 88:necessity, he recapitulates in his own life this earlier battle with the lowest pairs of opposites,Glamour, 96:activity. I referred to this duality in an earlier instruction. This stage is one of greatGlamour, 97:etheric energy are at grips. Forget not what I earlier told you that etheric force is closelyGlamour, 105:all forms are made have been inherited from an earlier universe or solar system and are, therefore,Glamour, 126:passed, with the emphasis, first of all, in the earlier experiences; later, in the final greatGlamour, 151:of real importance in this work and to repeat my earlier warning: Will you remember that the effortGlamour, 153:statements of the Old Commentary. I have earlier defined for you in as simple terms as possible theGlamour, 155:are slowly brought into a close rapport. In the earlier stages of effort and of attempted control,Glamour, 156:personality ray controls the Dweller in all the earlier states and up to the time when the soul rayGlamour, 180:the following stages must follow upon the three earlier. We will continue with the numbering asGlamour, 191:of knowledge is a major dispelling agent in the earlier phases of the task and effectivelyGlamour, 208:and this is the real meaning of what I have earlier told you that the astral plane in reality doesGlamour, 229:the nature of the glamor to be dealt with. As I earlier pointed out, the inexperienced group ofHealing, 9:away from the partially true point of view of earlier centuries which traced disease back of theHealing, 17:his activity. Bear in mind the two words which I earlier gave. They sum up the healer's story:Healing, 28:of nature itself. The major primary causes, as I earlier explained, are impossible for you toHealing, 31:maladjustment or the corruption of food. As I earlier pointed out, these latter causes of diseaseHealing, 36:as yet greater than its quality potency. In the earlier stages of human evolution, it is theHealing, 42:and a synthesizing of their efforts. I have earlier pointed out that the astral body is the primeHealing, 44:will be dealt with under Part I.4. I pointed out earlier that the three major groups of diseasesHealing, 55:which are the result of causes initiated in earlier incarnations. From the general racial heritageHealing, 67:to the five major groups of diseases to which I earlier referred, and working out in connectionHealing, 90:force upon the physical plane, then what was earlier an instinctual habit will become theHealing, 93:two definitions of the causes of disease which I earlier gave. Let me call them to your carefulHealing, 99:study with attention, the teaching which I gave earlier on the diseases of the mystics. (A TreatiseHealing, 109:the human and the deva; there are - as earlier stated - sixty thousand million human monads. Add toHealing, 112:is a result of the misuse of force in some earlier life or in this. This is fundamental. InHealing, 112:I would remind you of some statements I have earlier made on this matter. Ninety per cent of theHealing, 114:4. Diseases due to the Life of Discipleship Earlier I told you that disease originated in the fourHealing, 114:concerned, committed in this life or another earlier incarnation. Human taints and predispositions,Healing, 115:and personality. The first cause which I listed earlier in this treatise was summed up in theHealing, 121:integral part of the planetary life, and in the earlier stages of their recognition of this unityHealing, 126:until, as soul personality, he repudiates the earlier relationships; he pays [127] the penaltyHealing, 153:when the antahkarana has been built. In the earlier stages it is the throat center which is theHealing, 174:area of the human physical mechanism. As I have earlier pointed out, this center is an organ ofHealing, 185:the path of evolution in the material, earlier stages; the Path of Probation, and the early stagesHealing, 197:conditioned (via the seven centers, as we have earlier seen) by the astral or mental vehicles, orHealing, 215:lives of unconscious transmutation in [215] the earlier stages, and as a result of bitterHealing, 234:Lodge will triumph. That was not the case in the earlier conflict. Then the war was ended by theHealing, 242:physical man himself, either in this life or an earlier one - a point which we will discuss later.Healing, 271:the findings of modern medicine. This I have earlier emphasized. I want to indicate the trend ofHealing, 278:of people are kept alive - if not cured - who in earlier days and with less scientific aptitudeHealing, 281:the nervous system. I am not dealing (as I have earlier warned you) with the symptoms of disease,Healing, 302:him anti-social. I have dealt with this in an earlier part of this treatise and need not furtherHealing, 308:subject with which we are dealing, and all these earlier instructions and the answers which I giveHealing, 310:lesion or a latent difficulty, based on earlier life interests or malpractice. Bring these twoHealing, 310:permit of those factors which trace back to an earlier life. In the case of contagious [311]Healing, 350:demonstrated on the physical plane by the earlier scientific activities which are right in motiveHealing, 353:of cancer, which was not so prevalent in the earlier and more leisured [354] days of the racialHealing, 363:a religion that recalled the ancient ways of the earlier system and in which period of time LilithHealing, 401:This theory is not held by so many as it was in earlier years, particularly during theHealing, 404:responsibility and to meet requirements which an earlier breaking of the laws governing right humanHealing, 407:consider the three major processes to which I earlier referred; these cover three periods and lead,Healing, 408:hence the phrase "the second death." This I have earlier applied to the death or destruction of theHealing, 410:and with intention - the phases of dying. In the earlier stages, this release will be brought aboutHealing, 420:intelligent matter was matter qualified by an earlier experience, and colored by an earlier [421]
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