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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLIER

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Healing, 420:by an earlier experience, and colored by an earlier [421] incarnation. Now this matter is in form,Healing, 465:mental apparatus. You will see consequently why, earlier in this treatise, I made the followingHealing, 477:itself. This process of dispersal is, as I have earlier said, greatly aided by cremation. In theHealing, 480:new field wherein disease - particularly in its earlier stages - can be studied. When theHealing, 486:the illusory area of the astral plane. As I have earlier told you, the astral plane has no factualHealing, 494:has taken place, the inner man is, as I have earlier said, fully conscious. The physical brain andHealing, 498:permanently centered in the mental vehicle), the earlier processes of the destruction of the astralHealing, 500:is a point little emphasized or realized. In the earlier lives of the incarnating soul and for theHealing, 500:by the fusion of soul and form, though (in the earlier stages) very little responsibility isHealing, 502:a slowly developing technique in which (in the earlier stages) the disciple is still the victim ofHealing, 508:values. It should be remembered that this is an earlier stage and rightly so. The integration ofHealing, 512:That of a complete disinterest during the earlier stages of the cycle of incarnation. Its "embeddedHealing, 519:see the factual nature of the results to which I earlier referred in this instruction. The discipleHealing, 520:the Master, as is frequently the case during the earlier stages of discipleship; nothing can nowHealing, 532:are renumbered and do not follow in the order earlier given. Law I All disease is the result ofHealing, 536:planet itself, because our planetary Logos (as I earlier stated when aiding H.P.B. in writing TheHealing, 560:of individual man. With these I have dealt in an earlier volume of this treatise. (A Treatise onHealing, 565:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and hinted at earlier in The Secret Doctrine. This law states thatHealing, 580:With this type of difficulty we have dealt in an earlier part of this treatise. The healer in thoseHealing, 610:are still frustrated, though far less so than earlier in human history; the next great human race,Healing, 645:and needs frequent reiteration. As we have earlier seen, there are three basic principles, affirmedHealing, 670:the Christ. The harmlessness with which I have earlier dealt has relation to the imperfections withHealing, 673:rhythm of the Spiritual Triad; nevertheless, the earlier type of poise must precede the laterHealing, 673:nature, and also by the practice of what I have earlier mentioned: Divine Indifference. A CompletedHealing, 678:I have given you. I called your attention to it earlier, and there pointed out that this "last lawHealing, 682:aspirant upon the inner planes; with this I have earlier dealt and have no need to repeat myselfHealing, 684:to this law must be and is developed in the earlier stages of discipleship, where listening,Healing, 708:and major cause of much disease (as we have earlier seen), the emotional nature, which it is theHealing, 713:formulas of healing. Apart from the reason, earlier stated, that men are not yet ready to be givenHercules, 81:wise? The fawn is back upon the hill where I earlier saw it stand." And from the Council Chamber ofHercules, 126:his friends, the centaurs twain with whom he earlier had drunk. And, whilst the other centaursHercules, 202:on Earth as soon as possible and considerably earlier than had been planned." It is indeed aInitiation, viii:At the same time, it must be remembered that the earlier teaching is right in essence, thoughInitiation, 23:again get back the knowledge which was theirs in earlier cycles (having been mercifully withdrawnInitiation, 39:of the intelligence, having achieved in an earlier solar system that which man is now striving toInitiation, 39:that which man is now striving to perfect. In earlier cycles in this system they began toInitiation, 42:root-race has had, having taken the place of the earlier Manu at the time of the final stages ofInitiation, 56:that fanaticism and devotion which manifested in earlier Christian times amongst the martyrs. HeInitiation, 57:taken the fifth initiation whilst occupying earlier vehicles. His body is not a young one, and heInitiation, 58:eye when he was the Comte de St. Germain, and earlier still when he was both Roger Bacon and later,Initiation, 59:Science, we find the Master Hilarion, who, in an earlier incarnation was Paul of Tarsus. He isInitiation, 79:Lords, or lives of the lower self, have been earlier subjugated and brought under control, then theInitiation, 88:is the first at which he contacts the initiate. Earlier it would not be possible. For the first twoInitiation, 92:stages which are but culminations of the many earlier. Students must get rid of the idea that ifInitiation, 97:the exception of those greater devas who have in earlier cycles passed through the human kingdomInitiation, 102:the first or second initiation in a previous or earlier life. This is the result, simply, of a lackInitiation, 106:initiations, which are not compulsory as are the earlier five, it serves no purpose to enlarge uponInitiation, 117:liberated and able to contact the Monad, as earlier he learned to contact the Ego. For theInitiation, 118:his planetary star, just as that star has earlier been seen as enclosing his own tiny "Spark." HeInitiation, 124:the particular initiation - with Himself in many earlier lives. His group in earlier groups ofInitiation, 124:with Himself in many earlier lives. His group in earlier groups of lives. His egoic ray as it poursInitiation, 125:ever more and more unto the perfect day. In the earlier stages he sees the glory of his perfectedInitiation, 145:and adepts stand in their various grades. The earlier three stages of the initiation ceremony areInitiation, 148:according to the initiation undergone, and, as earlier said, is taken in three sections with anInitiation, 154:or are built up upon the sound U, as the ones earlier enumerated are built up upon the sound M. InInitiation, 161:mental plane. At this initiation, in which, as earlier said, the Hierophant is the Lord of theInitiation, 168:them may be found lesser mysteries which are earlier revealed. At the third initiation the first ofInitiation, 171:system. The method of development in the three earlier rounds is revealed to him, and heInitiation, 171:theoretically, the evolutionary process in its earlier stages. The key to the three lower kingdomsInitiation, 173:great secret, or the fourth which includes the earlier lesser ones: The processes of at-one-ment inInitiation, 174:knowledge gained in the Hall of Wisdom, as the earlier secrets summed up the totality achieved inInitiation, 178:them to join the ranks of the Lodge, is, as earlier pointed out, a special effort (inaugurated inInitiation, 181:This statement must be linked up with that earlier made, which stated that the fifth initiationInitiation, 225:to be founded by Patanjali, but really of much earlier origin. The practice of Meditation as aIntellect, 55:C. Lloyd, Life, Mind and Spirit, page 35. Earlier in the same book he says that: "Each of us is aIntellect, 67:produces the Knower. The mystic, as we have earlier seen, senses divine realities, contacts (fromIntellect, 69:The sense of certainty and revelation comes earlier than any definite belief. The definite beliefsIntellect, 148:who has progressed through the stages we have earlier outlined, and form the theme of this chapter.Intellect, 149:activity of the mind, considered a few pages earlier. According to the pioneers into the realm ofIntellect, 153:Oneness with the Universe, which we touched upon earlier, and Dr. Hall adds that "I would defineIntellect, 187:Taitaro, Essays in Zen Buddhism, pages 113-115. Earlier he points out that the attainment ofIntellect, 204:physical natures. Through concentration and the earlier aspects of the meditation work, thisIntellect, 209:of the possibilities to which men in earlier races and centuries bear witness. It lies in a rightIntellect, 210:head where soul and body meet, that region we earlier referred to where the light of the soul andIntellect, 211:Advanced thinkers in the West, as we have seen earlier in this book, place the higher mentalIntellect, 212:or higher mind). This was the theme of my earlier book, The Soul and Its Mechanism, and cannot beIntellect, 216:it is always possible to rise fifteen minutes earlier every morning, or to forego that earlyIntellect, 226:ineffectiveness of personal life. In our earlier attempts at meditation, we jumped over suchIntellect, 237:They can be wisely carried forward only when the earlier stages have been mastered. It should beIntellect, 254:"nadis" which underly the nerves and to which we earlier referred. These troubles are the troublesMagic, 5:the Fifteen Rules for Magic to be found in my earlier book, entitled A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. IMagic, 23:physical form on earth, repeated the words of an earlier sage when He said: "I have said ye areMagic, 27:or monad, just as the personal man became, at an earlier stage (via the mind), the instrument ofMagic, 27:the mind), the instrument of the soul. In that earlier stage the development was two-fold. As theMagic, 32:in detail and this for two reasons: Language, as earlier said, hides truth and does not reveal it.Magic, 48:Working out certain effects, initiated in an earlier system. Cooperating in the plan of the solarMagic, 48:- So runs the Old Commentary oft quoted by me in earlier books. The above concept has in it truthMagic, 62:consideration of the seventh point I made in my earlier analysis of Rule I. I said, "The soul'sMagic, 83:of super-physical endeavor. All that in the earlier races held paramount place in the lives andMagic, 140:of pure matter to fill the places of those earlier thrown out. Students should strive to have theseMagic, 159:out the purpose of its being. As we saw in the earlier rule, the form is "driven" from its creatorMagic, 244:Flow The life of the aspirant begins to repeat earlier cycles. He is assailed by a suddenMagic, 264:key changes from life to life, whereas in the earlier stages one key or tone might be sounded forMagic, 295:and through them stream the forces and energies, earlier dealt with, into the etheric body. TheseMagic, 341:like to give and also a summarization of much earlier said: First, hold not on to the form noMagic, 369:the Father. This realization follows upon an earlier stage wherein the personal self is at-onedMagic, 379:period of time and it is the remnants of the earlier Temple practices which have come down to us inMagic, 386:of mind are unified. These we touched upon earlier, and called them: Mind stuff, or chitta.Magic, 397:which includes, needless to say, that of the earlier phase, probation or testing. The problemMagic, 409:search for the roots of man's equipment in the earlier trends, harks back to the Renaissance.
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