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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLIEST

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Astrology, 538:The effect then was on the physical plane (the earliest was on the mental) and the great FloodAstrology, 670:II, 27) "The sun, the moon and Mercury were the earliest trinity of the Egyptians (Osiris, Isis andAutobiography, 27:things stand out in my recollection. From the earliest possible time we were taught to care aboutBethlehem, 58:reference to it in the Epistles which form the earliest Christian documents; but, on the contrary,Bethlehem, 58:of the seed of Joseph, David's descendant. The earliest Gospel, that of St. Mark, dating betweenBethlehem, 178:biers or coffins. Prometheus, the greatest and earliest benefactor of the human race, was nailed byBethlehem, 211:attitude of God towards human beings from the earliest times, through the period of Christ's lifeBethlehem, 240:says Isaiah; and when Christ addressed to his earliest followers the words 'Follow Me,' we are toldDiscipleship1, 157:in the head springs the flower of bliss. Its earliest form is Joy. [158] Out of the lotus in theDiscipleship1, 158:in the heart springs the flower of love. Its earliest indication, wisdom is. Out of the lotus inDiscipleship1, 158:throat emerges the flower of living forms. The earliest sign is understanding of the Plan." Joy,Discipleship2, 151:it. I will give A.A.B. this stanza at the earliest possible moment; this will be conditioned byDiscipleship2, 410:It must be remembered that if these two earliest initiations are to be administered upon theDiscipleship2, 429:Often have I wished that H.P.B. (my first and earliest amanuensis) and the many previous teachersDiscipleship2, 438:the four kingdoms in nature. This is one of the earliest phases and precedes the shifting of theDiscipleship2, 624:to desire for liberation (in the first and earliest instance) from the womb into life on theDiscipleship2, 645:upon the path of discipleship. They are in the earliest stages of the path of probation and areEducation, 70:be an opportunity to train the child from its earliest breath. A careful record will be kept ofEducation, 84:world to their surroundings and foster, from the earliest days, the recognition of a part to beEducation, 89:of the child (so easily directed) can from its earliest days assume an unselfish attitude towardsEducation, 93:It will serve as a directional agency from the earliest years, finally indicating vocation andEducation, 102:of the Nation is held before the child from its earliest years as the highest possible ideal. He isEducation, 103:in every country men are being taught in their earliest years that they are not only individuals,Externalisation, 195:of the various races are taught from their earliest years that there are no differences, that allExternalisation, 490:it. I will give A.A.B. this stanza at the earliest possible moment; this will be conditioned byFire, 122:types or "root-races". In the case of the two earliest of these, known as the "Adamic" and theFire, 159:and it stands for them all at the prime or earliest epoch of manifestation. It stands finally for aFire, 187:a corroborating analogy in the fact that the two earliest root-races in this round are notFire, 195:forward. We might note here, therefore, that the earliest cosmic symbols are applicable to theFire, 475:Process Transmutation is a subject that from the earliest ages has occupied the attention ofFire, 489:works practically with deva essence in its earliest form on the upward arc of evolution, and has toFire, 840:We have touched upon the remotest and earliest stages. One point we have not yet emphasized butFire, 1225:this symbol appear certain hieroglyphics in the earliest Sensa script signifying, "Still I seek."Glamour, 107:transmutation. This went hand in hand with the earliest Yoga, or the cult of the physical body withGlamour, 203:of the part in relation to the whole. Thus from earliest Atlantean times the foundation was laidHealing, 58:legends and hints are found throughout the earliest records and writings. There is muchHealing, 153:center which is the creative agent, and in the earliest period of all the sacral center is active.Healing, 229:impulses of the animal nature, gradually the earliest type of venereal disease made its appearance;Healing, 483:in good health, which will arrest disease in its earliest stages, and which will finally inaugurateHealing, 676:When they have mastered even some of the earliest phases of this triple achievement, they will findInitiation, 88:the Firstborn among many brethren, one of the earliest of our humanity to take initiation. BrowningIntellect, 126:relations. But more remains. Third: From the earliest stage of human existence up to that of theMeditation, 124:of karma, and is prenatal, existing from the earliest moment. Usually the sufferer is physicallyPatanjali, 257:knower, and of the field of knowledge. In the earliest stages he was aware of triplicity, for thePatanjali, 312:function in the head. The tortoise has from the earliest ages been the symbol of the slow creativePatanjali, 338:of a word by telepathy is the simplest and earliest form of the 'divine hearing' of the spiritualPatanjali, 399:developments which have governed him from the earliest [400] dawn of his individuality until theProblems, 21:two reasons: first, the cruelty with which the earliest stages of her revolution started - theProblems, 37:which are instilled into the child from his earliest years, but which are not innate. WorldProblems, 57:to their surroundings and foster, from their earliest days, the recognition of a part to be playedProblems, 63:of the child (so easily directed) can from its earliest days assume an unselfish attitude towardsPsychology1, 374:the agency of the seventh ray. One of its earliest effects will be the increase of thePsychology2, 305:1. The stage of being alive. This is the earliest and simplest stage wherein the man functions asPsychology2, 408:of becoming thinking human beings. The two earliest integrations, between the vital body and thePsychology2, 415:premises in mind, we will not deal with the earliest difficulties but will begin with those ofRays, 61:spirit-energy which distinguished the first and earliest phase of his unfoldment. That is theRays, 104:brought about by a group, because it is from the earliest moment the one unmistakable expression ofRays, 323:way with the subject of initiation in one of my earliest books: Initiation, Human and Solar; also,Rays, 384:themselves from the three worlds. In the earliest times this flow of disciples was exceedinglySoul, 103:picture of the tongue of flame in the heart, the earliest occurrence of which is perhaps Mahan. 11.Telepathy, 60:This work proceeds from cycle to cycle, in the earliest stages, with no conscious intention on theTelepathy, 73:advanced part of the technique whereby - in the earliest stages - the disciple is permitted toTelepathy, 88:embraces the second type of impression in its earliest forms, can be quite a long one, for it [89]
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