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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLY

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Fire, 992:to power as they work consciously. 99 In the early stages of human unfoldment all men areFire, 1030:would study that which was communicated in the early part of this treatise upon motion upon theFire, 1096:the effects of energy generated by him in an early life, so the solar Logos Himself is working outFire, 1152:Just as it is not possible for a man in an early incarnation to conceive of the effects ofGlamour, 19:use of the faculty of discrimination. It is too early as yet for you to work at the problem ofGlamour, 42:was no real glamor and illusion. Glamor arose in early Atlantean times. Illusion arose amongGlamour, 60:is pride, and that colors all activities in the early stages. The cure is the development of aGlamour, 85:and this recognition is not possible in the early stages of evolution. Upon the Path, one begins toGlamour, 97:into a unity. This resolution works out in the early stages (where the average type of aspirant isGlamour, 106:and right discrimination difficult and, in the early stages, impossible. It creates an aura whichGlamour, 109:reality. May I again re-emphasize that, at this early stage, glamor was only evoked by andGlamour, 110:of a temporary sense of unity in the early stages, when the previous cleavage had been healed andGlamour, 114:as well as illusion. When the soul, in the early stages of experience, falls into the snare ofGlamour, 196:individual glamor teaches the disciples the early stages of the technique which will dispel [197]Glamour, 226:by the group. I would also advise that in the early stages of their work, they deal with a glamorHealing, 36:seven other pale disks of light which are the early evidence of the seven centers. [37] TheseHealing, 58:became so rampant in later Lemurian times and early Atlantean days. The people of those times,Healing, 63:ignorance, human refusal to face facts, wrong early training and teaching, [64] and a widespreadHealing, 97:also plays a great part, as does the mind in the early stage. Perhaps I should say that a lovingHealing, 102:rules anent the modes of healing which I gave early in this series of instructions. You willHealing, 122:in the lives of those around them. In the early stages, they produce this unconsciously, and henceHealing, 123:energy of love with the forces of desire. In the early stages, this inflowing love-forceHealing, 124:of his personality - probably the latter in the early stages. Eventually, however, he stands withHealing, 155:This lotus of the throat is inverted in the early stages of evolution, and its petals reach outHealing, 161:aspects of feeling. Note that phrase. In the early stages of unfoldment, of both the individual andHealing, 185:earlier stages; the Path of Probation, and the early stages of the Path of Discipleship until theHealing, 192:is, however, a scientific process, and in the early stages of discipleship (which is the timeHealing, 226:is known of the civilization which flourished in early Atlantean times twelve million years ago;Healing, 229:inexorable price. You might here ask how these early inhabitants of our planet could be heldHealing, 234:of generation or the lungs (as they did in the early stages of their appearance), but now haveHealing, 285:and particularly of medical science, in the early days of modern medicine and surgery. But thisHealing, 287:stimulating effect. It is only possible in these early days of experiment and work along theseHealing, 288:For this reason, I recommend that in the early stages of this work healing be attempted only inHealing, 314:case may be, the life force in the man. In the early stages of such a disease as cancer, the vitalHealing, 314:helpful. Yet the cure is only possible in these early developments then the cure can be effected,Healing, 314:times increased. The curing of cancer in the early stages falls therefore into two parts: [315] TheHealing, 315:in the fact that it first manifests itself in early adolescence? Is the general practitionerHealing, 317:by the fact that it manifests itself in early adolescence. The patient can, however, be greatlyHealing, 317:patient can, however, be greatly helped, in the early stages, if the symptoms are duly recognizedHealing, 318:this is the case and the matter is handled from early life onwards, the worst climaxes can beHealing, 360:only a few speculations by the devotees of the early church and none by those who knew Him. TheHealing, 409:These form, in reality only one body; to it the early theosophists (correctly; gave the name of theHealing, 499:of all desire by means of illumination. In the early stages of purely manasic or mental life, thisHealing, 546:will of course be a gradual process, and in the early stages almost imperceptible. Again, why isHealing, 547:the information given you anent Law One in the early part of this instruction to that which I haveHealing, 576:working under hierarchical impression. In the early days of their use they were submitted to andHealing, 576:but is relatively very modern, being formulated early in the Christian [577] era. It is a clear andHealing, 579:magnetism first began slowly to show itself. The early and the primitive Lemurian was not in theHealing, 594:organs found within the area involved. In the early stages of the relation of the centers above theHealing, 653:friends will share in the preparation. In the early stages of the new world religion, this attitudeHealing, 706:leads to the Black Lodge. Some disciple in the early part of next century will take theseHealing, 709:use of the appropriate sound or sounds. In the early stages when this technique comes intoHercules, 15:I stand before you trebly free - free from my early teachers, free from the fear of fear, and freeHercules, 17:point at which humanity now finds itself. His early name was Alkeides, which was changed toHercules, 53:it over into the care of the Cyclops who were early initiates, having the single eye about which weHercules, 57:Hercules obeyed, and daily weakened on [57] the early way (third test) seeking no further for theHercules, 61:of mind, and of how it began to function in that early creature, which was neither animal norHercules, 71:Master. When contacted, especially in the early stages of the search, the higher self will manifestHercules, 73:that he has to wrestle, and these seem, in the early stages, inevitably to attract the interest ofHercules, 88:because it marks loss of identity, whilst, the early Christians called it "the grave of Lazarus",Hercules, 158:them. That is why Gemini fluctuates in the early stages. In Cancer he passed on to a certain amountHercules, 208:experiences of the Path of Discipleship and the early [209] stages of the Path of Initiation. InHercules, 211:through the great creative processes. In the early stages, activities are directed toward theHercules, 213:Focused direction. One-pointed activity. In the early stages, satisfaction of desire; in laterInitiation, 66:the third initiation, but a beginning is made early in the training. Initiation, 200:of danger for the man who undertakes too early to tread the final path. Literally it can beIntellect, 168:and steady mental control, and it is only in the early stages of illumination that this conditionIntellect, 201:must play their part, particularly in the early stages of the meditation process. One of the firstIntellect, 216:minutes earlier every morning, or to forego that early morning gossip with the family, or to takeIntellect, 217:First of all, we shall endeavor to find time early in the morning for our meditation work. TheMagic, 38:the individual consciousness of man; and in the early stages is more animal than divine, owing toMagic, 88:a time of crisis and of reorientation. In the early history of humanity there was a great crisisMagic, 90:and embody on the mental plane. This, in the early stages of a man's aspiration, in his first stepsMagic, 99:transmit and handle force. This is done in the early and ignorant stages destructively and withMagic, 127:to the significance of the AUM or 0M. In the early stages of meditation work, the word is soundedMagic, 127:the morning meditation, but emphasizing in the early part that close attention to the inaudibleMagic, 129:lesson all aspirants need to learn and to learn early and that is, that concentration upon theMagic, 165:nature. A similar state of affairs exists in the early stages of the path of discipleship, and theMagic, 165:experiences, bearing always in mind that in the early stages of his unfoldment only the coarsestMagic, 168:of the Hierarchy. This will make him, in the early stages, fanatical to a degree. He will beMagic, 171:with the brain. This is especially true of the early stages of discipleship. He finds that it is heMagic, 194:these seven types of energy intelligently in the early stages of the Path of Discipleship. TheMagic, 197:energize and on which he concentrates during the early stages of his novitiate, is the heartMagic, 198:to which he has not the key. Especially in the early stages and prior to the first initiation isMagic, 203:Again, let me illustrate: An aspirant in the early stages is practically always a devotee. ToMagic, 243:experience on any one plane and this, in the early stages of development, will cover many lives.Magic, 249:plexus center which was the "midway spot" in early Atlantean times, and is still the midway pointMagic, 251:If it is not true (as is usually the case in the early stages of the work) then the thought-formMagic, 265:for expression, either unconsciously in the early stages or consciously in the later; of theMagic, 273:will and purpose. This takes place fairly early in the work and after the process of orientationMagic, 307:should bear this in mind in autumn and the early winter months. The dark half of the moon, theMagic, 307:towards the end of the waning moon, and the early new moon. This, as you well know, affects theMagic, 313:or even into self-consciousness in those very early times. Close to our earth, on the road toMagic, 358:for they who use the fire of mind during the early stage are lost within a light illusory. "FierceMagic, 377:in Initiation, Human and Solar. 3. In the very early stages, this Hierarchy was called by variousMagic, 379:are opened up, it is planned that much of the early history of the Ibezhan workers will beMagic, 379:physical, and it was part of the work of these early adepts, working under instruction fromMagic, 379:Hatha Yogis. The infant humanity of Lemurian and early Atlantean days had to be taught what theyMagic, 382:The powerful thought-forms built up in the early Ibezhan mysteries and which (particularly inMagic, 426:beauty and inclusiveness. Perhaps in the early stages of integration, the words friendliness and
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