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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARLY

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Rays, 72:make him feel despised and uncomfortable. In the early stages he takes refuge from those left [73]Rays, 139:little. Truth - as we understand it during the early treading of the Path of Discipleship - isRays, 185:in evolution of the human hierarchy. In the early days of human history, thinking and progress hadRays, 186:the etheric forces. Men were beginning, at this early period of human history, to desire, and thisRays, 197:to blindness" comes to a complete end. In the early stages of evolution, blindness is natural,Rays, 208:of humanity proved in any way satisfactory, was early realized by the Hierarchy. However, it hasRays, 218:the characteristics of the group life in its early stages. The fire is then working under theRays, 239:reached their highest point of usefulness early in the Piscean Age. For nearly two thousand yearsRays, 255:scale via the radio. In the next century and early in the century an initiate will appear and willRays, 341:the earnest disciple; upon this they placed an early emphasis of its peculiarity, its rewardingRays, 362:the student upon the Probationary Path and the early stages of the Path of Discipleship. In theRays, 368:the period during which They held office. In the early days of the Hierarchy, millennia of yearsRays, 380:by you. There was a time when (in the early history of the planet) there was no Hierarchy; thereRays, 381:very slowly, forward into increasing light. The early history of the Hierarchy falls into twoRays, 387:the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, but that in the early days of hierarchical activity, it was theRays, 435:submit to its conditioning, particularly in the early stages of his discipleship; this he usuallyRays, 443:in which it has lived practically entirely since early Atlantean days. The effect of an increasingRays, 443:of his soul-infused personality. In the early stages of his invocative work, the instrument used isRays, 444:This happens only occasionally and rarely in the early stages; later it occurs more constantly, andRays, 457:of the Triad is transmitted necessarily, in this early stage, via the sutratma and producesRays, 462:considering this process it is necessary, in the early stages, to recognize the three aspects ofRays, 469:the mental plane. You will note that at this early stage of the process I am emphasizing the wordsRays, 471:the will-energy becomes possible. This, in the early stages, can be most dangerous when not offsetRays, 478:of mankind. In the other two races, and in the early stages of the Aryan race, although greatRays, 478:of the later Atlantean consciousness and of the early Aryan period. It is today giving place toRays, 522:its two phases, as has the Lighted Way. In the early stages of the unfoldment of the ChristRays, 523:It is the mystical way and the way of the early and preparatory stages of the science of InvocationRays, 526:Individuality evoked by the invocation of the early animal-men - is still more than just a name,Rays, 533:the truth is there and at a later date (in the early part of the next century) a group ofRays, 543:then he registers that of the Ashram, in the early stages focused for him through the mediation ofRays, 543:Science of Impression. This development - in the early stages of human evolution - is carriedRays, 544:fusion to which I refer is not possible in the early stages of the disciple's unfoldment; thereRays, 545:this, yet even disciples themselves, and in the early stages of their admission to the Ashram andRays, 547:upon the existence of the Antahkarana. In the early stages of its creative construction, theRays, 553:planetary Logos. It was Their decision, taken early in this century, which precipitated - in theRays, 570:man, each seeking to achieve control. In the early stages, after the "birth" and during theRays, 582:three worlds, his astral body or nature. In the early stages of the impact of sixth ray energy uponRays, 635:time of the sorry story of the conquest of the early tribes in Palestine; they have been persecutedRays, 702:They have done for no selfish purpose. In the early days of the Probationary Path, selfishRays, 710:for him an act of faith, and he proceeds in the early stages with the work of building, yetRays, 732:Lords of Cosmic Evil are responsible. When in early Atlantean times they emerged from the placeRays, 757:no importance. Only a few - a very few - in the early days of Christianity employed the Lord'sReappearance, 44:our civilization and its many gifts to man. The early signs of His approach with His disciples canReappearance, 63:theologians until the crystalline purity of the early teaching and the unique simplicity of theReappearance, 104:human struggle, loving and aspiration; in those early days, feeling dominated and instinct led;Reappearance, 106:was also of Jewish origin and appeared in the early stages of the cycle of Aries, the Ram. We areReappearance, 106:cycles and not a presented astrology. In the early stages of Aries, the teaching reverted to thatReappearance, 106:teaching reverted to that of Taurus and in the early stages of Pisces, it reverted to that of AriesReappearance, 110:X, 34.) This will be true especially during the early days of His advent. The sword which He wieldsReappearance, 130:and it is a pity that it was ever used in the early days of the esoteric teachings. The so-calledReappearance, 140:and from the simple, spiritual life which the early [141] Christians lived. Is it not possible thatSoul, 43:Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood." "Our birth is but a sleep and aSoul, 77:the subjective reality in every man. The early Christian Fathers were tremendously influenced byTelepathy, 9:subjects have been either adolescent or in their early twenties and have been primarily and rightlyTelepathy, 50:ideal objective, into the world of men. In the early stages and until the third initiation, theTelepathy, 101:many impacts upon his sensitive aura. In the early stages the majority of them are unconsciouslyTelepathy, 102:increasing clarity and accuracy. Usually, in the early stages, the one desire of the disciple is toTelepathy, 117:or reaction; all [117] aspirants - in the early stages of their slow reorientation - work through
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