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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARNEST

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Patanjali, 112:The hindrances which can then be noted by the earnest disciple, The eight "means of yoga" or thePatanjali, 180:brought about by the ego within the purified and earnest aspirant, are: 1. Enlightenment. The lightPatanjali, 180:upon steadfast practise, meditation and earnest service. 2. Illumination. The gradually increasingPsychology1, xvii:time a book is written which is to be read by earnest aspirants: What line of instruction willPsychology1, 184:are so occupied with their demand for light, so earnest in their cry for release from the presentPsychology1, 203:of approaching the Path would be by close and earnest study of the teachings till they become [204]Psychology1, 231:by the ill-timed and ill-judged efforts of the earnest follower of the Great Lord. Above all elsePsychology1, 233:the light. These words I commend to you for your earnest study, for it is in this kingdom that onePsychology1, 424:the light. These words I commend to you for your earnest study, for it is in this kingdom that onePsychology2, 91:of realized life will convey to the earnest student a meagre understanding of the lowest aspects ofPsychology2, 106:for that which other disciples may do. So many earnest servers hold on to their fellow workers, andPsychology2, 135:"I play my part with stern resolve; with earnest aspiration; I look above, I help below; I dreamPsychology2, 162:or desired can [162] be "repulsed". Many an earnest student (such as those who will read thisPsychology2, 470:lies in the patient's own hands. It involves earnest application to one chosen plan to prove itsPsychology2, 471:the man and make difficult the lot of the earnest aspirant. It might be of value if I here definedPsychology2, 488:any prolonged comment. [488] This will give the earnest and intelligent investigator thePsychology2, 570:the moment so will be his contacts. If he is an earnest and devoted Christian, he will see one ofPsychology2, 725:all over the world and embracing the true and earnest seekers in every nation - there can be seen aPsychology2, 739:love of their fellowmen and are actuated by an earnest desire for their true welfare. I would likeRays, 5:stages can be intelligently approached by any earnest student and probationer. To transmute emotionRays, 8:[8] of aspirants and the preparing of the few earnest ones to tread the Path of Discipleship. TheRays, 127:in the Hall of Knowledge and are still so earnest over the physical disciplines that theRays, 210:and deep, persistent, unchanging love. To many earnest aspirants the juxtaposition of these phrasesRays, 224:with those of like degree "It is finished" is my earnest hope. Then will open for you as forRays, 274:are asked to do and will do; it is not what some earnest people regard as goodwill work or a phaseRays, 298:have written, and they have also constituted the earnest search of the mystics of all time; andRays, 341:out the prospect of initiation before the earnest disciple; upon this they placed an early emphasisRays, 448:most assuredly proceeding in the case of every earnest student. When the work is carried onRays, 484:so preparing, because it can be assumed that all earnest and true aspirants and disciples who workRays, 692:sound reflection and much thought. It is my earnest hope and wish that you may realize that theRays, 718:of the subject, have meant much to the earnest individual disciple because the words used toReappearance, 185:all over the world and embracing true and earnest workers and humanitarian people in every nation,Telepathy, 104:instance, facing the aspiring disciple and the earnest occult student is to record directly in theTelepathy, 176:understanding of what I have said will lead the earnest student to a more practical application of
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