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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARNESTLY

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Discipleship1, 48:the process of his early training - to hold earnestly to his own ideals and to pursue forcefullyDiscipleship1, 135:and love of every disciple in the world today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demanding help andDiscipleship1, 223:of my disciples at this time. I desire most earnestly that the group integration may beDiscipleship1, 233:the higher or group idealism assiduously and earnestly, for it is through this idealism that yourDiscipleship1, 260:[260] at some length. You have, as sincerely and earnestly as you could, endeavored to make theDiscipleship1, 261:NOTE: This disciple has never wavered and is earnestly endeavoring to work for the Tibetan and toDiscipleship1, 522:- particularly the first two - I would beg you earnestly to ponder. Stand in your garden but whenDiscipleship1, 554:on them during the coming six months, seeking earnestly their subjective value and their objectiveDiscipleship1, 555:radiance of the heart lead thee to peace. Desire earnestly the loving, radiant heart which showersDiscipleship1, 688:for yourself by climbing arduously and earnestly the Mount of Vision and (from that eminence whichDiscipleship2, 4:I have given you much time and thought, and earnestly I have sought to aid you on the Way. My loveDiscipleship2, 115:by each disciple. I would have you ponder most earnestly upon this imparted information. TheDiscipleship2, 178:certain words esoterically understood. Affirm earnestly your discipleship and endeavor to link upDiscipleship2, 189:fully in the earlier meditation instructions. I earnestly beg you, however, to reread what I thereDiscipleship2, 216:the worldwide uplift of mankind; they are earnestly working at the creation of a new world orderDiscipleship2, 376:the occult way. They are learning to think; they earnestly seek to know the right way for humanity,Discipleship2, 451:is a point in your future development to which I earnestly call your attention. In my lastDiscipleship2, 540:For the remainder of this life you must earnestly aim at a closer relation to me and to my Ashram,Discipleship2, 540:brothers who - along with you - are struggling, earnestly for spiritual fulfilment and who haveDiscipleship2, 580:to you, you have worked assiduously and earnestly at the task assigned and have laid a goodDiscipleship2, 671:for twelve years. The longer and [671] the more earnestly you reflect upon them, the richer will beDiscipleship2, 709:a definite lack of true love in your nature. You earnestly, and usually successfully, do your dutyDiscipleship2, 722:not into that which I perforce must do, but she earnestly sought to help. My brother, no matterDiscipleship2, 733:which I have given you all these years. I earnestly desire to see you achieve success; I have beenEducation, 138:thinking men and women who are conscious of and earnestly desiring the above, and who are workingExternalisation, 21:the Plan for "the next three years" are seeking earnestly for those who can help us and to whomExternalisation, 201:interested in the spiritual values and are earnestly seeking verification of their deep seatedExternalisation, 400:and the spiritual Group which is seeking so earnestly to bring them help and life. I would have youExternalisation, 409:demonstrate the Christ spirit, and who earnestly seek enlightenment and liberation. The true appealExternalisation, 462:order and world tranquility. They are seeking earnestly for new ways in government, new modes ofGlamour, 248:the physical plane, via the etheric body? If he earnestly studies this problem, he will in timeGlamour, 254:to be confined to those aspirants who are earnestly pledged to tread the Way, but it has beenHercules, 209:is indeed true. Men today are intelligent, earnestly seeking a way out from the present materialInitiation, 44:in blessing over all those who truly and earnestly seek to aspire. To him all seekers are known,Intellect, 28:the innermost meaning of life itself. Thinking earnestly about the meaning of education compels usMagic, 136:words of Reconstruction," begging all of you who earnestly desire to hear these words to study theMagic, 635:such earnestness, and not to take yourself so earnestly? Those who stand on the inner side andMeditation, 105:may be either severe or slight, but I seek earnestly to point out it is quite needless, providedMeditation, 133:he needs much the gift [133] of viveka, and to earnestly weigh up and calmly reason out the matter.Meditation, 243:are thus recognized, means of aiding must be earnestly sought. This leads us on to our next point:Meditation, 254:heart, as it is to the heart of all those who earnestly follow the light within. I seek to handleMeditation, 254:its immediate and practical attainment will be earnestly pursued. Let us, therefore, as we haveMeditation, 309:yet, but comes in the next cycle. Now, I would earnestly call to your attention that the schoolsMeditation, 315:instructors must be on the Probationary Path and earnestly devoted to the work of assistingPatanjali, 27:judged, and the results to be gained most earnestly desired (or loved) before the aspirant willProblems, 105:and so aid the thousands of Gentiles who earnestly want to help. There has never been a time whenPsychology1, 107:given to the world and available now to all who earnestly seek it. Aspirants have much to work uponPsychology2, 125:has necessarily had an effect, and men today are earnestly attempting to imitate His example,Psychology2, 724:of discipleship, who register the world need and earnestly seek to cooperate. This is, therefore, aPsychology2, 749:radio is concerned, go forward as actively and earnestly as possible in preparation for the workRays, 10:unfoldment, they might proceed more earnestly and more intelligently. This is the message that mustRays, 330:the ancient Mysteries, the ancient landmarks so earnestly preserved by the Masonic tradition andReappearance, 118:the factual nature of this return reject earnestly the foolish and improbable details, given out asReappearance, 121:- those landmarks which Masonry has so earnestly preserved and which have been hitherto securely
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