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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Astrology, 352:the first faint move towards incarnation and Earth experience, the rise and fall of civilizationsAstrology, 355:"approached" each other. Venus, Mercury and the Earth then set up a magnetic field which made theAstrology, 355:in order to work out the divine plan upon the Earth. It is because Venus thus [356] relates certainAstrology, 356:that the hierarchical ruler of Gemini is the Earth itself, which is a non-sacred planet. The EarthAstrology, 356:Earth itself, which is a non-sacred planet. The Earth is also the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius,Astrology, 356:are the only two constellations ruled by the Earth, and this fact is of major significance,Astrology, 356:is subjectively and esoterically related to our Earth, thus guaranteeing its soul development, theAstrology, 357:kingdom in nature and are polarized in the Earth, itself one of the rulers. Mercury, the star ofAstrology, 357:I may use such a term) the interplay between our Earth with its conditioning constellations. In theAstrology, 358:formations: Gemini - Virgo - Mercury. The Earth Gemini - Aries - Mercury. The Earth Gemini -Astrology, 358:Mercury. The Earth Gemini - Aries - Mercury. The Earth Gemini - Scorpio - Mercury. The Earth TheAstrology, 358:The Earth Gemini - Scorpio - Mercury. The Earth The importance of these triple formations beingAstrology, 358:constellations focused through Mercury upon the Earth, i.e. The potencies of Gemini-Aries,Astrology, 358:energy of the conditioning will-to-be upon the Earth, producing initial beginnings [359] as inAstrology, 359:relationships between the constellations and the Earth even though it is not possible for you toAstrology, 359:of conditions as they exist apart from the Earth because that small planet is inevitably for thatAstrology, 359:their prototypal counterparts revolve around the Earth. When man has progressed further and hisAstrology, 360:Mercury, as it relates Aries and Gemini to our Earth, establishes in time and space a uniqueAstrology, 361:is intensified by two facts: one is that the Earth is the hierarchical ruler of Gemini and theAstrology, 361:word "Hierarchy" is the key. Venus is also the Earth's alter ego, as it is called in the occultAstrology, 361:Gemini itself, the two brothers, and that of the Earth and Venus. The Earth is peculiarly relatedAstrology, 361:brothers, and that of the Earth and Venus. The Earth is peculiarly related to the "brother whoseAstrology, 361:situation which lies behind the fact that our Earth is uniquely the "planet of releasing sorrow andAstrology, 361:being focused through Mercury and Venus upon our Earth. You will see, therefore, the significanceAstrology, 362:I hinted in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire): the Earth-Venus-Mercury. From certain angles, these areAstrology, 362:to the Personality of our planetary Logos: The Earth - planetary vital body. Venus - planetaryAstrology, 362:or Kama-manas. Mercury - planetary mind. The Earth itself is, on a small scale, also anAstrology, 362:this particular pair of opposites. In the Earth a great balancing process is going forward betweenAstrology, 362:Libra and Capricorn, which again (because the Earth is one of the rulers of Gemini) produces theAstrology, 362:energy stimulating desire, via Venus, onto our Earth; Gemini, via Venus, awakens in humanity (theAstrology, 363:triplicity; it is the aid they give to our Earth which produces the appearance in form of the dualAstrology, 363:rays, pouring through Venus, Mercury and the Earth, which are productive of the eternallyAstrology, 363:the rays which directly affect our planet, the Earth, which are focused through the three rulingAstrology, 363:initiation. A non-sacred planet, such as the Earth, is still subject to the ray of the personalityAstrology, 376:and Great Bear) the planet, Pluto, and our Earth. This produces much of the present worldAstrology, 376:of influence upon the sorrowful planet, the Earth, impelling the Bull upon its onward rush." SoAstrology, 378:illumined expression succeed? This sign is an earth sign and hence the working out of the Plan orAstrology, 383:[383] Venus holds a unique relation to the Earth, different to that of any other planet and this,Astrology, 383:a much closer relation between Taurus and the Earth than perhaps exists in any other zodiacalAstrology, 383:effect. Today, however, Taurus, Venus and the Earth have a very close karmic relation and a veryAstrology, 383:add. To understand the relation of Venus and the Earth, I would have you ponder on what I earlierAstrology, 383:in the words: The planet Venus is to the planet Earth what the higher Self is to the Personality.Astrology, 383:is one of the seven sacred planets whereas the Earth is not. This statement involves, as you canAstrology, 383:This revelation as to the relation of the Earth's alter ego to the world of human life will only beAstrology, 385:[385] and walked again upon the plains of Earth and from that time "the woman knew Him not." FormAstrology, 387:there are those "who sleep in the caves of the earth who will arise and bring liberation" hasAstrology, 387:in interpretation for "that which is of the earth can also be found in the sky." HierarchicallyAstrology, 393:These two when viewed in combination with the Earth (which is an expression of the third ray)Astrology, 395:that is present also as it is the ray of Earth. Therefore, in this important sign, the TaurianAstrology, 407:zodiac to each other, to the planets, and to the Earth. We dealt scarcely at all with their effectAstrology, 408:Certain basic changes in the orientation of the Earth's axis are now taking place, and these willAstrology, 408:the orientation and "pointed direction" of the Earth's pole has again been stabilized, the newAstrology, 408:several times in the great life cycle of the Earth, there have been changing "polestars" and thatAstrology, 408:recognizes. At each of the great shifts in the Earth's axis, there has been upheaval, confusion andAstrology, 409:upon our solar system and particularly upon our Earth, via the Hierarchy. A shift in the Earth'sAstrology, 409:our Earth, via the Hierarchy. A shift in the Earth's polarity, due to the pull of a great cosmicAstrology, 409:great cosmic center. This powerfully affects the Earth's orientation and is responsible for theAstrology, 410:rapidity and this necessarily affects the Earth and produces terrestrial results. Astrology, 411:major event such as a change in the axis of the Earth is related to an initiation of the planetaryAstrology, 418:interlocking triangles of energy as far as our Earth is concerned in the rather arbitrary divisionAstrology, 421:will be seen related to each other and to our Earth and these fall into two groups: The rayAstrology, 423:Sagittarius Venus Mars Jupiter Vulcan Mars The Earth V. Concrete Science Leo Sagittarius AquariusAstrology, 423:Aquarius The Sun Jupiter Uranus The Sun The Earth Jupiter VI. Idealism. Devotion Virgo SagittariusAstrology, 423:Pisces Mercury Jupiter Jupiter The Moon The Earth Pluto VII. Ceremonial Order Aries CancerAstrology, 423:via certain constellations and planets - to the Earth and, from within the radius of the Earth,Astrology, 423:to the Earth and, from within the radius of the Earth, reach the individual disciple, again viaAstrology, 426:the unfoldment of planetary consciousness upon Earth and only incidentally involving the fourthAstrology, 427:Uranus Systemic Mercury Systemic 4. Shamballa Earth Planetary head center Hierarchy Earth PlanetaryAstrology, 427:Shamballa Earth Planetary head center Hierarchy Earth Planetary heart center Humanity EarthAstrology, 427:Hierarchy Earth Planetary heart center Humanity Earth Planetary ajna center 5. Head center InitiateAstrology, 432:and lit the galaxy of little lights upon the Earth. A Hierarchy of Light emerged from its ownAstrology, 433:Upon his way unto this nether star we call the Earth he stopped at a bright sun where shines theAstrology, 433:The Son descends again into the place of earth and iron. Again he knows His mother. And thus theAstrology, 433:God. From the directing center of his life on Earth he toils and works and carries out the Plan.Astrology, 446:effort is - at some later date - externalized on Earth. Masonry is governed by the seventh ray, andAstrology, 447:entering into a major cycle of activity on the Earth, there is then present the energy needed toAstrology, 464:triangles of energy which are effective on our Earth, and which, incidentally, affect humanityAstrology, 465:planet, using it as a transmitting agency to the Earth. You have therefore: I. Sirius - WorkingAstrology, 467:fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, and to our Earth in this fourth round. In these eightAstrology, 467:of the soul - in the solar system, in the planet Earth and in man. They are the "eight potencies ofAstrology, 469:to be termed a "sacred planet." At present our Earth is not regarded as a sacred planet. Later,Astrology, 479:Sun is that of interlaced circles. The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is toAstrology, 481:of the three planetary centers and transform our Earth (through the agency of human thought,Astrology, 482:It will produce also the integration of our Earth into the body of the "sacred planets" and theAstrology, 482:of force composed of the Pointer, Aries and our Earth. This triangular relationship will have aAstrology, 482:one of the factors producing the shift in the Earth's axis. Related to this triangle is a secondaryAstrology, 482:sun's orbit, composed of Vulcan, Pluto and the Earth. In the Archives of the Great Lodge this isAstrology, 483:direction and the founding of Shamballa upon the Earth. They are the five energies connected withAstrology, 483:Sirius and Mars. These, in relation to our Earth, produce the four streams of energy (initiatingAstrology, 484:[484] humanity (and in a mysterious sense our Earth) will be functioning in perfect rhythm and willAstrology, 486:are the keynotes of our solar system and of our Earth in particular. This solar system is a systemAstrology, 487:the appearance of a new kingdom of nature on Earth is steadily becoming more and more possible. IAstrology, 489:the constellations, their ruling planets and our Earth in a great synthesis of energies; it relatesAstrology, 494:being - is to make the non-sacred planet, our Earth responsive to cosmic impacts thus bringing moreAstrology, 496:constellations, the esoteric planets and our Earth. I have shifted the approach of the astrologicalAstrology, 498:participate fully in the life of humanity upon Earth - this is no easy task. We have completed whatAstrology, 504:of which the highest initiate upon our Earth has no faintest conception. Forget not, that I haveAstrology, 507:The non-sacred planets are only five: Mars The Earth Pluto The Moon, veiling a hidden planet. TheAstrology, 507:and the eighth houses in the lesser zodiac. Our Earth is also a non-sacred planet. You have,Astrology, 507:Pluto analogous to that between Venus and the Earth. Esoterically speaking, Mars is the alter ego
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