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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Astrology, 681:triangle of which two points were Venus and the Earth. This caused an acceleration of vibration,Astrology, 681:of the taking of a minor initiation by our Earth Logos, but in the Venus scheme was signalized byAstrology, 681:hundred and four Kumaras came from Venus to the Earth; literally the figure was one hundred andAstrology, 682:came to this planet from Venus, Venus being 'the Earth's primary.' This needs elucidation somewhat,Astrology, 683:lies hid in the words: 'Venus is the Earth's primary.' It is not permissible to say much about thisAstrology, 683:say much about this mystery, that 'Venus is the Earth's alter ego,' nor is it advisable, butAstrology, 684:that, in an occult sense, Venus is to the Earth what the higher Self is to man. The coming of theAstrology, 684:to man. The coming of the Lords of Flame to the Earth was all under law and not just an accidentalAstrology, 684:remembered that Venus is a sacred planet and the Earth is not. This means that certain of theAstrology, 684:a little on the connection between Venus and the Earth, which is hinted at in some of the occultAstrology, 685:Just as Venus is negatively polarized to our Earth scheme, so the seven stars of the Pleiades areAstrology, 686:stimulation which resulted in great events on Earth via the Venus chain of our scheme, but ourAstrology, 686:the positive polarity of the Heavenly Man of the Earth scheme." (C. F. 377-8) "The statement thatAstrology, 687:seek to give, lies in the triangle formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection [688] withAstrology, 688:Logos, the three etheric planets of our chain - Earth, Mercury and Mars - form a triangle of rareAstrology, 688:point in evolution of the logoic centers, Venus, Earth and Saturn form one triangle of greatAstrology, 690:a triangle formed by the Venusian scheme, the Earth and the Sun. [691] "That another triangle wasAstrology, 691:"We must recognize another triangle within the Earth scheme, of the chains called "the EarthAstrology, 691:the Earth scheme, of the chains called "the Earth chain," the Venus chain, and the Mercurian chain,Astrology, 691:pointed out which will bring three schemes: The Earth Scheme, Mars, Mercury, into such a positionAstrology, 691:super-principles at this time. Mercury, the Earth and Mars are closely allied to these three, but aAstrology, 692:Vulcan, the Mars, the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Earth and the exoteric Saturn scheme, and so do theAstrology, 692:are exceedingly closely connected with the Earth, and form eventually an esoteric triangle." (C. F.Astrology, 692:a septenary, as is also the chain to which the Earth belongs..." (S.D. Vol. I, 176) [693] The DenseAstrology, 693:Vol. I, 176) [693] The Dense Physical Planets: Earth - 4th Chain - 4th Globe Jupiter - 3rd Chain -Astrology, 693:wield the power of cosmic etheric prana. Earth (3rd) - The School of Magnetic Response. AnotherAstrology, 693:and the mineral kingdom. The human units on the earth scheme are called 'the living stones'; on theAstrology, 694:Light.' They have a close connection with our Earth scheme. The name of this school is not given.Atom, 44:venturing to quote here. It says: "Every form on earth, and every speck (atom) in space, strives inAtom, 63:Spirit manifesting through such a sphere as our Earth planet; it includes that life which we callAtom, 71:religions, and organizations) upon this earth; to what has gone on in the moon, which is now aAtom, 81:that when "He appointed the foundations of the earth, then I [82] was by Him as the master workerAtom, 92:the states of consciousness upon our planet, the earth, until we arrive at the fundamental basicAtom, 94:and more. [94] Such men are even now upon the earth Serene amid the half-formed creatures round WhoAtom, 127:true, that if the Christ were to come down upon earth again, and walk among men as He did before,Atom, 148:lying behind objective manifestation upon our earth. They are beginning to cooperate with HisAtom, 158:Perhaps, therefore, when we come back to earth again, and can look back upon the things thatAutobiography, 1:- for which the world waits - could appear on earth. There is value in knowing that the love of GodAutobiography, 21:that no one liked me. Looking back, why on earth should they? I cannot blame them. I gave themAutobiography, 44:orders to pack your things." I asked him what on earth I bad done. He patted me on the shoulder andAutobiography, 49:a plan which They are attempting to work out on earth and I believe that They, in Themselves, areAutobiography, 56:the night preceding the talk, wondering what on earth to say and then I would lie awake all theAutobiography, 72:- and when money and the products of the earth are regarded as goods to be shared. Then theseAutobiography, 78:learnt until the time comes when you return to earth for another cycle of learning, of progress andAutobiography, 85:finite as I? Was there a hell and if so, why on earth did God send anyone there if it was such anAutobiography, 87:of the family who could not make out why on earth he could be so devoted. There had been otherAutobiography, 102:and that the middle classes are the salt of the earth, whilst the aristocracy are absolutelyAutobiography, 152:at first, it seemed to me to be a paradise on earth. Everybody there appeared to me to be deeplyAutobiography, 172:and to materialize the kingdom of [172] God on earth, and the attitude of the Theosophical SocietyAutobiography, 207:do. We had good times together whilst she was on earth. We chuckled [208] and laughed over the sameAutobiography, 230:influence of the Hierarchy have taken place on earth. Some of the work which is intended toAutobiography, 232:sign of the Bull. We then had the appearance on earth of the Mithraic mysteries which centeredAutobiography, 234:that the Hierarchy announced the emergence on earth of the New Group of World Servers, led andAutobiography, 234:They want to see justice and kindness prevail on earth. Under the direction of the world disciplesAutobiography, 236:the cry was going up "let there be peace on earth." When the angels sang at Bethlehem they said,Autobiography, 236:the final consummation and goal. Then "Peace on earth" - where humanity as a whole is concernedAutobiography, 238:Master in the East, the Buddha, Who came to earth and achieved illumination and became the guideAutobiography, 239:The Masters will again some day be present upon earth as They were millions of years ago during theAutobiography, 250:of World Servers. I thus endeavored to anchor on earth (if I may use such a phrase) anAutobiography, 256:influence, have gone to the far corners of the earth and convey aid and help; the service workAutobiography, 260:the angels or Devas of the seven globes of the Earth chain, which later may be incorporated in theAutobiography, 291:and imposters are lecturing up and down the earth and false Christs are arising in bothAutobiography, 293:effort is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, then all physical plane events become theAutobiography, 294:of our planet, can and will be materialized on earth. We believe that it is already present andBethlehem, 13:and example of divinity lived successfully on earth, and lived - as most of us have to live - notBethlehem, 13:thus to bring the will of God into fruition on earth. It is their inner meaning and our individualBethlehem, 17:can be expressed. This He epitomized when on earth in the words: "I and my Father are one." (St.Bethlehem, 21:that the historical Christ existed and walked on earth is the guarantee to us of our own divinityBethlehem, 22:step by step, up the long ladder reaching from earth to heaven, to stand eventually before theBethlehem, 25:that it became possible to enact upon earth certain inner processes known at that time only to theBethlehem, 25:be undergone openly and expressed for us upon earth by the Son of God, the Christ. Initiation is aBethlehem, 30:for the eradication of sorrow and ignorance upon earth must be devoted to the one GreatBethlehem, 30:Compassion shall have spiritually civilized the Earth and made of it a Heaven, there will beBethlehem, 30:streaming The Love of God, encircling all the earth, Then know thyself initiate in the MysteriesBethlehem, 38:The effect of all that is now transpiring upon earth is to bring to the surface that which isBethlehem, 40:more and more. Such men are even now upon the earth, Serene amid the half-formed creatures roundBethlehem, 42:for it is this soul which manifests upon earth as the "infant Christ" and appears in man. This isBethlehem, 43:Child is born; the soul begins to manifest on earth, and the life of the disciple and initiateBethlehem, 50:in the race, and thus can the kingdom of God on earth be brought into being. Bethlehem, 51:realms at once - the life which must be lived on earth and the life which we can live in theBethlehem, 55:that the historical evidence of His arrival on earth is history itself, and that there is in theBethlehem, 56:is frequently forgotten is that, in so coming to earth and taking human incarnation, God testifiedBethlehem, 69:worship which should have been passing off the earth at the time Christ came. There were still manyBethlehem, 70:forth. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men" (St. Luke, II, 14) ABethlehem, 70:of heaven did honor to it. This question of the earth's uniqueness has often troubled thinkingBethlehem, 70:in singing: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men"? We like toBethlehem, 71:awakened in all men, then we shall have peace on earth and goodwill among men. When this has takenBethlehem, 71:will bring to an end the hatred rampant upon earth and break down all the separating walls whichBethlehem, 72:which will be the religion of love, of peace on earth, of universal goodwill, of divineBethlehem, 89:in our last chapter that this planet we call the Earth, is regarded by many modern scientists ofBethlehem, 95:"one new man." He founded the kingdom of God on earth, and produced a synthesis of all the kingdomsBethlehem, 96:to say in truth, "I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men unto Me." (St. John, XII,Bethlehem, 96:(St. John, XII, 32.) He was lifted up between Earth and Heaven, and for two thousand years theseBethlehem, 121:antedate the appearance of the human family upon Earth. Secondly, the affirmation that one isBethlehem, 131:the mind Take every creature in, of every kind; Earth smiles around, with boundless bounty blest,Bethlehem, 145:into manifestation of a new kingdom upon earth - the kingdom of God, the fifth kingdom in nature.Bethlehem, 151:and characterizes the sage and the wise upon earth; this light marks them off from the ordinarilyBethlehem, 175:world order came into being when Christ came to earth, and from that time on we have moved steadilyBethlehem, 175:of the kingdom of God will find expression on earth. Of this, past [176] progress is the guarantee.Bethlehem, 181:the basic fundamental elements of life, Fire, Earth, Air and Water." - The Celestial Ship of the
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