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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Bethlehem, 184:of what, in His cosmic nature, Christ came to Earth to do. That event was of far greater importanceBethlehem, 184:time, and the kingdom of God began to form on Earth. In the long processes of time four greatBethlehem, 185:possible the appearance of the kingdom of God on Earth. This connotes the spiritualization ofBethlehem, 185:as Christ said, "I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me," (St. John, XII,Bethlehem, 186:it did the formation and the precipitation upon Earth of a new kingdom in which men and all formsBethlehem, 187:limitations of the flesh, while yet walking on earth. To the very deeps of its being humanity isBethlehem, 192:in this way precipitated the kingdom of God upon earth. It had always existed in the heavenlyBethlehem, 194:in order that the higher self can manifest on earth. Christ had to die in order that once and forBethlehem, 197:man as a product of the natural processes of the earth, is as old as man himself. It has passedBethlehem, 200:times by the sacrifice of the fruits of the earth. Men are saved from God's wrath and from eachBethlehem, 206:task was the establishing of God's kingdom upon earth. He showed us the way in which humanity couldBethlehem, 209:the materializing of the kingdom of God on earth, which it was His mission to found. Christ cameBethlehem, 209:the most complete life that had been lived on earth. The attempt to found the kingdom, [210]Bethlehem, 210:which is to materialize the kingdom of God on earth, today, here and now. The time is past whereinBethlehem, 210:the kingdom is here, and must express itself on earth; it consists of those who do the will of GodBethlehem, 214:the manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth. In every case the seven words have beenBethlehem, 219:and perhaps most sacred phases of His life on earth. We read that there was "darkness on the faceBethlehem, 219:read that there was "darkness on the face of the earth" for three hours. This is a most significantBethlehem, 221:kingdom. Christ hung pendent between heaven and earth, and although He was surrounded by crowds,Bethlehem, 225:He came to found, or to materialize upon the earth, the kingdom of God; secondly, to show us whatBethlehem, 227:some day attain. But Christ founded a kingdom on earth, wherein all God's children would have equalBethlehem, 233:has risen the kingdom of God can go forward upon earth, and His message of love can be widelyBethlehem, 233:of a divine kingdom definitely manifesting upon earth, the fear of death is as strong as ever, andBethlehem, 233:verge of the demonstration of God's kingdom upon earth. Because this is the end of an age, we knowBethlehem, 237:strange obscure regions called 'the heart of the earth,' and thereafter the heavenly mount, whereBethlehem, 246:helped; the kingdom of God must be organized on earth. And still the risen Christ moves among us,Bethlehem, 248:it truer values than any we [248] have known on earth; we long to prolong, in time and space, theBethlehem, 249:he was before. The Oriental may believe that the earth provides adequate facilities for theBethlehem, 250:for the after-life, and for his reason here on earth. With the detail of these theories there is noBethlehem, 250:Compassion shall have spiritually civilized the Earth and made of it a Heaven, there will beBethlehem, 251:have the idea of the kingdom of God appearing on earth because humanity is spiritually civilized,Bethlehem, 254:and already has a nucleus functioning on earth in physical bodies. Therefore let us welcome theBethlehem, 257:the kingdom of God, to bring into being upon earth another kingdom of nature, and so set up theBethlehem, 262:and constructive? How shall we materialize on earth that state of consciousness, accompanied byBethlehem, 272:and striving steadfastly for its extension on earth. He is the messenger of the kingdom; and theBethlehem, 273:truth, its specialized method of government upon earth and of approach to God. The true Church isBethlehem, 273:to God. The true Church is the kingdom of God on earth, divorced from all clerical government andBethlehem, 274:this condition of God's kingdom materialize on earth? By the gradual and steady increase of theBethlehem, 274:citizens of that kingdom living their lives on earth and demonstrating the qualities and theBethlehem, 281:He came to found the kingdom of God on earth and to institute a new and tangible expression ofBethlehem, 281:not failed. The kingdom is now organized upon earth and is composed of those men and womenBethlehem, 284:rapid manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth. The call is not for fanatics or for the rabidBethlehem, 284:fulfilment of the angels' song at Bethlehem, "On earth peace, good will toward men." Destiny, 11:start in such a manner that the peoples of the earth can go forward into an era of peace and trueDestiny, 18:is making one of its cyclic impacts upon the Earth and - as I explained in Volume II of A TreatiseDestiny, 25:the kingdom of God will be established upon Earth and the Ruler of the Earth will then work throughDestiny, 25:be established upon Earth and the Ruler of the Earth will then work through the Hierarchy toDestiny, 28:ideas, and incidentally altering the face of the earth and the policies of nations. As you know,Destiny, 33:into manifestation and their impact upon the earth and upon all the forms in all the kingdoms ofDestiny, 63:until such time as such souls can function on earth. Until, therefore, astrologers know more aboutDestiny, 80:a constant going out to the very ends of the earth, to return ever again to the center from whichDestiny, 83:Gemini - with its rulers, Mercury, Venus and the Earth (the Nation). Taurus - with its rulers,Destiny, 84:- Active Intelligence or Adaptability, via the Earth and also via the planet Saturn as it appearsDestiny, 84:the clue as to why the British Empire covers the Earth, for there is a close connection between theDestiny, 84:for there is a close connection between the Earth, as a whole, and Great Britain. It links GreatDestiny, 87:Nation). Sagittarius - with its rulers, Jupiter, Earth and Mars (the Nation). Taurus - with itsDestiny, 87:Ray 3. - Active Intelligence, via the Earth. It was this Earth influence which, in the past, gaveDestiny, 87:Active Intelligence, via the Earth. It was this Earth influence which, in the past, gave Italy herDestiny, 89:Gemini - with its rulers, Mercury, Venus and the Earth (the Nation). Cancer - with its rulers, theDestiny, 89:Sagittarius - with its rulers, Jupiter, the Earth and Mars (the Capital). The soul ray -Destiny, 90:influences there are eleven in all, for the Earth presents two aspects and the Moon veils bothDestiny, 91:- Active Intelligence or Adaptability, via the Earth, thus 'grounding' the American people andDestiny, 106:shows signs of happening. There is no power on Earth which can prevent the advance of man towardsDestiny, 122:plane of that which will later precipitate upon earth. But the time is not yet and the hour forDestiny, 146:self-appointed task. Hence the anchoring upon earth of the New Group of World Servers, whoseDestiny, 147:world, to bring light and fruitfulness to the Earth and through the work of the Son of God to bringDestiny, 147:disappearing. Light has also descended on the earth in the form of the "light of knowledge." Today,Destiny, 150:Europe and elsewhere to return the land (Mother-Earth, the true Virgin Mary) to the people. It canDiscipleship1, XV:the fifth kingdom; this is the Kingdom of God on earth or the kingdom of souls. It is precipitatingDiscipleship1, XV:or the kingdom of souls. It is precipitating on earth and will be composed of those who areDiscipleship1, 12:the Masters' Ashrams will be externalized on earth and the Hierarchy function openly on theDiscipleship1, 23:this and analogous groups) be set in motion on earth a network of spiritual energies which willDiscipleship1, 23:of Masters will make itself felt everywhere on earth and these groups, if successful, may beDiscipleship1, 24:replica of the Brotherhood can be established on earth and how in decades [25] to come the workingDiscipleship1, 29:Little by little, there will appear all over the earth, groups of illumined souls who can cooperateDiscipleship1, 32:will be recognized as existing side by side upon earth. You have, therefore, been permitted toDiscipleship1, 33:fostering the growth of the Kingdom of God on earth. This will bring to public attention the factDiscipleship1, 33:Initiation. The production of the outer form on earth, through the medium of books, of esotericDiscipleship1, 42:produce cohesion or at-one-ment upon earth. The present distraught condition in the world, theDiscipleship1, 43:how we should aid in the inauguration upon earth of those newer types of work which will beDiscipleship1, 53:much more definitely and to form groups on earth - composed of the isolated, responding individualsDiscipleship1, 54:in the course of the next 275 years: Anchor on earth certain types of the higher forces which theDiscipleship1, 61:light going out towards the four corners of the earth. This constitutes the horizontal stage. STAGEDiscipleship1, 68:it is a tentative endeavor to externalize upon earth, certain phases of hierarchical endeavor. TheDiscipleship1, 71:then recognize (as effectively established upon earth) certain focal points of energy which canDiscipleship1, 78:proved my undoing. I symbolically crashed to earth through the very weight of my weakness. YouDiscipleship1, 92:of the Plan and his part in it, or the "veils of earth" close over his head; the vision fades andDiscipleship1, 101:for those who will work under direction upon the earth can call forth all that you have to give andDiscipleship1, 120:many men. The soul descends and walks the way of earth and not the ways of mind. The far horizonDiscipleship1, 140:theirs and this I freely give. A soul, I walk on earth. I represent the ONE." Your work in my groupDiscipleship1, 153:not to go forth into the difficult places of the earth but to work from your own center through theDiscipleship1, 166:to bring in right and new conditions upon the earth. To find and organize the needed funds for thisDiscipleship1, 205:humanity itself as well as this planet, the earth; your fourth ray mind can always, therefore, putDiscipleship1, 255:This gives you contact and brings you down to earth, a thing that a sixth ray person predominantlyDiscipleship1, 272:arise; money (as we know it) will vanish off the earth and the situation will have to be met inDiscipleship1, 274:Thus keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth. Fear not to speak the truth, whate'er it be.Discipleship1, 277:Keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth." [278] Preserve your meditation as you are nowDiscipleship1, 307:you here a hint. Every link that one makes on earth does not necessarily entail the recognition ofDiscipleship1, 321:meditation definite and then anchor yourself to earth by certain specific activities, carriedDiscipleship1, 321:the energy is carried through on to the plane of earth happenings and works out in paralleling
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