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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Externalisation, 552:Leads to the reappearance of the Hierarchy on earth. Recognizes that man's point of developmentExternalisation, 552:which confronts the Hierarchy and its workers on earth. The war may be over in the physical sense,Externalisation, 557:degree (and there are quite a few working on the earth among men at this time) can share in all ofExternalisation, 575:is with His people and Christ has returned to earth. Religion is then recognized as an attitudeExternalisation, 575:time He will come by plane from the place on earth where He has been for many generations, watchingExternalisation, 576:by its means, from even the most distant spot on earth. To the orthodox Christian, the above willExternalisation, 576:for Him to use modern methods? Whilst on earth before, He conformed to the customs of His time.Externalisation, 582:out from the various ashrams do not arrive on earth conscious of a high mission or knowing well theExternalisation, 585:the highest sense of the word. They will work on earth as high grade personalities, under theExternalisation, 588:simply the appearance of soul-controlled men on earth in everyday life and at all stages of thatExternalisation, 589:time will come when the fact of the presence on earth of the Christ as Head of the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 589:statement that at no time has He ever left the earth. Emphasis will also increasingly be laid uponExternalisation, 591:The key to the Hierarchy and Its reappearance on earth in physical form, and the consequentExternalisation, 591:the eternal existence of the kingdom of God on earth is established. Externalisation, 593:the world. Around Him - in that High Place on Earth where He has His abiding place - are gatheredExternalisation, 593:- a Succession of Those Who have lived on earth, accepted the fact of God Transcendent, discoveredExternalisation, 593:of the Christ life and (because They lived on earth as He did and does) have "entered for us withinExternalisation, 594:cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." Thus in the three great spiritual centersExternalisation, 594:into human goodwill and resultant peace on Earth. [595] A new chapter in the great book ofExternalisation, 597:return because He has always been here upon our Earth, watching over the spiritual destiny ofExternalisation, 597:and workers who are unitedly pledged with Him to Earth Service. He can only reappear. It is aExternalisation, 598:directed into those channels which reach from Earth to that High Place where dwells the Christ.Externalisation, 598:human history, the demand of the people of the Earth is so potent and so in line with divineExternalisation, 599:great truth and fact of the physical Presence on Earth at this time of the Christ, of His group ofExternalisation, 601:to bring into visibility the Kingdom of God on earth. No denial of these facts is possible, [602]Externalisation, 602:birth of some nice child in some nice home on earth; they will not produce the wild claims and theExternalisation, 603:Christ taught also that the Kingdom of God is on Earth and told us to seek that Kingdom first andExternalisation, 603:of God is not something which will descend on earth when men are good enough! It is something whichExternalisation, 604:are known by many to be physically present on Earth and the Kingdom which They rule, with its lawsExternalisation, 605:Christ, for the first time, anchored on earth a tenuous thread of the divine Will, as it issuedExternalisation, 606:anchored or established the Father's will on earth and made it possible for intelligent humanity toExternalisation, 607:the Christ, the Founder of the Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and againExternalisation, 608:of God is to be intelligently carried out on Earth. His major task is surely the establishing ofExternalisation, 617:that Place of Love and Power will be situated on earth, and will be publicly recognized; theExternalisation, 618:internationally. When true freedom covers the earth, we shall see the end of tyranny, politicallyExternalisation, 618:objectives must be accomplished facts on earth before Christ comes. I do say that this attitude toExternalisation, 620:seeing the Kingdom of [620] God materialize on earth, or who is conscious of the awakening of theExternalisation, 623:and bring about the required measure of peace on Earth - a peace based upon right human relations. Externalisation, 626:the possession of the natural resources of the Earth - coal, oil, etc., and also with theExternalisation, 633:to the fact that there existed upon the Earth, in every nation, men and women who (in some form orExternalisation, 641:etherically, light and goodwill may envelop the earth. 3. Promote ceaselessly the work of WorldExternalisation, 642:the Full Moon it will be poured out all over the Earth. During the interim between reception andExternalisation, 648:to spheres usually impervious to the sounds of earth; the Avatar of Synthesis was called in to aid.Externalisation, 652:Organizing the Ashrams into Form on Earth June 1949 I would ask you, at the time of this Full MoonExternalisation, 652:the situation which is likely to come about on Earth if and when (as a result of the preparatoryExternalisation, 654:The coming or the advent of the Hierarchy on earth will not bring the sudden and the beneficentExternalisation, 658:the responsibility of releasing its potencies on earth. The task of all disciples is consequentlyExternalisation, 659:stages of the organization of the Hierarchy on earth are the Master K.H., the Master Morya, theExternalisation, 660:and the resultant effects will take place on earth, with physical plane effects, because the oldExternalisation, 660:the Hierarchy will prove its factual presence on earth. The Ashram of the Master K.H. is alreadyExternalisation, 663:The occult fact is that there is no being on Earth, from the very lowest form of life to the veryExternalisation, 663:He is making in order to complete His work on Earth and bring a new salvation to humanity. TheExternalisation, 664:bring about eventual peace and understanding on earth - a peace which will preserve individual andExternalisation, 665:well to bear in mind that all great movements on earth demonstrate both good and evil; the evil hasExternalisation, 672:the Kingdom of God in objective manifestation on Earth - and not in some distant time and someExternalisation, 675:creative process. If the new heavens and the new earth are to be a fact in manifestation and inExternalisation, 675:behind the teaching anent the five centers on Earth and the part which they will play in rebuildingExternalisation, 677:and the appearance of the Hierarchy upon earth in tangible form is no exception to this rule. Externalisation, 680:ashram has to make for its materialization on earth; to this must be added an united ashramicExternalisation, 683:that when the Christ was in physical presence on earth two thousand years ago, the population ofExternalisation, 684:and the Hierarchy externalizes itself on earth, conditions will be totally different; there areExternalisation, 686:to a new and more potent form of immediate Earth service. In other words: a few of the Masters andExternalisation, 687:and [687] the massed inhabited areas of the earth. This involves, as you can well imagine, the useExternalisation, 687:stand in "isolated unity" upon the highways of Earth, and thus are "in the world and yet not of theExternalisation, 688:externalization of the center of cosmic evil on Earth. Just as the White Lodge is theExternalisation, 696:the Hierarchy in Their various grades appear on earth? Will They come through the methods ofExternalisation, 699:the possibility of the existence of people on earth who have no wrong inclinations and no badFire, xvii:and unadulterated reflection, in Heaven as on earth, of the One Flame. It is life and death, theFire, xvii:divine Substance." (Secret Doctrine I. 146) Our earth and man (are) the products of the ThreeFire, 29:of the heaven-sent One peace passed upon the earth. The planet staggered and belched forth fire.Fire, 44:Ether, with its four divisions "air, fire, water earth". 8. Pregenetic matter. 11 Fohat is divineFire, 59:the latent heat of the sun as it approaches the Earth by a particular line of least resistance.Fire, 60:the heart of the planet - such a planet as the Earth, for instance - are the internal fires thatFire, 60:with light external. These inner fires of the earth can be seen functioning, as in the sun, throughFire, 60:physician, when he wisely says "Back to the Earth." It is the fluidic emanation of this prana whichFire, 65:over them not only on this planet, called the Earth, but on the three planes in all parts of theFire, 74:merging of the three fires. On our planet, the Earth, They find Their points of contact through theFire, 83:Cosmic liquid. 7. Earthly Physical (Dense) Earth. Cosmic dense. Fire, 86:the body of expression for one of the Logoi; the Earth now is, and the cycles change continuously.Fire, 92:with man and solar prana. The planet (the Earth, or any other planet) absorbs solar prana,Fire, 92:they transmit to him the magnetism of "Mother Earth" as it is called. Therefore we see that thereFire, 92:allied to man's etheric body, and who transmit earth's prana, or the prana of whichever planet manFire, 93:dead Moon, and a live planet, such as the Earth ? (S. D., I, 170-180.) Here we touch upon a hiddenFire, 102:from the confining vehicles. The altar of earth is the birthplace of spirit, its liberator from theFire, 103:Heavenly Men Whose karma is bound up with our earth. Each destruction of a portion of the webFire, 105:in the case of the sacred planets, of which the Earth is not one) will have its functionalFire, 114:or cosmic thread of life. 51 This fourth earth chain is in this connection one of the mostFire, 114:and planetary escape from limitations. This earth chain, though not one of the seven sacredFire, 154:the Moon, which no longer is repulsive to the earth, and is giving of her very substance to thisFire, 155:lowest globe of our planetary chain (Globe D. "Earth"), all its energy and powers; and havingFire, 175:of wheat has to lie in the darkness of mother Earth before the golden perfected ear can be seen,Fire, 175:has been completed by that last fecund earth; and humanity has reached in a mass the stage ofFire, 176:to point out that we are not dealing with earth conditions when we consider the Rays, nor are weFire, 177:with the solar [177] system in which our earth holds a necessary but not supreme place. The earthFire, 177:holds a necessary but not supreme place. The earth is an organism within a greater one, and thisFire, 177:planet so often view the whole system as if the earth were in the position of the sun, the centerFire, 181:seek to give, lies in the triangle formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection with thisFire, 181:Logos, the three etheric planets of our chain - Earth, Mercury and Mars 77 - form a triangle ofFire, 181:point in evolution of the logoic centers, Venus, Earth and Saturn form one triangle of greatFire, 183:The Lord of the world, is the representative on earth of the specialized force of the planetary
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