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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Fire, 929:kind, and in the process of producing forms on earth which embody an idea, work along similarFire, 932:more clearly till the sixth race is living upon earth. Third. The builders of all animal ethericFire, 942:a grade for even the lowest type of men on earth at this time. It must be pointed out also that inFire, 959:we have a powerful agent of the Hierarchy on the earth. We might generalize in the following mannerFire, 989:Great Being who is the planetary Logos of the Earth. Therefore, until a man has taken certainFire, 999:solar Logos as He created "the Heavens and the Earth." The [1000] Highest and the lowest aspectsFire, 1015:mouth of the one who thinks and sees, then the earth sufficeth not to hide or kill the flame. ItFire, 1018:is revealed when the number of the petals of Our earth planet, Our planetary polar opposite, OurFire, 1022:from that planet which forms, with our earth and its opposite, the esoteric triangle. [1023]Fire, 1023:to remember that all that takes place upon the earth is to be found within the planetary ethericFire, 1043:connection with a globe in a chain (such as our earth-chain) in the following manner. The Lord ofFire, 1048:period (that is, in connection with our earth sphere) the milliards of atomic lives have pursuedFire, 1049:it to blossom. Thus do the waters cover the earth and all the cycles. Two are the objectives of theFire, 1049:is to sink and lose itself in the dark soil of earth; the other to rise and merge itself in theFire, 1049:the heat grows fierce, and the fires within the earth and beneath the waters burn hot and flow, theFire, 1056:the influence of the moon's karmic pull upon the earth, coupled with the effect of the twoFire, 1068:it in its belly and the Mother of it is the earth. This is the Father of all perfection, andFire, 1068:The power of it is integral if it be turned into earth. Thou shalt separate the earth from the fireFire, 1068:it be turned into earth. Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire and subtle from the gross,Fire, 1068:gently with much sagacity; it ascends from earth to Heaven, and again descends to earth; andFire, 1068:from earth to Heaven, and again descends to earth; and receives the strength of the superiors andFire, 1070:a close investigation of polar conditions in the earth, of the planetary magnetic currents, and ofFire, 1070:and of the electrical intercourse between our earth, and the Venusian and Martian planetaryFire, 1077:and the personality, or Venus, the Sun and the Earth are symbolically allied. Enough has here beenFire, 1079:and certain lesser existences quitted our earth chain, and entered upon subtler, and more advancedFire, 1079:great Lord has entered upon His mission upon earth, thereby increasing the vibration in everyFire, 1082:a reference to certain Egos who have come to the earth from the planetary scheme whose note is red,Fire, 1083:most elementary of scientific truths is that the earth revolves upon its axis, and that it travelsFire, 1089:tarried in the interplanetary spaces until earth conditions were such that the occupation ofFire, 1091:of the sixth Initiation. All that we have on earth are reflections of the true colors, and likewiseFire, 1092:race; others, who have individualized on this earth, will not succeed in reaching their goal uponFire, 1105:seen in the effect of Venusian energy upon our Earth and many more factors too numerous to mention.Fire, 1112:relation to our system as the moon has to the earth chain. This "cosmic [1113] moon" transmits itsFire, 1128:into manifestation. [1128] A few, like our Earth planet, are battlegrounds, and the two Aspects areFire, 1128:microcosm, and the mode whereby he manifests on earth in order to express that which lies hidden,Fire, 1146:those who attained self-consciousness upon the earth. There are important distinctions betweenFire, 1147:be seen in the highest [1147] specimens of the earth humanity now on earth. They are not even now,Fire, 1147:[1147] specimens of the earth humanity now on earth. They are not even now, however, as farFire, 1147:characteristics of the chains of which our earth is one. Earth Planetary Scheme First Chain -Fire, 1147:of the chains of which our earth is one. Earth Planetary Scheme First Chain - Archetypal. SecondFire, 1172:lesser, such as the power of the spirit of the Earth (the planetary Entity, not the planetaryFire, 1174:great experiment which has been inaugurated on earth by our planetary Logos in connection with theFire, 1174:the human family who have individualized on the earth chain through the fanning of the spark ofFire, 1175:or outer circle of initiates. Of these our earth is one, but being aligned in a peculiar fashionFire, 1176:the three planets that make a triangle with the earth, namely Mars, Mercury, and Earth. These threeFire, 1176:with the earth, namely Mars, Mercury, and Earth. These three planets - in connection with thisFire, 1176:etheric planetary triangle - passing from the Earth to Mars and Mercury - is but the preparatoryFire, 1178:wield the power of cosmic etheric prana. EARTH - The School of Magnetic Response. Another nameFire, 1178:and the mineral kingdom. The human units on the earth scheme are called in mystical parlance "theFire, 1178:Life." They have a close connection with our Earth scheme, and the old Commentary refers to this inFire, 1180:egoic group. [1180] The teaching given on our earth scheme in the Hall of Wisdom has been dealtFire, 1190:force centers. Hence the nature of men upon earth. All human beings are paramountly governed byFire, 1191:a sevenfold differentiation. The quality of our earth's complementary planet. The quality of theFire, 1191:planet. The quality of the attraction of our earth's polar opposites. This involves information asFire, 1194:or Adept each makes His "appearance" [1194] upon earth thus demonstrating the three aspects ofFire, 1194:the goal and refused its fruition, he remains on earth, as an Adept; and when he dies, instead ofFire, 1194:possible relation with, or thought for, this earth. Thus to be enabled to help humanity, an AdeptFire, 1221:may not be given as it gives the clue to the Earth sign, and the keynote of the physical body ofFire, 1242:cosmic Paths as follows: 35 Path I - The Path of Earth Service. Path II - The Path of MagneticFire, 1243:and of aspiration whereby the perfected sons of Earth's humanity pass on to specific cosmic PathsFire, 1244:Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path I. The Path of Earth Service The nature of the spiritual forceFire, 1247:may be found suggestive: [1247] PATH I. EARTH SERVICE Attributes - Wise-compassion. Source -Fire, 1255:gives to man his egoic body. The adepts on our Earth planet who seek this path do so through theFire, 1258:in the relation between the Venus scheme, our Earth scheme and the Venus chain in our scheme.Fire, 1263:from other schemes are not transferred to our Earth scheme as a school of training as it is not aFire, 1267:Archaic Formulas. No. 49) PATH 1. The Path of Earth Service. The Dragon who hideth within theFire, 1268:[1268] richly colored blaze for which no name on earth hath yet been found." Its tone is hidden.Glamour, 18:group welfare has for two centuries been seen on Earth in all fields of human endeavor - political,Glamour, 23:to their appointed task. When the Buddha was on Earth and achieved illumination, He "let in" aGlamour, 81:and thus be made to disappear, as the mists of earth dissolve in the rays of the rising sun.Glamour, 109:and glamor was definitely established on Earth. It was that which enfolded and over-emphasized theGlamour, 109:the millions of years this race flourished on Earth there were vast numbers of people with theGlamour, 159:of Light and of God. The Angel has "come to Earth" in expectation of recognition - an event ofGlamour, 169:on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated the approaching maturity ofGlamour, 185:greatest revealing Agents Who have ever come to Earth within the range of modern history made theGlamour, 185:who have always been present upon the Earth - defending the simplicity of that teaching, seekingGlamour, 194:Christ expressed so fully for us in His life on Earth. When, therefore, students and aspirants haveGlamour, 197:its own inner light upon the mists and fogs of Earth, for in these mists and fogs all men stumble.Glamour, 232:hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and the subtleGlamour, 238:hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and the subtleGlamour, 245:goodwill [245] is finally and fully developed on Earth, through the agency of humanity. The willGlamour, 251:of a functioning son of God can be manifested on Earth. Next comes what we have called the stage ofGlamour, 260:Kumara is composing will be completed and our Earth will then make a notable contribution to theGlamour, 269:The Sun - spiritual nature - soul - Angel. The Earth - aspiring man - the disciple. The personalityHealing, 2:thus integrate it into the energy body of the Earth and of the solar system. It is a web of energyHealing, 11:that only as the kingdom of God is revealed on earth shall we enter into some real understanding ofHealing, 13:of life long before the human family appeared on earth. If you seek verbal expression, and if youHealing, 49:as yet but little is known. The soil of our earth, however, is very ancient, and is impregnatedHealing, 54:Planetary evil, imposed upon all forms on earth by the basic condition, and by time. It isHealing, 58:have contributed their quota of infection to the earth. In Lemurian times, the emphasis of the lifeHealing, 59:generations of those who have died upon the earth, the "germs" (so-called by the unlearned thinker)Healing, 145:as the agent for the accomplishment on earth of the will energy of established Being. It is theHealing, 150:energies of the whole man are "grounded" in the earth bound man, then the situation becomesHealing, 154:thus establishing the new heavens and the new earth. Then humanity will have reached the summit ofHealing, 154:the summit of its evolutionary goal on this Earth. The throat center is the organ specifically ofHealing, 161:in the three worlds, and love is anchored on earth and takes the place of emotion, of desire and ofHealing, 211:and there is then a perfect manifestation on Earth of physical living, of the emotional and mentalHealing, 223:for the next tide of egos and thus peopling the earth. In saying this I seek only to explain theHealing, 226:bodies have been absorbed into the dust of the earth and [227] each has contributed something whichHealing, 227:soul, withdrawn from the body, has come to the earth repeatedly, and many millions are here today,
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