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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Healing, 228:ancient books in the Masters' Archives we read: "earth took its toll and earth to earth, pollutedHealing, 228:Archives we read: "earth took its toll and earth to earth, polluted and impure, returned to earth;Healing, 228:we read: "earth took its toll and earth to earth, polluted and impure, returned to earth; thus evilHealing, 228:earth to earth, polluted and impure, returned to earth; thus evil life entered the pristineHealing, 230:freed from the plague which has contaminated the earth for endless ages. There will thus be broughtHealing, 245:or the disfiguring of the surface of the earth. The results of dissolution are beneficent inHealing, 250:of offsetting conditions already prevalent on earth as the result of past misuse of the naturalHealing, 253:be found out of the billions now inhabiting the earth? I think not. If no actual and active diseaseHealing, 298:perfect; this is the reason why our planet, the Earth, is not a sacred planet. We are told thatHealing, 305:system, including all the planets along with our Earth, has a different goal, and the second divineHealing, 320:available upon and within and around the planet Earth. In relation to disease, a germ still remainsHealing, 322:for the body, preparatory to continued life on earth. Those which produce the withdrawal orHealing, 324:plane, from the etheric levels, and from the earth itself. The science of sanitation, the use ofHealing, 324:of hydrotherapy are the precipitation on earth of certain inner activities on the astral plane of aHealing, 324:diseases and of death) is the precipitation on earth of certain modes of procedure on the ethericHealing, 339:about by any form of obsession such as "an earth bound entity or a living vampire-like person." AHealing, 340:race, after habituating itself to live on the earth, had now to accustom itself to live in water. IHealing, 365:upon the fever and the friction and the pain of earth existence. But there are other phases of lifeHealing, 382:of an awakening intuition, of the presence upon earth of a very great number of advanced andHealing, 393:of that soul, and the only hell is the earth itself, where we learn to work out our own salvation,Healing, 393:which he may have perpetrated in his lives on Earth, and which enables him eventually to "clean hisHealing, 405:the nursery stage of soul experience on earth. He is free from karmic impositions in the threeHealing, 433:tiny form of the atom to that form, the planet Earth, through which our planetary Logos expressesHealing, 435:One point must be borne in mind. The words "earth to earth and dust to dust," so familiar in theHealing, 435:point must be borne in mind. The words "earth to earth and dust to dust," so familiar in the burialHealing, 443:work done by the old Atlantean degenerates and earth bound souls, the average Indian chief andHealing, 446:there eventuates that condition which we call "earth-bound." The links they have forged with earthHealing, 446:"earth-bound." The links they have forged with earth and the earthward bias of all their desires,Healing, 446:their desires, force them to remain close to the earth and their last setting in the earthHealing, 446:close to the earth and their last setting in the earth environment. They seek desperately and byHealing, 451:and the rehabilitation of the peoples of the Earth. The two go together. This is one of the majorHealing, 475:pull of matter itself. This has been called the "earth" pull and is exerted by that mysteriousHealing, 475:entity whom we call the "spirit of the earth"; this entity is on the involutionary arc, and is toHealing, 493:the physical body), the man acts as he would on earth in the company of his intimates and accordingHealing, 493:also seek them out and - just again as he did on earth - he will remain in their neighborhood,Healing, 495:contact, a relatively violent reorientation to earth life takes place, leading to what is calledHealing, 536:there will be less distress and disease on earth once the necessary planetary [537] adjustmentsHealing, 545:which will ultimately sweep disease from the earth. Let me put it quite simply. When the majorityHealing, 545:When the majority of the inhabitants of the earth are being rapidly oriented towards good, towardsHealing, 565:in the planetary substance or matter of the Earth itself. Forget not that the physical body isHealing, 587:had come so that there might be present upon the Earth, "life more abundantly." Always there hasHealing, 590:of Active Intelligence because it conditions our Earth and is of great potency, enabling the humanHealing, 599:also by the representative of the Spirit of the Earth. This again makes the two, the five, and thenHealing, 609:working in cooperation with the Spirit of the Earth - the sumtotal of all the lunar lords and ofHealing, 609:of the planetary Logos to this Spirit of the Earth (the relation of an evolutionary Being to anHealing, 612:through the medium of this little planet, the Earth, the physical body is not a goal, but simplyHealing, 619:qualities of divinity; within our planet, the Earth (which is not a sacred planet), there areHealing, 633:- the will of the immortal soul to incarnate on earth or to withdraw from incarnation. It involvesHealing, 633:an end; another is the will of the spirit of the earth (the basic elemental force) to draw backHealing, 635:Logos and the life of the spirit of the earth, which is the life of the sumtotal of all the atomsHealing, 635:the elemental of our planet, the spirit of the earth - a divine life, making its own progress uponHealing, 635:arc of manifestation. This spirit of the earth preserves its hold upon the atomic structures ofHealing, 635:by two factors for which the spirit of the earth is solely responsible: The factor of the Karma ofHealing, 636:Logoi. His body of expression, our planet, the Earth, is not yet a sacred planet. The spirit of theHealing, 636:is not yet a sacred planet. The spirit of the earth is yet very far from even the relativeHealing, 636:The point in evolution of the spirit of the earth affects every atom in his body - the body of anHealing, 636:planetary Logos but that of the spirit of the earth, shows itself in the presence of disease in allHealing, 636:the imperfections from which the spirit of the earth [637] suffers; it is the mode par excellenceHealing, 637:with the life impulses of the spirit of the earth. Man, in so doing, assumes responsibility forHealing, 637:atomic substance through which the spirit of the earth expresses itself has in it ever the "seedsHealing, 637:or of the Christ possible. The Lord of the Earth, the planetary Logos, cannot find substanceHealing, 637:find substance animated by the spirit of the earth of a quality and nature pure enough; He cannot,Healing, 638:or Limitation) of the life of the spirit of the earth. The sumtotal of the life which is innate inHealing, 638:are made. This is the life of the spirit of the earth. We are not here referring to the soul in anHealing, 638:coherency which distinguishes the spirit of the earth) of the planetary entity. It is a projectionHealing, 639:the planetary structure of the spirit of the earth - is in abeyance as regards individual reactionHealing, 639:aspects of livingness: that of the spirit of the earth and that of the spiritual man. Therefore -Healing, 639:Rules Enumerated and Applied The spirit of the earth has its correspondence in the createdHealing, 640:impregnated with the life of the spirit of the earth and with the driving force of its inchoateHealing, 640:magnetic pull of the will of the spirit of the earth. If that pull proves adequately strong, theHealing, 641:to the magnetic power of the spirit of the earth. We have seen - as we considered the Laws andHealing, 646:have set up a relation with the spirit of the earth, the Ruler of all the lunar lords. UnderHealing, 663:rule, and of such there are only a very few on earth today. The sickness of humanity as a race, andHealing, 667:gathered around him, bringing much evil upon the Earth. At the same time, the will-to-good fromHealing, 667:to promote human welfare have spread over the Earth. The emergence of imperfection and the plannedHealing, 668:for themselves and for gain the produce of the earth, and thus make the cost of life's necessitiesHealing, 669:their determination to own the resources of the earth (such as oil, mineral wealth and food) andHealing, 669:in great combines to exploit the riches of the earth at the expense of humanity. Russia is todayHealing, 696:truest exponent of the second ray ever known on earth, was greatest of all the healing sons of God.Healing, 704:whose work and presence is still needed on earth to complete his assigned task. Then the Master ofHealing, 711:thus the door to life eternal or to life on earth for yet a little while. [712] This technique isHercules, 2:lesson and begin with love to serve the men of earth." Then to the Teacher went the final word:Hercules, 14:also know him well, yet know him not. One is of earth, thus earthly; the other is a son of God."Hercules, 15:meet you with his wiles and pull you down to earth? What will you do? Prepare to prove your wordsHercules, 44:The sign Leo represents fire or spirit; Taurus, earth or body; Aquarius, air or mind; and ScorpioHercules, Known:the son of Poseidon, god of waters, and Gea, the earth. Hence when in touch with the earth, hisHercules, Known:and Gea, the earth. Hence when in touch with the earth, his mother, he was invincible.] In hisHercules, Known:only so long as it was in contact with the earth. just as soon as Hercules lifted the serpentHercules, Known:It concerns appearance and not reality, and the earth stands for appearances. Having vanquished theHercules, 80:in the water; I heard its feet upon the ways of earth; I know the doe is mine, for every form isHercules, 85:gave to Saint Peter the keys of heaven and earth; He gave to him, therefore, the keys of these twoHercules, 85:or the 'gate of man', the soul descends upon earth (to unite with the body), which is its spiritualHercules, 86:God in incarnation!" The crab lives half on the earth, and half in the water. It the sign,Hercules, 89:were said to descend from their heavenly home to earth, just as at the winter solstice in December,Hercules, 101:and spiritual beings, who took incarnation on earth, manifested through the quaternary, and thusHercules, 116:thought, reacting to zodiacal energies, that our earth will be transformed into a sacred planet."Hercules, 122:second creative Hierarchy (divine builders of earth's planetary manifestation), and brings inHercules, 131:the unostentatious and humble, the salt of the earth; that those who protest their excellence mostHercules, 131:by a higher court; that truth may walk the earth in many an unlikely guise. The quest for truth,Hercules, 132:of intricate beauty. Halfway between heaven and earth the Libran waits. Looking above, he sees the
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