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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Psychology1, 217:kingdom is the outstanding contribution of our Earth to the general solar plan. Each of the planetsPsychology1, 217:for mankind no equivalent in consciousness. The Earth, then, contributes the vegetable kingdom, andPsychology1, 219:from three sources, - the sun, the water and the earth. - In the building process it is the mineralPsychology1, 229:will and ordered rhythm have produced this Earth and the molten content of the planet, regardingPsychology1, 229:the molten content of the planet, regarding the earth as the crust. Psychology1, 229:manifest in the eventual transmutation of the earth substance, and its resolution back again intoPsychology1, 273:to be found functioning simultaneously on the earth today. Each has been, or is, in turn right,Psychology1, 282:the love of Christ will be shed abroad in the earth, and its influence will grow stronger duringPsychology1, 287:of God can find forms in which to manifest on earth. According to the scope of the marriage contactPsychology1, 300:his adjustments in the life of every day upon earth, which provides an adequate heaven and a morePsychology1, 301:the greatest expression of God's love walked on earth and bade us love each other. Yet still wePsychology1, 312:has come. Man stands midway between heaven and earth, with his feet deep in the mud of materialPsychology1, 313:now begin to organize itself in material form on earth, because today the group idea is rapidlyPsychology1, 314:birth, taking place in many lives, producing on earth a large group of the spiritually newborn.Psychology1, 314:group achieve and the Christ again appear on earth, incarnated this time in the many and not in thePsychology1, 315:the radiant light, and to establish upon the earth a great station of light which will illumine thePsychology1, 315:call the opening of a great station of light on earth, and the founding of a power house which willPsychology1, 320:in this fourth round, on the fourth globe, the Earth, are extremely active. It is their closePsychology1, 320:in the light of day, symbolically speaking, on Earth, and these two rays were responsible for thePsychology1, 327:present) occultly hold the aspirant down to earth. The increasing of the magnetic attractive powerPsychology1, 330:Using the five senses, and working with earth, air, fire [331] and water, he thereby gathers toPsychology1, 335:III. The Rays and Man 2. The Ray of the Planet - Earth Each of the seven sacred planets (of whichPsychology1, 335:Each of the seven sacred planets (of which our Earth is not one) is an expression of one of thePsychology1, 335:- 7th ray. Non-Sacred - Ray Mars - 6th ray. Earth - 3rd ray. Pluto - 1st ray. The Moon (veiling aPsychology1, 336:II - Jupiter - The Sun. Ray III - Saturn - The Earth. Ray IV - Mercury - The Moon. Ray VI - NeptunePsychology1, 336:You will note therefore how peculiarly this Earth on which we live is suited to the development ofPsychology1, 338:in the world today. The planetary Logos of our Earth is primarily conditioned by a cosmic ray, toPsychology1, 338:found the reason (or one of the reasons) why our Earth is not one of the seven sacred planets. OnPsychology1, 344:human manifestation on the fourth globe of our Earth chain, and in this fourth round is responsiblePsychology1, 344:places and venture forth towards the sphere of Earth. From the fourth great plane they thus controlPsychology1, 345:glory, and then they turn their eyes towards the Earth. "The Lower Four take form between the livesPsychology1, 357:fifth kingdom in nature will be manifesting on earth, and that the kingdom of God (as the ChristianPsychology1, 357:kingdom, when men made their appearance on earth. This next great race will be governed by thePsychology1, 365:undertaking, or a ritual. No one on this earth can evade ritual or ceremonial, for the rising andPsychology1, 370:possible. Other cosmic rays will play upon our earth as this seventh ray activity becomesPsychology1, 370:the same in the body of the planetary Logos, the Earth, as it is in the human body; the etheric webPsychology1, 376:existence. The planetary constitution of our Earth into the various kingdoms of nature. The basicPsychology1, 378:It was the inability to do this which brought on Earth the great Atlantean floods which broughtPsychology1, 394:In every grouping, - whether in heaven or on earth - there is always evidenced a tendency by somePsychology1, 394:unanimity; hence (and herein lies a hint) our Earth is not one of the seven sacred planets. TherePsychology1, 395:angle of vision, and what (from the angle of our Earth's unfoldment in consciousness) may be aPsychology1, 396:gates aside, were laden with the treasure of the earth. They brought their gifts as offerings toPsychology1, 396:and pass beyond the portal, laden with naught of earth. They waited and discussed. The rest ofPsychology1, 397:"They turned their faces towards the gates of earth. Their friends went on... They stayed behind...Psychology1, 397:of the greatest sons of God Who has worked on earth, and Who epitomized in Himself the way and thePsychology1, 398:their co-disciples. On their return to life on earth, they spoke of this event. This was theirPsychology1, 399:so [399] nearly resurrected from the death of earth into the life of light, the great tradition ofPsychology1, 404:planetary Logos functioning through the planet Earth is not considered as producing one of thePsychology1, 420:or prana. Divine Principle: Energy. Element: Earth. "I manifest." Instrument of Sensation: Nose.Psychology1, 421:attention is turned towards our planet, the Earth. Thus we have the ten rays of perfection, thePsychology1, 430:Each of the seven sacred planets (of which our Earth is not one) is an expression of one of thePsychology2, 6:sacred planets, the Plan as unfolded upon the Earth is a part of a dual expression of purpose, andPsychology2, 6:its consummation can the whole plan for the Earth be realized. This may not be easily understood,Psychology2, 10:for group realization. A God walks on earth, veiled by the fleshly form, the desire nature and thePsychology2, 25:and by the calls of the instinctual life. Our earth humanity is still [26] in the Atlantean stage,Psychology2, 33:in the high and lofty place, yet oft can walk on earth in light phenomenal. The Blessed OnesPsychology2, 37:which will provide release from all the maze of earth existence.' " Ray Four "The Blessed OnePsychology2, 47:the world of form and formless life. Heaven to earth he brings; earth into heaven. This the man,Psychology2, 47:and formless life. Heaven to earth he brings; earth into heaven. This the man, who stands beforePsychology2, 55:shape and appear to control the "way of a man on earth", as it is esoterically called, produce thePsychology2, 78:of engrossment in the things of the kingdom of earth. The world, the flesh, and the devil. Psychology2, 90:We are offsetting the gravitational pull of the earth so that we can "fly into the face of thePsychology2, 91:planetary scheme and in our fourth globe, (the Earth globe) so much emphasis is laid upon this LawPsychology2, 92:- this ray is a major controlling factor in our earth evolution and in the evolution of our solarPsychology2, 92:of this may indicate why our little planet, the Earth, is of such apparent importance in the solarPsychology2, 93:which, at some point in his career as a soul on earth, he consciously and symbolically re-enactsPsychology2, 95:qualities of the minerals and chemicals of the earth are an instance in point. They are needed byPsychology2, 96:the use he made of the experience of life on earth, until he had exhausted all his resources andPsychology2, 97:living energy which is manifesting itself in our Earth scheme of evolution is conditioned by aPsychology2, I can:on Cosmic Fire with understanding know that our Earth is not a sacred planet. However, Saturn, MarsPsychology2, I can:a sacred planet. However, Saturn, Mars and our Earth constitute, in a curious esoteric manner, thePsychology2, 99:body expresses itself through the planet Earth. The potency of this Life is such that He requiresPsychology2, 99:has a peculiar and intimate relation to the Earth. The point here being stressed is difficult toPsychology2, 100:transcends what may be called, symbolically the "Earth, Saturn and Mars" state of consciousness. Psychology2, 102:therefore, can never be eliminated in our Earth scheme, as far as the human and subhuman reactionsPsychology2, 102:be found among the more advanced sons of men on Earth, who know the ecstasy of the mystic, thePsychology2, 122:solar system and our planetary Logos informs our earth planet. The idea of service is, at thisPsychology2, 144:idea which should materialize in some form on earth can shift from the plane of the mind and clothePsychology2, 144:of the mind and clothe itself in some form on earth. These disciples and servers work consciouslyPsychology2, 145:can evidence and produce in form upon the earth. Their work is potent and necessary and calls forPsychology2, 173:He hung, symbolically pendent 'twixt heaven and earth, and through the potency of His own innerPsychology2, 187:training experiment, now being initiated on earth through a new activity of the Hierarchy, willPsychology2, 194:will produce cohesion, or an at-one-ment, upon earth. The present distraught condition in thePsychology2, 195:types of energy, which are playing upon the earth. The name "Law of Group Progress" is the phrasePsychology2, 196:is - to our zodiac - what the zodiac is to the earth. This augmentation will take place again inPsychology2, 196:the coming Aquarian zodiacal cycle - groups on earth can avail themselves of the tide ofPsychology2, 199:again the mists envelop. Above the clouds of earth, a sign shines forth...Only the eye of visionPsychology2, 199:freedom thus achieved has naught to do with earth, or water, or with fire. It is a freedom, triplePsychology2, 199:the man who passes freely from the sphere of earth into the ocean of the watery sphere, and [200]Psychology2, 200:the fire; it dissipates the mist and dries the earth. And thus the work is done." Psychology2, 201:and comparison, we shall divide our earth humanity into the following groups: Lemurian Egos - ourPsychology2, 201:the following groups: Lemurian Egos - our true Earth Humanity. Egos which came in - on Atlantis.Psychology2, 209:of unfoldment so much earlier than that of our earth that we know nothing about it. These egos,Psychology2, 210:therefore, did not individualize on our [210] earth at all but came into our cycle of evolution asPsychology2, 210:here to note that Christ was the first of our earth humanity to achieve the goal, whereas thePsychology2, 210:for many of the disciples today came into this earth evolution from the moon chain where alreadyPsychology2, 213:and a new and higher kingdom can appear upon the earth. But all this is due, as before, to thePsychology2, 214:of the facts stated, but in the appearance upon earth today of the higher types at present foundPsychology2, 214:field for the culture of the kingdom of God on earth. The coming of this kingdom will be as much aPsychology2, 217:of our planetary work. To found upon earth (as has already been indicated) a powerhouse of such
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