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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTH

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Psychology2, 219:the consummation and fruition of the Plan on earth. It need evoke no sense of futility or ofPsychology2, 219:on to other work, but there will be those on earth who can vision the Plan with clarity, and whosePsychology2, 220:planet) since the Hierarchy was founded upon the earth. There has not always been a Hierarchy ofPsychology2, 221:a whole) to constitute a station of light upon earth. This quality is the basic cause of allPsychology2, 222:vibratory radiance and the revelation upon earth of the world of meaning. It is therefore the basicPsychology2, 223:soul, and will produce the manifestation upon earth of the fifth kingdom in nature, that of thePsychology2, 225:very briefly the rules which can induce on earth that soul control which is the immediate goal ofPsychology2, 228:produce the manifestation of consciousness on earth in any and every form. We shall first dealPsychology2, 230:transcendent soul which, when the life cycle on earth has come and gone and when the period ofPsychology2, 239:grasped or sensed by the keenest minds on earth. It concerns the vision granted when a man achievesPsychology2, 240:of God, or of souls, begins to materialize on earth. This principle of continuance is based uponPsychology2, 254:of the tiny seed, deeply hidden in the dark earth, to penetrate through its surrounding barriersPsychology2, 260:factor. They are, as souls, oriented towards earth life. Increasingly, awakening souls, or thosePsychology2, 267:fully developed, is the "appearance of God on earth." Life, quality, and form is another way ofPsychology2, 273:work of the Christ when He came down to the earth some two thousand years ago. He accustomed us toPsychology2, 280:recognized divinity, and the establishing upon earth of a station of light and of power which willPsychology2, 280:of the Mysteries of Initiation upon earth. This approach is the cause of much of the presentPsychology2, 281:first ray principle will be anchored by Him upon earth. All that the student can grasp is that thePsychology2, 281:The first initiation will then take place upon earth. It will be then no longer a veiled secret.Psychology2, 290:The little lord of force manasic appeared on earth. The Lord Who sought for harmony took form. ThePsychology2, 333:the three aspects of divinity are released upon earth through the medium of an incarnated and fullyPsychology2, 337:in the process and men will be found on earth at every stage of consciousness. One will be equippedPsychology2, 340:in nature becomes creatively active [340] on earth. This will be characteristic of thePsychology2, 340:and the appearance of a perfected humanity upon earth. This will express the nature of the finalPsychology2, 340:states of consciousness. There are but a few on earth today who are capable of expressing as low aPsychology2, 376:and purpose which must find its lasting place on earth. Work with the Plan; focus upon your sharePsychology2, 376:is the magical work of producing those forms on earth which will embody the spirit of God (and inPsychology2, 377:power of the seventh ray disciple. He works on earth, upon the outer plane of manifestation, withPsychology2, 389:been inadequately couched in the words: "Let the earth bring forth abundantly", thus inauguratingPsychology2, 390:and which demands immediate precipitation upon earth. The result of this inflow of supremely highPsychology2, 545:conditions found among the saints of the earth, and among those who are clearly oriented towardsPsychology2, 577:and with the founding of the kingdom of God on earth. The dark forces work with the form side ofPsychology2, 585:of the evolution proceeding at this time on the Earth. It is spiritual vision leading toPsychology2, 587:live a life of arduous labor upon the plains of earth. Depart. Descend and live the normal life ofPsychology2, 587:Depart. Descend and live the normal life of Earth. Depart. Lift up thine eyes, Oh, Chela, andPsychology2, 598:to live a concrete, and yet divine, life upon earth. There is little more that I can say here inPsychology2, 629:bringing into manifestation of the New Age upon earth and the accompanying emergence of the fifthPsychology2, 632:which Christ inaugurated, - the era of peace on earth, good will towards men. This is plainlyPsychology2, 637:- the new order can be firmly established upon earth. [638] Their program and their technique isPsychology2, 639:the embodiment of the emerging Kingdom of God on earth, but it should be remembered that thisPsychology2, 639:who seek to see right conditions established on earth through mutual good will. Psychology2, 647:about the manifestation of the new order on earth, to inaugurate the New Age, and to materializePsychology2, 651:to see the Plan materialize in proper form on earth. The diverse needs of all these groups must bePsychology2, 656:the Masters of the Wisdom, Who will restore upon earth the ancient mysteries and institute againPsychology2, 672:can wars be ended and peace be brought about on earth? How can a true prosperity be established,Psychology2, 674:been tried and have failed to bring peace on earth. The members of the New Group of World Servers,Psychology2, 684:of materializing that Plan upon the Earth upon the shoulders of each and all of us. The work hasPsychology2, 684:time going forward? This planet of ours, the Earth, is at this time the focal point of muchPsychology2, 685:certain Spiritual Beings into touch with our Earth Hierarchy. They have expressed Themselves asPsychology2, 688:deep his devotion. When the Great Lord was on Earth, He told His disciples that successfulPsychology2, 689:of love, of brotherhood and of good will on the earth. These energies are as definite and as realPsychology2, 690:constituted the direct intermediary between the earth and the Buddha, Who is, in His turn, thePsychology2, 690:who aim at the establishing of good will on earth as the basis for future living and worldPsychology2, 705:finally the emergence of the Plan upon the earth and thus express a conditioning factor in humanPsychology2, 705:widespread distribution over the face of the earth, must necessarily become effective. These peoplePsychology2, 707:a new sign in the zodiac, and the shift of the earth's pole. 3. The development of the new art.Psychology2, 720:and general effect upon the ethers around the earth, upon the vegetation everywhere, upon thePsychology2, 728:work with renewed optimism, and thus produce on earth the counterpart of the inner spiritualPsychology2, 737:work it is to further God's plans consciously on earth; they work in touch with the Plan and have aPsychology2, 737:all pledged to establish the kingdom of God on earth, for which the world is ripe and whose comingPsychology2, 740:correct interpretation, the kingdom of God on earth. This is a gigantic task but not an impossiblePsychology2, 741:the right kind of peace, but not pacifism, on earth. It is a program of such simplicity that thePsychology2, 745:that the kingdom of God is emerging upon earth, that the inner world of light, love and meaning isPsychology2, 745:please) and thus there will be precipitated upon earth that spiritual [746] stimulation and thatPsychology2, 751:effort that will make His work materialize on earth and enable Him to consummate the effort He madeRays, 7:and used, and he will demonstrate upon earth the powers of Director, Teacher or ManipulatorRays, 12:today. The evil that is being wrought today on earth, by certain evil members of the human family,Rays, 69:Purpose is to keep the channel open between our Earth, the planet Venus and the Central SpiritualRays, 90:divine aspect when present together upon the Earth, as is the case today of both the Buddha and theRays, 93:incarnation in His spoken utterances whilst on Earth. He was then occupied with His task of WorldRays, 94:Christ, pour light and healing energy upon the Earth and peculiarly into the consciousness of men.Rays, 95:shine forth into the dismal weary vale of [95] earth. Then will new life course through the veinsRays, 95:of what may be. "So peace will come again on earth, but a peace unlike aught known before. ThenRays, 109:of the forces of evil or of materialism on Earth. I am not speaking lightly, but am endeavoring toRays, 109:to the task of developing the will-to-good on Earth and the absolute importance of fosteringRays, 111:the re-establishing of the Ancient Mysteries on Earth. That group relation has to be demonstratedRays, 112:precipitation of the hierarchical life upon the Earth. Both these requirements are expressed inRays, 117:high place must pass when Their work is done on Earth and a greater glory reveals itself ahead. ButRays, 120:is bringing catastrophe and destruction on earth, primarily in the human kingdom. At the same timeRays, 120:experience and produce the "appearance" on earth of the new, developed "quality" which "life" seeksRays, 125:I think not. Life Is. Naught in heaven or on earth can touch or affect it. This is a point oftRays, 135:and the rehabilitation of the peoples of the earth. The two go together. This is one of the majorRays, 136:externally and in reality hold sway on earth, working in all the kingdoms of nature and thusRays, 140:of His divine purpose who do not belong to our earth humanity at all; these are the Lives who cameRays, 145:watch the great war and conflict proceed on Earth between the Forces of Light and the Forces ofRays, 145:and the Forces of Evil. They have let loose upon Earth the Forces of Light, whilst the Forces ofRays, 145:of the Hierarchy is also spreading over the earth; the facts anent discipleship and initiation areRays, 170:and carried to a conclusion when He was last on Earth, and that He is now achieving facility in theRays, 192:the mountain top, back to the darkness of the earth." The second, and much the most important rent,Rays, 193:type of illumination was spread abroad upon the earth. Law and Love could now penetrate into theRays, 194:that the Hierarchy takes physical shape upon the earth again. [195] Bear ever in mind theRays, 198:for him absolutely no light whatsoever - no earth light nor any light within the three worlds atRays, 201:the OM, and God incarnate in humanity appears on earth; He it is Who utters the Sound, and uponRays, 202:is to be developed. The initiate has learnt on earth that the astral plane is in fact non-existentRays, 236:preparing ever since it was founded upon the Earth. Slowly down the ages, men have been trained andRays, 245:be exoterically directing the Plan upon the earth and aiding mankind to work with a fullerRays, 250:system, particularly within this planet, the Earth; it will be succeeded in the next solar systemRays, 257:undreamed of will be manifested upon the Earth; a new divine quality, of which no knowledge atRays, 258:with the one known God - walks the ways of Earth as a channel for the three divine qualities (love,Rays, 260:and became the informing Life of our planet, the Earth; it concerns the necessity, inherent in His
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