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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EARTHLY

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Astrology, 136:connection with the sign Aquarius. The material, earthly quality of Capricorn becomes "dissolvedAstrology, 153:be his major need. As the Goat, he is man, the earthly, human, greedy seeker after the satisfactionAstrology, 159:materiality and which is the consummation of earthly grandeur will remain - but it will be beneathAstrology, 170:of War, the Producer of conflicts, and in this earthly sign Mars triumphs in the early stages ofAstrology, 170:is synonymous with the satisfaction of all the earthly and animal desires of the baser sort and isAstrology, 171:that of spirit. There is full expression of the earthly nature in Capricorn but also immenseAstrology, 173:until he has discovered the worthlessness of all earthly gratification. Gradually then spiritualAstrology, 173:when a true sense of reality supersedes both earthly and spiritual ambition. The man can then sayAstrology, 223:all teaching upon baptism and purification. The earthly material desires of Taurus must in [224]Astrology, 379:meeting, clash. Thus vanishes the gold..." The earthly triplicity of Capricorn, Virgo and TaurusAstrology, 544:of constellations) to enslave the race. The earthly influence of Capricorn made their activityAutobiography, 2:are the things which are of moment and not the earthly experiences, the happenings and events inBethlehem, 7:synonymous with the historical birth and earthly life of Christ, is for the mystic not only thisBethlehem, 110:win forgiveness for the guilt contracted in the earthly aeon by encountering steadfastly theBethlehem, 114:The great world-men are not born simply of their earthly parents. Whole ages and countries areBethlehem, 137:divinity makes its presence felt. [137] In His earthly life, therefore, Christ did two things: HeBethlehem, 166:recognition, and to seem to have achieved the earthly goal are far more difficult factors to face.Bethlehem, 200:spiritual man, the Christ within; and no outer earthly happenings, and no national situations, noBethlehem, 251:with its emphasis upon a ceaseless, recurrent, earthly existence by each unit of force, until aDiscipleship1, 124:spiritualized personality in the ways of daily, earthly contact. It is the development of thisDiscipleship1, 383:path is trodden in a return incarnation, your earthly life will start with that aligned attitudeDiscipleship1, 464:face to the light - for the remainder of this earthly way be a tower of strength and a radiantDiscipleship1, 464:Henceforth, you belong not to yourself or to any earthly friend or claim. You belong to the serversDiscipleship1, 537:- Let thy feet be swift, and hampered not by earthly friendships. 4th month - Let thy heart be fullDiscipleship2, 539:of what should be the theme of your next earthly experience. I would have you realize that this isDiscipleship2, 541:Disciples need to remember that love brings all earthly karma to an end. Love induces thatDiscipleship2, 618:one belongs and this is seldom the same as the earthly family. A.A.B. had to learn that none of herDiscipleship2, 618:family. A.A.B. had to learn that none of her earthly family were related to her and it was not anDiscipleship2, 644:of the personality, based upon expedient or earthly motives, necessity or anything else. It is aDiscipleship2, 698:and know that nothing matters connected with the earthly role of life, save learning understanding.Discipleship2, 755:those arrived at by even the dearest or closest earthly friends. The latter are apt to fail inExternalisation, 90:of the Prajapatis and the prisoners also of the earthly Barhishads...Seven men of sevenExternalisation, 407:centers, Shamballa. At moments of crisis in the earthly life of Christ we read that a Voice spokeExternalisation, 463:values; cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of major importance; follow the NobleExternalisation, 670:of average humanity, who think in terms of earthly happiness, the Plan should be something joyfulFire, 81:Yogi of the heart has a heavenly dome above and earthly abyss below and his yoga becomes twofold asFire, 83:(Emotional plane) Water. Cosmic liquid. 7. Earthly Physical (Dense) Earth. Cosmic dense. Fire, 432:the earth scheme, and on the fourth globe, our earthly planet. Each planetary Logos pours forth HisFire, 613:unites in himself all forms. The mystery of the earthly man is the mystery of the Heavenly Man. TheFire, 738:engrossed in the bliss of all his personal earthly affections, preferences, thoughts, and gathersFire, 745:jivas who are driven by the Law towards earthly manifestation in order to become fully conscious,Fire, 1149:free of [1149] all group sense, except the earthly affiliations to which he adheres from theFire, 1194:one of which is entire obliteration of all earthly concerns. The Dharmakaya body is that ofHealing, 289:and are therefore responsible for the present earthly situation. We have, consequently, simplyHealing, 380:on the energies released upon the plane of earthly living, for fear that counter-energies, issuingHealing, 390:and making them regard the prolongation of earthly existence as the most important factor in theirHealing, 447:time) instead of for his usual few hours of earthly sleep. - Pages 300-301. A Treatise on CosmicHercules, 14:in myself, I know I am his son. My mother is an earthly one. I know her well and she has made meHercules, 14:well, yet know him not. One is of earth, thus earthly; the other is a son of God." "What of yourHercules, 17:We are told that he had a divine father and an earthly mother and so, as with all sons of God, weHercules, 18:of twins. We read that one twin was born of an earthly father, and that the other was the son ofHercules, 45:through the influence of Venus, the symbol of earthly and of heavenly love, of both spiritualHercules, 46:in some books, the "sign of generation", both earthly and heavenly. We have seen that the power ofHercules, 134:secure retreat which the fluctuating shadows of earthly upheavals and catastrophes can neverHercules, 178:When a true sense of reality supersedes both earthly and spiritual ambition the man can say withIntellect, 87:its use [87] in relation to the world of the earthly life, of the emotions and of thought. ItIntellect, 143:so that a man at will can focus his mind upon earthly affairs and be an efficient member ofMagic, 301:time) instead of for his usual few hours of earthly sleep. As time progresses and before the closeMagic, 303:is conscious of the husks and of the futility of earthly life. He is ready for a carefulMeditation, 307:the first started when the Great Lord begins His earthly career, and during the next five years thePatanjalifrom longing for all objects of desire, either earthly or traditional, either here or hereafter.Patanjali, 28:from longing for all objects of desire, either earthly or traditional, either here or hereafter.Psychology1, 282:The inflow of love therefore will stimulate earthly love and earthly desire and animal lust; itPsychology1, 282:love therefore will stimulate earthly love and earthly desire and animal lust; it will foster thePsychology2, 173:the angle of the personality, in the waters of earthly existence, yet at the same time he is awarePsychology2, 639:this kingdom is not a Christian kingdom or an earthly government. It is a grouping of all those whoRays, 92:Garden as a full grown man at the close of His earthly career. His third and final response (whichRays, 136:period of orientation will end when a powerful, earthly Hierarchy will factually, externally and inRays, 161:personality; i.e., between the Monad and its "earthly anchor." You will also remember that the soulRays, 196:you the ancient names of the veils: "Next to the earthly plane is found the Veil of Impulsion andRays, 507:underlying all, and towards that purpose and its earthly consummation the seventh ray gives all itReappearance, 20:sense of value; cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of major importance; followReappearance, 131:emotional plane of experience and the maze of earthly circumstances. These all threatened toSoul, 56:the crimson glory of the sunset, are gross and earthly. It is "a web of light," forever invisible
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