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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EASILY

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Fire, 286:and experience on the physical plane, will be easily available to man, and concern only his fiveFire, 301:main divisions. Such lesser cycles might be easily comprehended if it were pointed out that theyFire, 314:all the processes on the major planes. This is easily to be seen on the mental plane, for instance,Fire, 327:have sought only to point out those which can be easily realized as having a correspondence on theFire, 330:with man the point can be grasped more easily if the causal body on the abstract levels of theFire, 374:to life on our planet during this cycle, are easily accounted for. The Logos of our scheme, SanatFire, 466:be submitted anent this group as they are not easily contacted, fortunately for man, and can as yetFire, 495:formulas and sounds can be comparatively [495] easily acquired when man has developed the innerFire, 497:The transmutative process is effected more easily in the vegetable kingdom than in any other owingFire, 552:adequate transmitter of such contact. The most easily studied human thought-form is the one the EgoFire, 554:their effects can consequently be studied more easily. It is not possible here to do more thanFire, 562:by man at this time - are concerned, this can easily be discovered, and to the trained clairvoyantFire, 599:Mahachohan. The three major planes demonstrate easily their unique position - on plane two we haveFire, 608:sheath of the Logos and consequently the most easily cognized, for the Logos is as yet centered inFire, 641:and as the force from the higher planes can more easily impose itself on the lower, the factsFire, 825:[825] Monads of Love, the love petals are more easily awakened, for love is the nature of theFire, 853:plane, then the true significance may be more easily grasped. Fire, 905:thus contact with the buddhic plane will be more easily achieved. In the earlier root-race of theFire, 912:be born who will [912] see etherically as easily as the average human being sees physically; asFire, 936:we may be able to cover the ground somewhat more easily, dealing first with the building devas andFire, 994:of Magic: Physical Purity. This is a thing not easily to be acquired, but entailing many lives ofFire, 997:his reflection. The significance of this rule is easily to be seen. The white magician is ever oneFire, 1022:is the product of his own planet, and the most easily available. That which emanates from the polarFire, 1025:not as yet dominated by solar fire, and are very easily driven into the work of destruction. TheFire, 1038:from the Manu, or those of the first Ray, are easily traced when the races are considered, and thisFire, 1108:are speaking; under the law of analogy it is not easily possible to follow the various steps andFire, 1244:form. This point of view can be gleaned most easily from a consideration of the animating impulseFire, 1251:through three preliminary burning-grounds, as is easily to be seen: The burning-ground which liesGlamour, 4:detachment. This detachment can be so easily founded on an inability to love, in a selfish concernGlamour, 8:by personality reactions. To many it is not easily apparent how the penetration into the meaning ofGlamour, 45:and then around it the disciple can build the easily formed illusions of the mind which is justGlamour, 53:emphasis upon the personality can distort most easily the pure light of the soul as it seeks toGlamour, 54:[54] Made his soul alignment consciously and easily, and firmly established his technique ofGlamour, 81:that I mean that the intuition will then be as easily operative as is the mind principle in theGlamour, 92:yourselves with greater wisdom, to trace more easily the causes of difficulty and to study moreGlamour, 117:type of glamor or illusion to which a man will easily succumb, and that kind of glamor which heGlamour, 117:and that kind of glamor which he will the most easily create. Disciples have to learn toGlamour, 117:existent in his environment, to which he will easily be attracted, or which he will easily attract,Glamour, 117:he will easily be attracted, or which he will easily attract, for they constitute the line of leastGlamour, 120:powerful illusions to which the individual man easily succumbs. There are also the inflowing forcesGlamour, 120:nature and illusions in the mental nature. Those easily subject to glamor become at this timeGlamour, 161:in a triplicity of nations. It is, therefore, easily to be seen and most effective inGlamour, 209:phase of the glamor to which the aspirant most easily responds. This first focused light is not ofGlamour, 212:glamor, a passing evanescent thought-form of an easily recognizable nature does not warrant the useGlamour, 223:Self. He feels self-sufficient. They respond so easily and with such satisfaction to the power ofGlamour, 226:facility in handling some of the lesser and more easily visualized glamors. Then as time goes onGlamour, 265:identification with the form side of life is not easily overcome and the task ahead of the discipleHealing, 8:to the patient, that patient is enabled more easily to achieve the end desired - which may beHealing, 20:happiness, good, and freedom from pain more easily than it brings pain, with its chain ofHealing, 38:centers, and consequently of the glands, could easily be brought about, and the diseased conditionHealing, 77:which the particular type of etheric force most easily flows and through which it most easilyHealing, 77:most easily flows and through which it most easily passes. Where there is no free play between theHealing, 80:manifestation, and obsession or possession is easily established. This is an extreme example of theHealing, 102:the radiatory method. It is simpler and far more easily mastered. Later, they can experiment withHealing, 132:incidental problems and difficulties far more easily than those on other rays. You have here aHealing, 162:factors but these are the ones you will most easily understand if you will regard them as symbolicHealing, 204:of the healing art will then be - as you can easily see - preventive in nature rather thanHealing, 219:man, and also to the fact that ray type is more easily ascertained, involving consequently a moreHealing, 229:of that evil were physically apparent and quite easily perceived. The penalty was obvious and theHealing, 312:isolation must be made of the types which easily fall a prey to certain group diseases. SyphilisHealing, 328:is habitually immersed and to which he most easily and normally responds. The current of energyHealing, 356:An initiate or even a low-grade clairvoyant can easily distinguish between soul and personalityHealing, 358:cited is a case in point. The healing was more easily brought about [359] by the "sheik" concernedHealing, 378:in the body, desire and appetite, the more easily will he be photographed after passing over (ifHealing, 398:of the seance room, are emotional types, easily convinced and only too ready to accept as evidenceHealing, 440:a negligible factor in relation to these and is easily righted again through the processes ofHealing, 456:most important factor to remember, and it will easily be seen how the trend of a life tendency andHealing, 466:the health aura, and it can be photographed more easily and successfully during the process ofHealing, 476:In old age this detachment can be more easily noted than in death through disease, and frequentlyHealing, 524:own soul, but through that soul contact he can easily contact the soul of his patient. The power toHealing, 551:reached via the sacral center, he is often quite easily cured and will respond more rapidly to whatHealing, 585:These conditions the healer can therefore easily ascertain. This law is a long one and containsHealing, 606:a balanced and wholesome activity. This is more easily achieved in the case of an advanced personHealing, 607:In these cases, the patient can far more easily be helped by orthodox medicine and surgery than byHealing, 655:so that the radiation of his aura can more easily penetrate. This is the easiest way, but not theHealing, 656:its means the soul of the patient can work more easily. An initiate, if present, would see a goldenHealing, 663:- will physical disease come to an end or yield easily to treatment. Healing, 688:recognize the source of the outgoing sound. How easily this can happen becomes apparent to everyHealing, 688:occultism and esotericism when he perceives how easily unimportant people and beginners interpretHealing, 699:ray is apparent. The ray of the personality is easily ascertained, but there is often no indicationHealing, 701:not advanced, the personality ray will be more easily ascertained than the soul ray, and willHercules, 37:war horses are bred. Any would-be Hercules can easily prove that he possesses these devastatingHercules, 73:the Way knows the glamor under which they can so easily fall. According to the temperament of theHercules, 134:circumstance. The scales of Libra are easily tipped on either side, but the mid-point on which theHercules, 143:permanent residence. Its existence is not easily discovered. A long time passes before theInitiation, 69:can be there most fully utilized and are most easily accessible. Initiates receive instructionInitiation, 72:unreal, between life and form. This he does most easily by a demonstration in his own life as toInitiation, 87:then the control of the mind-body comes more easily. Hence the path of the devotee is easier inInitiation, 95:on any planet will - according to ray type - be easily stimulated or not as the case may be,Initiation, 134:if it might be so expressed - and therefore more easily eliminated. The fires of the body areInitiation, 144:is enabled to transfer his consciousness more easily away from the not-self to the divineInitiation, 156:every minute of every day. This is a statement easily made, but most difficult to make practical.Initiation, 202:but in practice it is not so. Mistakes are easily made, and the problem of working harmoniously inIntellect, 95:of thought, is the man who can the most easily master the technique of meditation. Prayer isIntellect, 119:retentive, and the content of that memory to be easily available to the student. From this stage aIntellect, 135:fluctuations. In such a soil the seeds of egoism easily sprout, and psychism flourishes. The mind,Intellect, 210:ordinary mental faculties. They can be used more easily and the mind is keener than ever before.Intellect, 219:us choose that posture that enables us, the most easily, to forget that we have a physical body.Intellect, 230:my Self. I am that Self, That Self am I. This is easily written down, but if the mind is keptIntellect, 256:women, there may be found a disposition to cry easily. Sometimes there is a tendency to nausea, for
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