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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EASILY

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Magic, 68:upon the choice between right and wrong, and is easily settled by the honest soul. A choice whichMagic, 79:the first subrace of the Aryan root race so easily apprehended, he will contact his higher mind,Magic, 101:enthusiasm, misplaced or misdirected, may quite easily harm a fellowman, so look not only at yourMagic, 116:thoughtlessness and might be comprehended more easily if I were to say that they are embodied inMagic, 131:build it into more definite shape, into one more easily apprehended by the general public. It hasMagic, 171:seeks to communicate, He can do so at once and easily. Sometimes a Master has to wait weeks beforeMagic, 172:soon finds also that the Masters are not easily accessible. They are busy men, ill able to spareMagic, 172:the contacts are more frequent, being more easily achieved and bearing more rapid results. ItMagic, 213:regarded as the same, and the casual reader can easily confound them but they are by no meansMagic, 225:dualities which play their part and are more easily recognized by the average man. Light andMagic, 236:divide this rule into several parts, the more easily to study it and take them up step by step, soMagic, 298:time and sensitive humanity succumbs all too easily to it. You ask: What are the basic causes ofMagic, 318:shells already built. This latter can be more easily done than the overcoming of the habit.Magic, 357:is that their trend and work can be grasped more easily in a larger sense in relation to humanityMagic, 364:will be elucidated, slowly unraveled, and more easily comprehended. A little knowledge leads toMagic, 371:structure atrophies, crystallizes and becomes easily destructible. Its destruction then becomes theMagic, 398:propose to deal. The books upon the subject are easily available and should be read with the neededMagic, 410:and their place in the plan can quite easily be traced. The point to be emphasized is that theyMagic, 475:recognized. Hundreds of such names are easily remembered and spring unbidden to the mind. They liveMagic, 501:web is permanently ruptured early in life and easily therefore they pass in or out of the body,Magic, 502:and most important fact to remember and it will easily be seen how the trend of a life tendency andMagic, 520:consequently going on to fit man to work easily with the new forces and energies playing upon him.Magic, 524:those prisoners of the planet which can be more easily contacted, whose general plight can be moreMagic, 542:attention is paid to the more obvious and more easily discerned etheric forms and forces! Given aMagic, 603:thought matter which will enable them to be more easily recognized in the world of ordinaryMagic, 627:come into manifestation. The herd instinct can easily be seen to have its root in a similarMeditation, 12:I will elucidate this further. [12] Hence may easily be seen the essential nature of Meditation andMeditation, 25:polarization in alignment. Alignment is now easily achieved between the physical and emotionalMeditation, 43:by that statement I mean that their monads are easily influenced in this direction. The monads ofMeditation, 47:of the physical vehicle it provides. You will easily see, therefore, that in the assigning ofMeditation, 155:which neither storms nor attack will be liable easily to upset or destroy, the Teacher may impartMeditation, 157:on the abstract or attributive rays are more easily followed by the mystic. These forms are forMeditation, 160:body likewise, being more fluidic, is more easily impressed. I cannot enlarge upon the troubles ofMeditation, 168:resistance and the path whereby he may most easily approach the Ultimate. It is fundamentally aMeditation, 178:reason. The mantrams calling elementals are more easily found and used than those calling theMeditation, 185:to the fire of the mental plane is easily demonstrable. For the work of the Lords of Flame inMeditation, 290:there comes a time when the pupil can link up as easily in this manner with his Master as earlierMeditation, 311:grades will be more isolated, and not so easily accessible. Let us look into this for a moment. OneMeditation, 313:concrete knowledge of the world of men will be easily available (music, libraries, and lectures),Meditation, 338:must discover for himself wherein he yields most easily to violent vibrations, such as fear, worry,Patanjali, 9:the mind from assuming the many forms it so easily does. These are frequently called "modificationsPatanjali, 49:He is the sum total of omniscience, being (as is easily seen) the sum total of all states ofPatanjali, 189:rightly the three remaining rules can be more easily kept. Fiery aspiration will be dealt with morePatanjali, 192:to these must then be cultivated; these can be easily ascertained for they will be the directPatanjali, 297:best commentaries, and the other the one most easily recognizable by the western investigator.Patanjali, 422:is exerted, the old habits of mind will very easily reassert themselves, and even until the finalProblems, 8:would be acute enough but it could be solved easily by the restitution of security, by the soundProblems, 8:difficulty lies and it is one which will not easily give way to any effort or to any spiritualProblems, 11:American, a Hindu, a Britisher or a German are easily recognized, no matter where they may be. ThisProblems, 18:an extreme negativity which makes them the most easily "conditioned" people of all time, plus anProblems, 18:inferiority. The German people are consequently easily exploited, easily convinced by those who canProblems, 18:German people are consequently easily exploited, easily convinced by those who can shout andProblems, 18:by those who can shout and threaten; they are easily regimented. This negativity must be overcomeProblems, 18:people can develop right habits of thought as easily as they have been led into evil ways and intoProblems, 19:to become. Practically speaking, they can more easily be changed under right methods of teachingProblems, 22:stability and so weaken them that they could be easily swept into the house of humanity whichProblems, 63:so that the consciousness of the child (so easily directed) can from its earliest days assume anProblems, 114:but because that same human nature cannot be easily or rapidly changed. Also, this change and theProblems, 118:expression of true love and the one most easily understood. The use of goodwill in connection withProblems, 163:year which all men could and would normally and easily keep together, in unison and with aProblems, 174:how available the goodwill in mankind, and how easily applied are these ideals when there arePsychology1, xxiii:perception of truth which will enable them easily to grasp the significance of that which underliesPsychology1, 26:the same time? The reason is that, as you can easily see, the fourth is beginning to approach andPsychology1, 86:change, but at this time His work will be more easily understood when He is recognized as aidingPsychology1, 87:on ray one. This is a great mystery and not easily understood. [88] Some hint towards its solutionPsychology1, 173:(through them) to the true significance of that easily spoken, but little understood word,Psychology1, 176:or no idea of things spiritual, they can be more easily brought to believe in the one God and toPsychology1, 206:produce very rapid evolution, but the man may as easily become a ne'er-do-well as a hero. It is thePsychology1, 206:and gambler, full of enthusiasm and plans, easily overwhelmed by sorrow or failure, but as quicklyPsychology1, 211:of rules of practice and of ritual, and can easily evoke and control the elemental forces. FromPsychology1, 226:incoming cosmic rays has called forth the more easily recognized radioactivity with which modernPsychology1, 237:the experimental beginning) which will deal as easily with the evolution of consciousness as modernPsychology2, 6:plan for the Earth be realized. This may not be easily understood, for, it has been said, onlyPsychology2, 26:desire, as it expresses itself in the untutored, easily-swayed masses, should be the effort of allPsychology2, 73:self to the work of the whole. These words are easily written and read; they embody, however, thePsychology2, 129:and the eagerness of a high grade aspiration can easily mistake theory for reality, and the outerPsychology2, 131:of the true Server? These characteristics can be easily and briefly noted. They are not exactlyPsychology2, 132:to which we earlier referred. These effects are easily shepherded into those activities which, enPsychology2, 132:This distinction merits attention for one can easily waste effort by entering fields already wellPsychology2, 138:worldly, psychological connotation. This can easily be seen today among the leaders of variousPsychology2, 144:can be effective. Others can be reached more easily by an ideal, and will then subordinate theirPsychology2, 144:for the masses, and can therefore the more easily produce physical plane effects. Sixth ray peoplePsychology2, 161:lower nature till those choices are readily and easily made which lead to the discarding of thatPsychology2, 173:come under certain influences which produce more easily recognized effects. By his death and by hisPsychology2, 177:for the separated self. One can therefore easily see why aspirants are taught to pledge allegiancePsychology2, 200:convey but little to most minds, and this we can easily see. Therefore it does not profit us toPsychology2, 222:faculty of imagination. This urge is, as can easily be seen, closely connected with the fourth RayPsychology2, 242:possible after the third initiation. So it is easily to be seen that this Treatise is indeedPsychology2, 297:of soul consciousness will not, however, be so easily solved. Psychology2, 346:and initiation. It is difficult to make easily comprehensible the nature and [347] purpose of thesePsychology2, 443:rapidly swung into fanatical orientations and is easily idealistic. The whole problem is furtherPsychology2, 500:when they are naturally sound sleepers, and drop easily into deep and dreamless sleep is not good.Psychology2, 503:of return, the brain of the man concerned is easily impressed by the experience of the true manPsychology2, 516:is, as yet, unintelligent, inchoate, fluidic and easily imposed upon by the directed will of aPsychology2, 534:which emerge, making the man able to enter more easily the wider fields of service which he isPsychology2, 592:will be apparent, the point in evolution more easily established and the psychic situationPsychology2, 598:of that body releases the lower powers more easily than would otherwise be the case. They thereforePsychology2, 610:ray types will respond to this phenomenon more easily and more frequently than first or third rayPsychology2, 615:they become decentralized and, therefore, more easily responsive to the group ideas, the groupPsychology2, 620:and the mystics and sensitive of the world most easily succumb. In these early stages of true group
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