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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EAST

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Astrology, 90:and the man reorients himself and "faces the East," as it is esoterically called. He [91] expressesAstrology, 152:and rolls from north to south and then from east to west as it progresses onward and, in one momentAstrology, 228:of the meditation process as taught both in East and West. It can, therefore, be regarded as theAstrology, 235:hemispheres, embodying the experience of the East and of the West, and of the mystical and theAstrology, 236:between negative and positive and also between East and West. This last point of adjustment mayAstrology, 379:gold will some day, too, respond, passing from East to West in that dire time when the urge toAstrology, 446:for the steady movement of peoples from East to West, from Asia to Europe in the earlier history ofAstrology, 457:including the U.S.S.R. Tokyo - For the far East. Darjeeling - For all of central Asia and India.Astrology, 521:- Central and Western Asia. Tokyo - For the Far East. Today, these five centers are beingAstrology, 524:to mean that the light pours forth from the East, and that the gift of India to the world is theAstrology, 543:materialism in the West and Japan in the East. I would also add that those who in both nations (andAstrology, 567:between the old world and the new, between the East and the West. In the Christian era comes aAstrology, 622:Saviors from the human point of view in both the East and the West: the Buddha and the Christ. TheAtom, 101:the conclusion of the esoteric philosophy of the East, that consciousness must be predicated notAtom, 103:these bodies. This has been long taught in the East, and "esoteric philosophy teaches thatAtom, 152:it), and if we study the ancient books of the East, we shall find that in all of them there are twoAtom, 153:and differentiation. The ancient books of the East point out, in considering this subject, that theAtom, 155:to persist in our endeavor. The old books of the East have held secreted for many ages the truthAutobiography, 1:to the firm conviction that the teachings of the East and of the West must be fused and blendedAutobiography, 39:people, crowded in the valley, faced towards the East and towards a narrow, bottlenecked passage atAutobiography, 132:and had [132] gone to a university in the east to take a postgraduate course. I seldom heard fromAutobiography, 154:and he does. In the ancient scriptures of the East, it is pointed out that the human kingdom isAutobiography, 181:It was the first time the children had ever been East. They had never seen snow and had seldom wornAutobiography, 237:sometimes vague, metaphysical concepts of the East. Autobiography, 237:of the West and the esoteric faiths of the East. On the levels of the esoteric or spiritualAutobiography, 237:there has always been uniformity between the East and the West. The techniques followed by theAutobiography, 238:he finds himself at one with seekers in the East and in the West and with those who lived beforeAutobiography, 238:in an effort to make the relation between the East and the West clear that I wrote the book, TheAutobiography, 238:come when the work of the great Master in the East, the Buddha, Who came to earth and achievedBethlehem, ix:Bethlehem, The gifts of Kings and Magi from the East; Gone were the multitudes and only twelve WereBethlehem, 13:of the teaching as it is given in both the East and the West. For instance, the fourth event inBethlehem, 15:would be well. Hence the general attitude of the East was failure to emphasize the supreme value ofBethlehem, 17:as given to us by the great Teacher of the East and by the Savior of the West, can be expressed asBethlehem, 22:down the ages, of all seekers. Revolting in the East from the wheel of rebirth, with its constantlyBethlehem, 34:salvation which had to be brought to us, but the East had its own teachers, and each of the pastBethlehem, 52:that ancient Way which the Initiates of the far East trod and taught. For our race the sound isBethlehem, 60:winter solstice). There is (4) the Star in the East (Sirius) and (5) the arrival of the Magi (theBethlehem, 63:of the birth of Christ, Sirius, the Star in the East, was on the meridian line, Orion, called "TheBethlehem, 63:Virgo, the Virgin, was rising in the east, and the line of the ecliptic, of the equator and of theBethlehem, 65:rose above the horizon, whilst the Star in the East shone forth. Christ came, then, to His OwnBethlehem, 72:prepared said, "We have seen his star in the East and are come to worship him." (St. Matt., II, 2.)Bethlehem, 91:Not only did Christ bridge the gap between the East and the West, summing up in Himself all thatBethlehem, 91:and the West, summing up in Himself all that the East had of worth to contribute, but He gave toBethlehem, 149:Being." - Kaivalya, II, 9. Quoted in Mysticism, East and West, by Rudolph Otto, 98, 99. The mass ofBethlehem, 181:with His arms outspread in space. North, south, east and west stands the cosmic Christ upon what isBethlehem, 183:The combination of Virgo with the Star in the East (Sirius), and the Three Kings (symbolized byBethlehem, 183:determining factor. The Virgin was seen in the east, with the line of the horizon passing throughBethlehem, 199:in this world as the result of sin. In the East, where the doctrines of reincarnation and of karmaBethlehem, 209:of territory between the two hemispheres, the East and the West, the Orient and the Occident,Bethlehem, 237:and placed on a sloping surface, facing the east, ready for the rising of the sun on the third day.Bethlehem, 258:day of the full moon of May) is preserved in the East as a general holiday, and in the West manyDestiny, 61:to truer understanding, is the linking of the East and of the West, and also of the worlds ofDestiny, 61:the light which ever shineth in and from the East will irradiate the West, the whole world will beDestiny, 85:as yet embryonic and her part lies more in the East than in the West, provided she follows theDestiny, 92:including the U.S.S.R. Tokyo - For the Far East. Darjeeling - For India and the greater part ofDestiny, 98:to mean that the light pours forth from the East and that the gift of India to the world is theDestiny, 132:be reversed and the shift of the "light in the East" will be over Europe and America. This willDiscipleship1, 5:current occult schools. In the olden days in the East, the Master exacted from his disciple thatDiscipleship1, 93:often heard that the Guru, or Teacher, in the East would teach his disciple by the giving of aDiscipleship1, 161:continent can the inspiration go forth to the East and to the West. Go forward into this work withDiscipleship1, 527:Mountains look down upon the plateau from the east and west, lower mountains to the north, and aDiscipleship1, 528:runs the entire length of this garden, from east to west; it comes in and goes out of the gardenDiscipleship1, 528:touching. A border of red peonies extends east and west from the apple tree, for about fifteenDiscipleship1, 531:lilies (in spite of my rose and lily beds to the east and west!) and in the stream is growing mint,Discipleship1, 535:lake, slowly you watch the dawn awaken in the east behind the mountain tops. As you see the lightDiscipleship2, 27:a long low room with three windows - one looking east, one looking west and one looking north.Discipleship2, 27:from my chair. Then as a group we face the East and say together the Great Invocation. EndeavorDiscipleship2, 61:etheric web in what you erroneously call the Far East; it was used once in what is also universallyDiscipleship2, 65:been to Bethlehem and has seen the Star in the East - that star which shines forth in fullerDiscipleship2, 118:around your Teacher, and - with him - face the East, standing in a semicircle slightly behind Him.Discipleship2, 118:in the light which streams ever from the East and see it pouring through the Master to each of you,Discipleship2, 221:(no matter by what name he may be called in the East or in the West) upon the financial reservoirDiscipleship2, 276:be the same as those hitherto employed in the East. These have motivated the teaching along thisDiscipleship2, 297:these four directions (of which north, south, east and west are symbols) there are specificDiscipleship2, 467:is known (even in the esoterically instructed East) in regard to the head center. This profoundEducation, vii:peaceful and fruitful living can be founded, the East may provide us with the counter-balance toEducation, vii:to go to the West. We Westerners went into the East in search of markets - outlets for the productsEducation, vii:magnetized by the subjective energies of the East and conscious of it. Our aggressive commercialEducation, vii:literature, the philosophy and the arts of the East into the [viii] West as uncalculated dividends.Education, viii:might write finis to the story for all of us, East and West. During our industrial and expansionistEducation, viii:In this education for the New Age, the type of East-West philosophy presented by the Tibetan willEducation, viii:Yet it is not necessary to consider the ancient East and the modern West approaches [ix] as twoEducation, ix:of Man and the Philosophy of Education in East and West." Here it is stated: "UNESCO could notEducation, ix:could not remain indifferent to this problem (of East and West); it was bound to face it squarelyEducation, 70:In order to bring this about, the best that the East has to offer and the knowledge of the WestEducation, 79:along three main lines, starting in the East and culminating today in the West. Naturally, I amExternalisation, 158:Who are known, esoterically and in the East as the three Kumaras, or the three Buddhas of Activity.Externalisation, 269:traditions [269] in the world and of the ancient East; one, too, which finds its counterpart in theExternalisation, 287:Individuals, Who evoke recognition both in the East and in the West. They are known to believers ofExternalisation, 394:many months may elapse before the victory in the East and in the West is completely achieved. ThisExternalisation, 402:festivals of the present world religions in the East and in the West. (See: The Reappearance of theExternalisation, 402:form into which the great world religions in the East and in the West have crystallized and itsExternalisation, 404:Sons of God present to mankind - the One in the East and the Other in the West - a complete andExternalisation, 407:the West has no name but which is called in the East by the name Shamballa. Perhaps the WesternExternalisation, 418:of the meditation taught and practiced in the East and in the West, and its emphatically selfishExternalisation, 424:(the Japanese race) was emphasized to all in the East. The bewildered peoples of both nations wereExternalisation, 514:knew Him in earlier incarnations in the ancient East, all whom He cured or taught, all whoExternalisation, 591:to the fundamental spiritual union of the East and the West, of the Buddha and the Christ, andExternalisation, 600:God; of the Buddha, the spiritual leader of the East, and the Christ, the spiritual leader of theExternalisation, 605:or (as it is more accurately called in the East) the Great Renunciation, Christ, for the first
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