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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EAST

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Externalisation, 641:festival in which the two divine Leaders, of the East and of the West, collaborate together andExternalisation, 697:create what is called in the language of the East the "mayavirupa" - a vehicle of expression whichFire, viii:that great disciple who lighted her torch in the east and brought the light to Europe and AmericaFire, 153:of clarity, say that: The planes rotate from east to west. The rays rotate from north to south.Fire, 153:of the rays and planes there is no north, south, east nor west. But at this point comes aFire, 211:Ancient of Days. This Rod lies hidden "in the East" and holds the fire latent which irradiates theFire, 673:the central mental mount to impart light to the East and the West. The two great Masters areFire, 746:of activity. Hence the emphasis laid in the East and in all occult schools of development uponGlamour, 137:a priest which has led all the Churches (in the East and in the West) to their [138] disastrousGlamour, 142:his back to the glamorous fog, looks towards the East from whence the light must stream. Within hisGlamour, 180:necessity. The [180] tide of life moves from East to West as moves the sun, and those who in pastGlamour, 242:anthropomorphic Deity and to the belief (in the East) that our planet is but the background [243]Glamour, 255:differs widely from that of the oriental. In the East, the problem of the teacher or Guru is toGlamour, 255:when I make this statement? I mean that in the East, the will factor (the quality of the firstHealing, 15:The law of cause and effect, called Karma in the East, governs all this. Karma must be regarded inHealing, 20:But the truth as it has come to us from the East has been as much distorted by the EasternHealing, 185:about which so much is taught and written in the East, and increasingly in the West, is in realityHealing, 201:as to the methods of control or cure, and in the East, where some knowledge can be found, nothingHealing, 268:the Bhagavad Gita, the ancient Scriptures of the East and the New Testament. Its emphasis isHealing, 323:the production of a healthier race than in the East, in a very definite prolongation of human life,Healing, 330:slowly stamped out. They still crop out in the East owing to the strength of the ancientHealing, 330:whatever in the basic causes of disease in the East and the West. They are the same for the wholeHealing, 443:lost except in a few centers of Knowers in the East. More of this can perhaps be dealt with later,Healing, 457:Much of it is already known by thinkers in the East and is in the nature of a first step towards aHealing, 459:man should also symbolically point towards the East, and the feet and hands should be crossed.Healing, 577:established the radiation then goes forth. The East has ever emphasized magnetic purity but hasHercules, 58:ways the search went on, and north and south and east and west, the sacred tree was sought, but wasHercules, 58:he turned his feet to the high mountains of the east and, on a bright and sunny day, he saw theHercules, 61:he went up and down from north to south and from east to west, until at last he met Nereus, who wasHercules, 74:in the Theosophical terminology and in the east, the buddhic plane. The astral plane is theHercules, 96:their land, nor sow. From north to south, from east to west the lion prowls and prowling seizes allHercules, 101:and "my", and "mine". The Ageless Wisdom of the east tells us that the number five is the mostHercules, 101:of the number ten. The ancient scriptures of the east use some interesting phrases to express theHercules, 220:on the meridian line. This is the Star in the East. At the same time, the constellation Virgo, theHercules, 220:Virgo, the Virgin, became visible in the east, and it is interesting to note the coincidence thatInitiation, viii:and tread the Probationary Path. Hundreds in the East and in the West are pressing onwards towardsInitiation, 28:occident, and in the sacred Scriptures of the East. Suffice it for our purpose to say that in theInitiation, 56:thought, so that the great religions of the East, with the later development of the Christian faithInitiation, 129:the One Initiator. This Rod lies hidden "in the East," and holds the fire hidden that irradiatesInitiation, 130:The Rod of the One Initiator is hidden in "the East," a definite planetary location. The Rod of theInitiation, 220:that, according to the Secret Doctrine of the East, preceded Atlantis. It was the home of the thirdInitiation, 225:which is in the West to some nations, in the East to others, in the North or South to yet others.Intellect, 3:has engrossed the attention of thinkers in the East [4] and in the West for thousands of years, andIntellect, 5:experimental hard-headedness - is felt in the East, a new philosophic manner will be adopted, andIntellect, 5:" in the West and " mind-stuff " (chitta) in the East; both use the language of symbology toIntellect, 5:to those of a foreign psyche, just as the East cannot do without our technique, science andIntellect, 5:and industry. The European invasion of the East was a deed of violence on a great scale, and it hasIntellect, 5:oblige - of understanding the mind of the East. This is perhaps more necessary than we realize atIntellect, 5:schools tell us that the mystical imagery of the East (and also of our Western mystical exponents)Intellect, 7:one and only way of comprehending. But it is the East that has taught us another, wider, moreIntellect, 7:ascetic recluses and cranks; the wisdom of the East is based on practical knowledge... which weIntellect, 17:and when we have united the best thoughts of the East with those of the West, we shall have aIntellect, 17:and the accumulation of possessions. In the East, where the spiritual realities have been moreIntellect, 18:able to demonstrate its full potency. Both the East and the West are gradually learning to takeIntellect, 21:and scientific. In the past, both in the East and in the West, we have had the education of theIntellect, 23:culture. Under the Brahmanical system in the East, and in the monasteries in the West, aIntellect, 24:unify the methods of the past and of the East with those of the present and of the West. BeforeIntellect, 29:Thought, i.e., Of All Religions, page 12. Both East and West seem to feel that an educationalIntellect, 32:life based on recognition. "All education in the East is purely directed towardsIntellect, 40:ways of development is most instructive. In the East we have the careful culture of the individual,Intellect, 42:Shri Krishna, the Christ, and others. Thus the East has manifested forth, as the result of itsIntellect, 43:no such deplorable ignorance as we find in the East, but a fairly high level of general knowledge.Intellect, 44:might be crudely summed up as follows: West East Groups Individuals Books Bibles Knowledge WisdomIntellect, 44:civilization which is so fast breaking down. The East needs knowledge and the imparting ofIntellect, 77:Franz, Meister Eckhart, page 114. Thus, East and West teach the same idea and in the sameIntellect, 97:a quality which is emphasized both in the East and in the West. This is the freeing of the soulIntellect, 122:- Chapter Six - Stages in Meditation In the East, and by many in the West, the mind is regarded asIntellect, 133:and the orderly meditation with which the East has lately dowered us, it seems possible thatIntellect, 141:as a synthetic act. The knowers in both the East and the West think alike. Intellect, 151:God, pages 203-204. [151] It is here that the East steps in and shows the system wherebyIntellect, 155:have not studied adequately the technique of the East, to confound illumination with feeling.Intellect, 158:have the product of the mystical methods of the East and of the West; we have the union of head andIntellect, 193:Christian Knower with that of his brother in the East. They bear witness to the same efficacy ofIntellect, 199:of Meditation? Second: The Knowers of the East gained Illumination by retiring from the world intoIntellect, 209:in the West, to a younger race. In the old, old East, the few adventurous pioneers sought seclusionIntellect, 219:because it has been done in the past, and in the East, is no indication that it is the best for usIntellect, 222:exercises. In the ancient teachings of the East, the control of the breath was only permitted afterMagic, 9:terms, thus echoing the teaching of the East, it becomes apparent that through the interplay of theMagic, 79:their interaction will be of mutual benefit; the East will profit from the mental stimulationMagic, 166:has been oft forgotten by teachers both in the East and in the West. In working with souls the trueMagic, 205:infancy in the West, and little applied in the East. Our approach will be somewhat new, for thoughMagic, 290:of the chakras, as they are called in the East. These include not only the well known seven majorMagic, 302:lost except in a few centers of Knowers in the East. More of this can perhaps be dealt with laterMagic, 502:Much of it is already known by thinkers in the East and is in the nature of a first step towards aMagic, 507:man should also symbolically point towards the East and the feet and the hands should be crossed.Magic, 546:word peals out: I dedicate and... "From out the East, bringing a light divine, the word comesMeditation, 113:differ - and will necessarily differ - in the east and in the west, but the goal will be the same.Meditation, 354:that, according to the Secret Doctrine of the East, preceded Atlantis. It was the home of the thirdMeditation, 359:which is in the West to some nations, in the East to others, in the North or South to yet others.Patanjali, 110:we have no adequate terminology. The yogi of the East applies the word Samadhi to that state ofPatanjali, 188:which is the cause of so many observances in the East which seem inexplicable to the Westerner. APatanjali, 214:best posture for the occidental aspirant. In the East there is a science of postures and aboutPatanjali, 228:of this science of the soul which the East has held in trust for so long): "The chitta has, by itsPatanjali, 281:or other, and that that energy is triple; in the East they call the nature of energy sattvic,Patanjali, ix:day of opportunity has only just arrived. The East has preserved rules for us since timePatanjali, x:in our Aryan race, marked a climax for the East. Since then the tide of spiritual life has steadilyPatanjali, x:and 2025. Towards this end the adepts of the East and of the West are unitedly working, for theyProblems, 23:experience. That great nation (a synthesis of East and West) must learn to rule without cruelty,Problems, 50:along three main lines, starting in the East and culminating today in the West. In Asia we have hadProblems, 93:control in South America and in the Far East commercially and politically and is earning a name in
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