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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EASTERN

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Astrology, 444:this world period and in this kali-yuga, as the Eastern teachers call it, it is an essential basicAstrology, 530:upon our planet: Russia, fusing and blending eastern Europe and western and northern Asia. TheAtom, 90:ourselves? We are told in some of the old Eastern Scriptures, that the goal for the atom ofAtom, 111:but an equal balance between the two. In the Eastern Scriptures the man who is attemptingAtom, 132:[132] the intuitional plane; it is called in the Eastern literature the Buddhic plane, and itsAtom, 155:him, in due course of time, radioactive. In the Eastern books they say that in the sun Sirius liesAtom, 156:by some to be the little lost Pleiad. The Eastern teachers say that in the mystery of electricityAutobiography, 11:the Law of Karma which is, after all, only the Eastern name for the great Law of Cause and Effect;Autobiography, 238:to the five initiations as outlined for the Eastern disciple. Both these books have a definiteBethlehem, 15:is of value. This was a truth which the general Eastern doctrine of rebirth had tended to negate.Bethlehem, 17:country which seems like a bridge between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, separating two mostBethlehem, 18:of truth which could bridge the gap between Eastern belief and philosophy and our WesternBethlehem, 189:two great branches of orthodox Christianity, the Eastern, as expressed through the Greek Church,Bethlehem, 190:The West has emphasized the crucified Savior. Eastern Christianity looks to the resurrection as itsBethlehem, 190:we could never enter heaven. On these truths the Eastern Christian has placed little emphasis,Bethlehem, 190:and we should now stand ready to accept from the Eastern Christian what he has so long believed.Bethlehem, 241:was simply another form of the fatalism of the Eastern thinker, and a fixed belief in anDestiny, 104:upon our planet: Russia, fusing and blending eastern Europe and western and northern Asia. TheDestiny, 132:just as the sixth ray impulse has produced the Eastern School of Occultism - the latter bringingDestiny, 132:carrying it down on to the physical. The Eastern teaching affected Christianity and indicated andDiscipleship1, 6:are of a different kind to those within the Eastern zone. They call for peace in turmoil; for powerDiscipleship1, 6:This has not hitherto been the problem of the Eastern Teachers, except in very rare cases. ThoseDiscipleship1, 528:circular seat around the wall, and rugs of some eastern grass on the floor. On either side of theDiscipleship1, 529:of the garden are the real beauty spots - the eastern end, on both banks of the stream, being aDiscipleship1, 529:as far up as the narrow, hidden path along the eastern wall, so that one, standing on the curvedDiscipleship1, 530:from the pagoda, in the middle of the lawn (the eastern line of the peonies and the red rose bushDiscipleship1, 535:their way towards the gleaming gold at the eastern end of the lake. The rest of the visualizationDiscipleship2, 27:west and one looking north. Seated before the eastern window on a low carved chair (but lookingDiscipleship2, 408:of the truth therein embodied. In the beautiful Eastern symbology, "The Bridge of Sighs" whichDiscipleship2, 756:grasp, I present to you a compromise between the Eastern method of hinting and the Western methodEducationmachine civilization which may also engulf the Eastern world? Can we offset the totalitarianismsEducation, vii:of a [vii] World Federation in which the Eastern and Western hemispheres function like the rightEducation, x:a world picture similar to the pantheism, of Eastern thought, wherein man can reverence natureEducation, 10:a knowledge of the Seven Ray types, which colors Eastern psychology (see pages 18-23). 3.Externalisation, 227:because it not only objectively links the major Eastern religion with the major Western faith, butExternalisation, 389:of the existence of the Christ and in the Eastern, of the Buddha. It is, therefore, surely possibleExternalisation, 394:focused through the coming of the Buddha to the Eastern civilization and that which focused throughExternalisation, 421:May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern festival. The Festival of Goodwill. ThisExternalisation, 423:I have talked in terms of the union of Eastern and Western thought and of the need for the greatExternalisation, 429:in the Western hemisphere and the other in the Eastern - can precipitate disaster upon countlessExternalisation, 434:aggressor. It was Japan who brought war into the Eastern hemisphere. The Forces of Light were leftExternalisation, 542:intention in these early stages of keeping the Eastern Festival of Wesak is to familiarize theExternalisation, 542:has been His custom for so many centuries. The Eastern Festival of Wesak (Vaisakha) and theExternalisation, 599:physical plane) the factual solidarity of the Eastern and Western approaches to God. Both theExternalisation, 621:of material substance and is called in the Eastern philosophy, the quality of tamas. It has to beFire, 239:is but the rock bottom fact underlying the eastern teaching, and is one that is largely accepted,Fire, 477:expression 'radioactivity', we have the eastern conception of Vishnu-Brahma, or the Rays of LightFire, 868:aspiration" means primarily "fire"; and in the Eastern teaching, it means the fire which gives lifeFire, 917:of the physical plane as stated by Eastern occultism, to recognize the triple nature of theFire, 928:apart from them. The most sacred of all the Eastern mantrams given out as yet to the public is theFire, 1012:It is the knowledge of this which causes the Eastern yogi to speak of "concentration upon the tipGlamour, 179:the Western disciple in contradistinction to the Eastern disciple who escapes from life into theGlamour, 179:spiritual supremacy, without obliterating the Eastern contribution, and the functioning of the LawGlamour, 180:those who in past centuries struck the note of Eastern mysticism must strike and are now strikingHealing, 20:from the East has been as much distorted by the Eastern theologian as the doctrines of theHealing, 249:has spent itself. Humanity, particularly in Eastern Europe, had not completely recovered from theHealing, 259:much talk among esotericist (particularly in the Eastern presentation of the Path to Reality) anentHealing, 329:is one and the same all over the world, and both eastern and western bodies are prone to the sameHealing, 333:fits. The correlation of the western and eastern techniques still remains to be made, and much willHealing, 403:has been handicapped owing to the fact that the Eastern races have always held it, and - from theHealing, 403:curious it is to realize that, to the man from Eastern countries, the religious people in the WestHercules, 7:must play in the eternal Enterprise. A great eastern Teacher has expressed in connection with theHercules, 115:Virgo, or having that sign on the ascendant (the eastern point of the chart, indicating the soulInitiation, 54:Morya, who is one of the best known of the Eastern adepts, and who numbers amongst his pupils aInitiation, 56:with the work of unifying, as far as may be, eastern and western thought, so that the greatInitiation, 116:petals, which shield what is called in the eastern books "The jewel in the Lotus." This Lotus is aIntellect, 4:must be brought about by the fusion of the Eastern and the Western techniques of mental training.Intellect, 5:this and Dr. Overstreet points out that: [5] "Eastern philosophy, one suspects, has had smallIntellect, 5:be adopted, and the profound spirituality of eastern thought will be expressed in ways moreIntellect, 5:work have been the same. Though the mind of the eastern thinker may run to creative imagery andIntellect, 7:terminology, and therefore we gladly dispose of Eastern 'wisdom' in quotation marks, and push itIntellect, 7:of faith and superstition. But in this way Eastern 'realism' is completely misunderstood. It doesIntellect, 15:in all the big religious organizations, both Eastern and Western, may, or may not, be true. Let usIntellect, 17:at this knowledge - a knowledge that is neither eastern nor western, but which is known to both.Intellect, 40:the main distinction between the western and eastern educational methods. The contrast between theIntellect, 40:for the new race in the New Age. First: In the eastern system, it is assumed that [41] within everyIntellect, 41:has been spectacular in the extreme. The eastern method is the only one which has produced theIntellect, 45:divinity, the soul, to be achieved through the eastern system of scientific meditation. OurIntellect, 51:sequentially and progressively, according to the eastern philosophy, and only on reaching aIntellect, 61:[61] culture of the individual, as taught in the Eastern system, can be undertaken. The educationIntellect, 61:hope and aspire? The experienced voice of the eastern wisdom comes to us with one word: -Intellect, 61:of aspiration and of service. Meditation in the eastern sense is, as we shall see, a strictlyIntellect, 85:points, of the Western, Hindu, Moslem and Far-Eastern esoteric traditions. The Truth we so rashlyIntellect, 93:in by the higher aspect. From the standpoint of eastern mysticism, aspiration involves the idea ofIntellect, 100:This is in the strictest conformity with the eastern method, which aims first to put a man inIntellect, 119:It is at this point that the divergence of our eastern and western methods becomes apparent. OneIntellect, 147:We have suggested further that when the eastern technique of meditation (with its stages ofIntellect, 147:of achievement to which meditation brings the eastern aspirant to knowledge. But at this point theIntellect, 151:apprehension of Truth. It is, we are told in the eastern Scriptures, the mind that reflects theIntellect, 162:and one which gears in amazingly with both the eastern and western positions, is entitled InstinctIntellect, 211:thought and awareness in the human head - so the eastern knowers tell us, and so the evidence seemsIntellect, 211:in the lower brain. This is in line with the eastern teaching that the soul (with the higherIntellect, 225:Bible, the sutratma or thread soul of the Eastern Scriptures, the "lifeline" of other schools ofIntellect, 260:out through creative activity of some kind. The eastern teaching tells us that energy, usuallyIntellect, 260:life, may be a demonstration of the truth of the eastern position. It is causing a good deal ofMagic, 55:an appreciation of the interpretations of modern Eastern and Western investigators. Control theMagic, 74:symbolized for us in the relation between the Eastern and the Western hemispheres and between thoseMeditation, 46:are of equal accomplishment to the better known Eastern Adepts. Ponder on this. It needs much wiseMeditation, 162:are much more in use among orientals and in the eastern faiths than at present among occidentals.Patanjali, 25:Occidental thinkers should remember that the Eastern occultist does not consider the organs to be
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