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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EASTERN

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Patanjali, 188:west. There is no better basis for the work of Eastern occultism than strict adherence to thePatanjali, 198:his own dharma" and fulfil his own role, is the Eastern injunction. "Mind your own business" is thePatanjali, 201:necessitates a somewhat freer translation. The Eastern student, more versed in the symbolicPatanjali, 334:Christian phraseology, the buddhic plane in the eastern terminology. The Divine Planes Plane I.Patanjali, 415:the mind, has been developed. Here is where Eastern knowledge comes in and clarifies the work soPatanjali, 415:and to regard it as the one important factor. Eastern science comes to our rescue and says to usProblems, 97:if he remembered it he would realize that the Eastern approach to truth and honesty and to the useProblems, 106:in German East Africa and the Italians in Eastern Africa. It is a sorry story of cruelty, theft andProblems, 129:and political ambitions of the churches. In the Eastern faiths this is not so prominently the case;Problems, 129:upon the physical plane. The effect of the Eastern doctrines is largely subjective and negative asProblems, 141:The Fact of God, Immanent and Transcendent The Eastern faiths have ever emphasized God immanent,Problems, 163:serve to unite in closer spiritual ties the Eastern and the Western believer; they express divinityProblems, 164:the Full Moon of Taurus. [164] It is the great Eastern festival and is already meeting with WesternProblems, 176:West approach life from different angles. The Eastern approach is negative and subjective; theProblems, 176:complicated by the fact that western Europe and eastern Europe look at life and the modern problemsPsychology1, 290:personality is there enacted. According to the Eastern philosophy, there are in the head of man twoPsychology2, 35:and express the life. What is called in the Eastern literature "the Blessed One" refers to One whoPsychology2, 199:glory, has arisen and cast its beams athwart the Eastern sky. The union of the pairs of oppositesPsychology2, 231:in us and in all forms. In the synthesis of the Eastern and the Western teachings, and in thePsychology2, 454:civilization and among the cream of the [454] Eastern civilization it is frequently to be found.Psychology2, 486:of meditation and of yoga. This is true both of Eastern and Western aspirants. Some of these peoplePsychology2, 522:That center is the head center, called in the Eastern Philosophy "the thousand-petalled lotus". TheRays, 702:every day. The word "detachment" is only the Eastern term for our word "renunciation." That is theRays, 734:group of Contemplative Initiates, called in the Eastern phraseology "Nirmanakayas," Who function inReappearanceOne (Western Teaching) The Doctrine of Avatars (Eastern Teaching) Whenever there is a withering ofReappearance, 45:physical plane) the factual solidarity of the Eastern and Western approaches to God. Both theReappearance, 62:work, it is essential that we remember that the Eastern Teacher embodied in Himself the Wisdom ofReappearance, 115:in its effect, and a detriment to progress. The Eastern student regards it as giving him plenty ofReappearance, 139:Why is there a growing emphasis upon the Eastern theologies, upon the various yogas, uponReappearance, 144:Creator and the Inspiration of all that is. The Eastern faiths have ever emphasized God Immanent,Reappearance, 155:May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern Festival. The Festival of Goodwill. ThisReappearance, 166:or spiritually-minded man in every country - Eastern or Western. The lack of money for the work ofSoulus toward a fair appraisal of that large body of Eastern thinking which is so curiously differentSoulto blame for the well nigh entire omission of Eastern thought from our philosophical andSoulthe West to understand. Untranslated, they make Eastern writing seem a strange jargon either ofSoulservice of bringing a critical mind to bear upon Eastern thought, a mind ready to recognize thatSoulEastern thought, a mind ready to recognize that Eastern, precisely like Western thought, can lay noSoulit may seem absurd. She says, in effect: "This Eastern thought [10] has the significance of aSoul, 10:between the Western study of the glands and the Eastern study of the "centers." The WesternSoul, 12:mingled a very real admiration for processes of Eastern thinking with which we, in the West, areSoul, 18:environment may emerge out of the fusion of the Eastern and Western interpretations of life. OldSoul, 26:In sharp contrast with the Western School is the Eastern one of which the introspectionists andSoul, 27:independently, [27] are but a hazy reflection. Eastern psychology deals with that which it claimsSoul, 45:from a different angle, the student of the Eastern wisdom proves the relative correctness of allSoul, 46:the pituitary body, and from the standpoint of Eastern wisdom, this was to be expected. This glandSoul, 50:but not as responsible for the entire story. The Eastern wisdom offers an interpretation whichSoul, 55:higher and in its lower aspects. To unite the Eastern or vitalistic conception, and the Western orSoul, 56:instead of continually repeating that "the Eastern psychologist believes" or "the OrientalistSoul, 56:With this introduction we proceed to outline the Eastern theory. There is a universal substance,Soul, 59:arises, does Western Science corroborate the Eastern theory? No less a scientist than Sir IsaacSoul, 63:On the Threshold of the Unseen, p. 274. The Eastern teaching regards the vital body as theSoul, 67:life and form. He comes close indeed, to the Eastern theory of the etheric counterpart and theSoul, 69:80, 81. These books and scientists show that the Eastern doctrine of an etheric body, the medium ofSoul, 71:will, I believe, be greatly hastened when the Eastern and Western psychologies are merged and theSoul, 71:before we pass on to a detailed account of the Eastern teaching as to the force centers. One is aSoul, 73:terms, and from the standpoint of the Eastern wisdom, with great exactitude. "An entity, conceivedSoul, 75:who did so much in his day to link the Eastern and Western philosophies, gave the same teaching. InSoul, 82:mode of existence is that most famous of all the Eastern Scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita. DeussenSoul, 92:through his books, to bring a knowledge of this Eastern teaching and of this technique of soulSoul, 104:nervous energy as a form of mechanical motion; Eastern Philosophy reverses the process and derivesSoul, 109:chapter we have seen that, according to the Eastern teaching, the vital or etheric body isSoul, 120:centers of force or chakras. When we compare the Eastern Doctrine of the seven centers with theSoul, 128:considered the two systems of psychology, the Eastern and the Western. Taken together we have aSoul, 130:through physical means? Or, accepting the Eastern position that the centers are the mediums ofSoul, 138:Conclusion It is claimed by the teachers of the Eastern science of the soul that the awakening ofSoul, 144:unit man in terms of Western achievement and of Eastern philosophy based on a technique of soulTelepathy, 77:here do well to remember that the subjective Eastern student is far more prone to telepathicTelepathy, 145:of tiny streams or lines of energy, to which the Eastern occultist has given the name "nadis."
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