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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EASY

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Patanjali, 112:46. The posture assumed must be steady and easy. 47. Steadiness and ease of posture is to bePatanjali, 213:Union 46. The posture assumed must be steady and easy. This sutra is one that has led ourPatanjali, 411:problem, and this method of reasoning is not an easy one for western minds to grasp. In the sixPatanjali, 424:and with service and not with himself. It is so easy to be the victim of high desire and so busyProblems, 38:needed; we prefer a soft and relatively easy life; the pioneering spirit (which is the backgroundProblems, 49:understanding and love which will not be easy, for it will be paralleled by a profound sense of theProblems, 72:enterprise; their families live soft and easy lives and seldom know the meaning of God-ordainedProblems, 92:purification, if they so choose. Others chose an easy way during the war and abstained from takingProblems, 113:all men in the world. The Negro is naturally easy, accommodating, kindly and anxious to like peoplePsychology1, xxiii:in the particular and the individual to find it easy to apply the same interest to the greaterPsychology1, 71:aphorisms connected with this fourth ray are not easy of comprehension. They require an exercise ofPsychology1, 77:was originally created), that it has not been easy to choose those which are of the most use inPsychology1, 95:and brings in the reign of the Spirit. It is not easy to express the nature of the revelation whichPsychology1, 128:appearance. Certain attitudes of mind are easy for one ray type and difficult for [129] another,Psychology1, 176:illiteracy of the races, and their consequent easy exploitation and control by the religiousPsychology1, 190:fourth dimensional vision) it will not be easy to avoid what may look like contradictions. At onePsychology1, 190:and not critically, knowing that it is not easy to see the Plan as it exists in the minds of thePsychology2, 120:is a sign of the burden of service. It is not easy to serve. Man is today only beginning to learnPsychology2, 120:work without attachment. These qualities are not easy of attainment by the average aspirant, andPsychology2, 124:"Service"? The definition of this word is not easy. There has been too much attempt to define itPsychology2, 142:work, manipulating ideas so as to make them more easy of comprehension by the mass of intelligentPsychology2, 181:has to pour forth love on all, and this is not easy. Each has to learn to subordinate his ownPsychology2, 186:transition period of the present. It will not be easy for disciples to form [187] these groups. ThePsychology2, 218:immediate place within the larger picture. It is easy and natural for man to emphasize thosePsychology2, 237:is one most difficult to express. It is not easy to discover the right words to define its meaning.Psychology2, 255:rules of soul control and it is by no means an easy one for the student to grasp. It is aPsychology2, 302:has been very real and their mistake an easy one to make. [303] C. W. Leadbeater frequently madePsychology2, 303:in the world of glamor and illusion, it is not easy for the average aspirant to sort out his ideasPsychology2, 375:there is. The task that I have undertaken is not easy of accomplishment, yet I love power. I lovePsychology2, 393:mind consciousness and brain consciousness - no easy task for the neophyte and something which liesPsychology2, 402:and glamorous situation, or to portray no easy way of escape which would only lead us deeper intoPsychology2, 419:for a treatise such as this. It is not easy for the scientific psychological investigator to acceptPsychology2, 500:the stress under which people live today. It is easy to attach undue importance to the wild andPsychology2, 512:of life, the keenness of spirit and the easy activity which distinguished the ancient races in thePsychology2, 617:as they truly exist and criticism is, therefore, easy. It should here be remembered that criticismPsychology2, 624:matter and both so ephemeral that it is not easy yet to bring them under law. One ambitious,Psychology2, 651:collaboration with the Hierarchy. It is not easy for all of us who are working and struggling inPsychology2, 723:unstable, selfish and ambitious men - provide an easy field for their efforts. For this so-calledPsychology2, 748:matter of practical import and is not at all an easy thing to attain. It lays the foundation forRays, 107:in the light of the Microcosm. That is no easy task and is necessarily most limited. The discipleRays, 208:the clear pure will." Group initiation is no easy achievement, particularly as it is practically anRays, 221:vague and mystical spiritual focus is not so easy to understand. Forget not, I am not looking forRays, 254:wherever contacted. This will not be at all an easy task, my brothers, if you look only for thoseRays, 323:manner. This is a large order and one not easy to fulfil because so much has already been given outRays, 329:to materialize the presented concepts, as is so easy a thing to do. Let him refuse to step down theRays, 332:vain pursuit of that which was near at hand and easy of attainment. Possessed, it proved to be anRays, 354:emerging out of this symbolism are not easy to see, even when the superficial meaning is apparent,Rays, 362:to the Ashram which He controls. It is not easy for students to shift their attention away from theRays, 403:are interpenetrating. This has been somewhat easy to understand in connection with our sevenRays, 403:as interpenetrating the denser. It is not so easy to comprehend, however, when we pass out of theRays, 507:seventh ray gives all it has." It has not been easy to put these abstruse ideas, expressed in theRays, 517:the Word of Power for the third ray. It is not easy for the disciple on this ray to achieve theRays, 602:then enter a realm of ideas which are not yet easy for the disciple to appreciate or to understand.Rays, 605:Harmony through Conflict. This is by no means an easy subject to handle or to make clear, for theRays, 633:past period of an intense individualism is not easy, and in Great Britain the whole matter is beingRays, 753:material; it has thus constructed the "broad and easy way" which leads to the place where anotherReappearance, 24:decision, must be recognized by us. It is not easy for the average Christian to realize that theReappearance, 31:Moon of May is that of the Buddha. It was not easy to translate these ancient phrases (so ancientReappearance, 67:of good out of human so-called evil is no easy task; the vision of the Christ is so vast and HisReappearance, 84:Life, His work is most mysterious and not at all easy to comprehend. In His public work, twoReappearance, 105:of questions, to which there seem no apparent or easy answers, focused itself in a group ofReappearance, 124:they sought that which was near at hand and easy of [125] attainment. Possessed, they found that itReappearance, 161:inner and outer possibilities and events, it is easy to register a sense of complete frustration;Reappearance, 177:is here that the majority fail. It is relatively easy today to raise money for the Red Cross, forSouland its Mechanism - Foreword Foreword "It is easy to show that in the interaction between body andTelepathy, 42:own "impulsive energy." This is by no means an easy subject for me to elucidate, and the reasonsTelepathy, 144:is the right use of the word "wilful." It is not easy for the average seer or clairvoyant toTelepathy, 156:from the higher part of the vehicle. This is not easy for the average man to comprehend, but anyTelepathy, 169:The Centers and the Personality It is relatively easy to list the four cosmic ethers and then list
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