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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ECSTASY

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Bethlehem, 160:Transfiguration. In both cases a condition of ecstasy accompanies the revelation of the secret ofDiscipleship1, 326:in the limitations of your personality. The ecstasy of divine knowledge which you know at times andDiscipleship1, 327:There is ever the tendency to continue the ecstasy (known on abstract levels) into the concreteDiscipleship2, 389:is concerned: First comes the stage of ecstasy and of supreme recognition; then darkness followsFire, 1259:developed certain basic recognitions and the "ecstasy" of the occidental mystic is the germ, latentGlamour, 78:sentiment of devotion poured out in a glamorous ecstasy by probationary disciples upon the MastersHercules, 186:and knew somewhat the significance of mystical ecstasy, and in that highly spiritual state heIntellect, 133:longing. They are either undergoing the joy and ecstasy of realization that lasts but a fleetingIntellect, 136:but it is destined to give way to the stage of ecstasy when matters are taken out of the hand ofIntellect, 156:perception, and emotion. The result has been ecstasy. His technique has been that of devotion,Intellect, 156:at the feet of the Beloved, and consequent ecstasy. Afterwards, if we are to believe the writingsIntellect, 160:of joy, of happiness, and the experience of ecstasy. There is a sense of completion, ofIntellect, 167:629. Contrariwise, it may produce the mystical ecstasy - that uplifting and outpouring of the heartIntellect, 167:the heavens. We are told in Mysticism that ecstasy, physically considered, is trance. It is a stateIntellect, 168:goes on to tell us what, psychologically, is ecstasy. "The absorption of the self in the one idea,Intellect, 226:to it; we rushed past all that, passion for ecstasy, for initiation, for means by which we couldProblems, 161:oriented and focused even to the point of ecstasy or hysteria, Pentecost or revelation. To thesePsychology2, 102:more advanced sons of men on Earth, who know the ecstasy of the mystic, the exaltation of thePsychology2, 103:touches the light that is the Self. Hence ecstasy and exaltation. But it does not last, and cannotPsychology2, 600:symbol for the reality. Sometimes he died of the ecstasy induced by his identification with hisRays, 492:the achievement of a state of bliss and of ecstasy because it is the realization of another divine
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