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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EDUCATED

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Astrology, 544:between the bewildered mass, the wrongly educated youth and the obsessed leaders in all branches ofAutobiography, 33:holiness I was smart, intelligent, well educated and sometimes interesting. I have a sneakingAutobiography, 53:had not impressed me much. They seemed a badly educated bunch of people; they wore cheap and badlyAutobiography, 87:looking. He had a brilliant mind and was highly educated and got soundly converted through myAutobiography, 106:have found that the attitude of the cultured and educated Negro towards the undeveloped members ofAutobiography, 162:so ordinary and mediocre in their content that educated people laugh at them and cannot be botheredAutobiography, 165:Lha at Darjeeling. The General is a Tibetan, educated in Great Britain at public school andAutobiography, 218:and though I have no degrees I know I am as well educated as those who have. Not so many years agoDestiny, 55:what the people will do - once aroused and educated. The time has not yet come when the bulk of theEducationpsychological theory of the human person to be "educated"; (2) a social theory of the kind of [vi]Education, 121:of human skill which the general public is educated to believe are essential to happiness. The oldExternalisation, 48:and the masses of ordinary intelligent people, educated under the mass systems of the present time,Externalisation, 54:the law, and the statesmen who are chosen by the educated masses to formulate the laws whereby theyExternalisation, 139:every land, where possible, the peoples must be educated in this expression of human synthesis andExternalisation, 195:if possible. It will come when nations can be educated to appreciate the good qualities of otherExternalisation, 443:or the weakness of their fathers; they must be educated in new and better ways and loved into rightExternalisation, 485:and to be the agents (gradually trained and educated) for the establishment of what has never yetExternalisation, 611:peace; however, that peace must be based on an educated goodwill, which will lead inevitably toExternalisation, 627:the people must prevail, but it must be a people educated in the true values, in the significancesExternalisation, 664:democracies and in the Soviet Union is as well educated as the intellectual man in the Middle Ages.Glamour, 99:the forces of nature themselves. 2. The average educated citizen in all lands is facing today theHealing, 379:incomprehensible to even the most highly educated man two hundred years ago, or even one hundred,Initiation, 55:experience and education, having been originally educated at one of the British Universities, andIntellect, 28:to the dead level of the mass standard of the educated class. It is right here that the difficultyIntellect, 44:and cultural system, when applied to our highly educated human beings, will produce [45] thatIntellect, 49:the technique whereby it is claimed the educated intellectual can become the intuitional knower itIntellect, 60:Humanity, through its vast groups of educated and mentally focused people is ready forIntellect, 65:to state clearly toward what definite goal the educated man aims as he enters on the way ofIntellect, 74:evolution to its present status of what we call educated human beings. A divine urge has driven usIntellect, 86:but this knowledge serves no purpose unless each educated thinker faces the issue. He must decideIntellect, 121:by a gifted few; the mind should be used by all educated people, and at the close of theIntellect, 172:can be used at will by the trained and fully educated man, and the "light of the soul" can beMagic, 17:nor intuitively wise. They are the mass of the educated people who have knowledge but notMagic, 178:To this must be added the fact that the better educated a man may be, the wider his range ofMagic, 545:has presumably built up a fine character. He has educated himself for service. His aspiration isMeditationand some too superficial to satisfy the average educated man. The writer of these letters hasProblems, 16:is found. Public opinion will [16] have to be re-educated. The nations are reverting to the deepProblems, 119:and prove to them the potency of the force of an educated and alive public opinion (educated by theProblems, 119:force of an educated and alive public opinion (educated by the men of goodwill) upon which they canProblems, 120:people think; it simply needs to be discovered, educated and set to work. It must not be exploited,Problems, 176:The general public in every nation must be educated in right human relations. Above all else, thePsychology1, 300:down, and to which the general public must be educated, is that all souls incarnate and reincarnatePsychology1, 368:New Group of World Servers. If public opinion is educated in the new ideals, the momentum of thatPsychology2, 394:intelligent student of humanity and the highly educated thinker knows in greater detail and fullerPsychology2, 542:men today (and by that I mean those men who are educated and able to recognize the world news andPsychology2, 636:the world: These are the intelligent and highly educated men and women, who sense ideas andPsychology2, 644:trained in the doctrine of non-separateness, and educated in the principles of cooperation and thePsychology2, 667:of these ideas. The general public must be educated as to the aims and objectives of the new [668]Psychology2, 673:in action. Thirdly, the general public must be educated in these principles. Steadily, regularlyPsychology2, 674:they must be trained in the new policies, and educated in the technique of right thought,Psychology2, 683:the enforced will of some group, but through the educated opinion of the intelligent masses, - anRays, 622:of the people themselves when they have been educated to see the issues clearly, the relationshipsRays, 746:is as yet unknown; it awaits the time when an educated and enlightened public opinion will bring itReappearance, 16:in acceptance. Men are more enquiring, better educated, more intuitive and more expectant of theReappearance, 24:is probably more intelligent and better educated than the ancient one and has, also, the benefit ofReappearance, 24:to carry greater weight than the modern, more educated and intelligent man. If The New Testament isReappearance, 59:peace; however, that peace must be based on an educated goodwill, which will lead inevitably toReappearance, 95:and to be the agents, gradually trained and educated, for the establishing of that which has neverReappearance, 175:the people must prevail, but it must be a people educated in the true values, in the significancesTelepathy, 18:however, very seldom, and then only in the educated classes. With the masses, instinctual telepathy
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