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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EDUCATION

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Astrology, 172:of science; light on humanity itself through education, philosophy and psychology. This light isAstrology, 235:function and will then be safeguarded by right education of the young and the ignorant, and theAstrology, 598:as regards humanity, its highest expression is education, or progressive development throughAstrology, 602:in advanced man they produce: Initiation Vision Education Intuition Liberation IdealismAutobiography, 4:that was worthless in the field of religion, of education and of the social order. And that is veryAutobiography, 28:London (when I was around thirteen) until our education was supposed to be completed, my whole lifeAutobiography, 31:very good. I had been given a good classical education and there is something to be said for theAutobiography, 43:what to do. I had an exceedingly good classical education; I spoke fluent French and some Italian;Autobiography, 71:Moslem." I suggested that the slower method of education might, therefore, be wiser. He shruggedAutobiography, 105:all men but that (through the poll tax and poor education) we most carefully saw to it that theAutobiography, 106:that all they ask is equality of opportunity, of education, of work and living conditions. I haveAutobiography, 127:which hundreds of women, with less background, education and brains were probably doing better. IAutobiography, 181:cares, with the running of a household, with the education of the children and - which I found theAutobiography, 186:suppose it is largely the question of corrective education and of the instilling into young peopleAutobiography, 188:myself with people all over the world, and their education, therefore, was really a very broad one.Autobiography, 202:God. Maybe the solution will come through right education in our schools and the right attitude ofAutobiography, 219:up and down the social ladder. It is a great education to like people and I was born liking [220]Autobiography, 220:for the youth of the world than a public school education along the lines of the United States. InAutobiography, 283:you are taking part in a new experiment in adult education. This experiment is based on three majorAutobiography, 286:this manner. Finally, this experiment in adult education is unique in that the senior students canBethlehem, 34:which is sequentially presented for his education and his cultural growth. Today we stand at theBethlehem, 122:problem lies in a revaluation of life and a re-education in the underlying principles of living, isBethlehem, 139:nature - the natural and the divine - which education should effect. This problem of the twoDestiny, 36:puts it. Now, however, owing to the widespread education of the masses and the many means ofDestiny, 43:telepathic interplay; hence also the spread of education, enlarging man's horizon and opening up toDestiny, 91:eventually determine the lines along which their education will run and their religiousDestiny, 147:in the form of the "light of knowledge." Today, education whose objective is to lead all men on toDiscipleship1, 37:and they will work to bring in the new type of education. Their emphasis will be upon the buildingDiscipleship1, 38:fourth group (whose work is concerned with the education of the masses) is a direct intermediaryDiscipleship1, 71:the new medicine, the new psychology and education and the new politics. The potentialities areDiscipleship1, 203:A basic and lifelong interest in the field of education. This will make our chosen theme for studyDiscipleship1, 272:activity and labor, if of no influence or education, and financial manipulation where that wasDiscipleship1, 273:you to ponder much on these ideas for, in the education of the intelligent world servers, thisDiscipleship1, 453:major, world ideologies. The coming world education and what should develop in that field ofDiscipleship2, 39:give you on the building of the antahkarana. (Education in the New Age, A Treatise on the SevenDiscipleship2, 278:these three hints lie much scope for individual education and expansion of consciousness, and it isDiscipleship2, 310:It is training, brother of mine, not strictly education. Educational processes, concerningDiscipleship2, 407:which laid the emphasis upon a wider, general education and upon a revolt from the im position ofDiscipleship2, 503:is given the task, on a large scale, of world education along new lines. Through my Ashram, workingDiscipleship2, 622:above, and is not this the meaning of culture, education, refinement, purification? Is not that theEducation Education in the New Age - Preface Educational Trends in a World Crisis by Oliver L. Reiser ThisEducationsponsored by The Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults, a subdivision of the FordEducationof the problem which our group was to study, Education in a Democratic Society, we were informed asEducationSociety, we were informed as follows: "Education must meet the needs of the human spirit. It mustEducationconsciously striving to delineate a theory of education adequate to the new world that is emerging.Education, vi:principles will then provide the norms for Education in the New Age, as the Tibetan terms it. TheEducation, viii:The re-entry of the spiritual factor in life and education is something more than a recrudescenceEducation, viii:earlier forms of Christian ideology. In this education for the New Age, the type of East-WestEducation, viii:The psychological and social implications of the education for the New Age must be stated asEducation, ix:terms: "The Concept of Man and the Philosophy of Education in East and West." Here it is stated:Education, x:its constituents are found in this book on the education of the future. The implementation of theEducation, x:places for the setting up of experiments in education which are to express the need for synthesis.Education, xii: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Introductory Statements I. The Objective of the NewEducation, xii:Statements I. The Objective of the New Education Introductory Statements This presentation might beEducation, 2:of our general theme are: The Technique of the Education of the Future. The Science of theEducation, 2:of interest and which can carry illumination. I. Education, up to the present time, has beenEducation, 3:notable small exceptions to this attitude. II. Education has concerned itself primarily with theEducation, 3:its reaction to accumulated information (where education is concerned), collated and collectedEducation, 3:the information which other people possess. III. Education to date has been largely memoryEducation, 3:and of understanding is upon us, and the new education of the [4] Aquarian Age must begin veryEducation, 4:very gently to penetrate the human aura. IV. Education is more than memory training and more thanEducation, 4:that which is new, its flower and its fruit. Education involves more than the investigation of aEducation, 4:to still more investigation and conclusions. Education is more than a sincere effort to fit a childEducation, 4:commercial asset and not a commercial liability. Education has other objectives than rendering lifeEducation, 4: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Introductory Statements V. Education has three majorEducation, 4:New Age - Chapter I - Introductory Statements V. Education has three major objectives, from theEducation, 5:to express this intuitively realized truth. VI. Education also should concern itself during the newEducation, 6:have given you much in my other books. [6] VII. Education is therefore the Science of theEducation, 6:Therefore the primary objectives of the coming education will be: To produce alignment between mindEducation, 6:the personality becomes possible. VIII. The true education is consequently the science of linkingEducation, 6:indicates the problem before all interested in education. This problem is to gauge rightly theEducation, 7: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Some Questions Answered Some Questions Answered I will nowEducation, 7:attempt to deal somewhat with three questions on education asked by one of the students. I can butEducation, 9:biology, and so forth. The tendency of the newer education should be to make the subject of theEducation, 11: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Some Questions Answered The third question asks: "What isEducation, 12:as a unit. Towards this consummation all education should tend. Practically speaking, except inEducation, 14: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals Theory, Methods and Goals AllEducation, 15:We have, in the world, a general theory as to education, and certain basic methods are universallyEducation, 16:the three basic ideas are held in elementary education, though their true meaning is divorced fromEducation, 16:and definitely through the medium of world education, is built upon this unrealized scaffolding.Education, 16:world of objective phenomena. Until the aim of education is to orient a man to this inner world ofEducation, 18: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals It might be of value here if IEducation, 19:sensitivity, the spinal column. The objective of education should therefore be the training of theEducation, 19:mechanism, constitute the objective of all education. These aspects are, as you well know: 1. WillEducation, 19:you well know: 1. Will or purpose. This, through education, should be developed to the point whereEducation, 20:is the consciousness of the Immediate. Through education, this self-consciousness must be unfoldedEducation, 21:developed tendency is the aim of all true education. The nature of ideas, the modes of intuitingEducation, 21:to create. This is one of the attributes which education should deal with from the angle of theEducation, 21: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals Education must work, therefore,Education, 21:New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals Education must work, therefore, with thisEducation, 22:the lower concrete mind. [22] The true work of education is to train the lower man in rightEducation, 22:whole. It is right here that the work of modern education has to begin. Not yet can man work withEducation, 23:the angle of a particular standard of national education. This is an important point, for it willEducation, 24: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals You will note that these wordsEducation, 29:provides the modern opportunity in the field of education. It indicates the responsibility of theEducation, 29: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration Coordination and IntegrationEducation, 32: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Coordination and Integration In the above paragraph and itsEducation, 34:the technical formulation of truth, for if education means anything at all, and if we are toEducation, 34:all, and if we are to consider the ways in which education is to be applied to bring about thisEducation, 34:that we grasp the facts that: 1. The new education will primarily be concerned with the scientific
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