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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EDUCATION

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Initiation, 55:of the ages. He has had a wide experience and education, having been originally educated at one ofInitiation, 110:Government Beliefs Civilization. Races Faiths Education. All human beings belong to one or other ofIntellect, 21:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education CHAPTER TWO The Purpose of EducationIntellect, 21:Purpose of Education CHAPTER TWO The Purpose of Education " is undergoing importantIntellect, 21:CHAPTER TWO The Purpose of Education " is undergoing important transformations. From aIntellect, 21:and lies in the hands of the state. In the past, education was largely colored by theology and itsIntellect, 21:in the East and in the West, we have had the education of the more highly evolved members of theIntellect, 21:members of the human family. Today we have mass education. In approaching any understanding of theIntellect, 21:of the future and (we believe) higher education, these two facts must be borne in mind for it willIntellect, 21:of these two methods - individual and mass education - religious and scientific - that the way outIntellect, 22:gravely concerned as to whether this organized education is really meeting the needs of the averageIntellect, 22:can proceed alongside the civilizing, through education, of the masses. In an age of scientificIntellect, 23:the world, such a generous outlay of money for education, both lower and higher. The total effect,Intellect, 23:is a pitiable failure in the main business of education which is, or should be, the formation ofIntellect, 23:Rufus M., The Need for a Spiritual Element in Education, World Unity Magazine, October 1928. OldIntellect, 23:our modern Occidental world has substituted mass education. For the first time, men in theirIntellect, 24:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education Perhaps in the turning of the great wheel ofIntellect, 24:which will not involve a discarding of mass education. In this way, we may ultimately unify theIntellect, 24:these two methods let us attempt to define education, to express to ourselves its goal and soIntellect, 24:do. Viewed from its most uninteresting aspect, education can briefly be defined as the imparting ofIntellect, 27:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education Surely there must be something more to theIntellect, 27:the mass of men must be lifted by a system of education, fitted to bring the greatest good to theIntellect, 28:It is right here that the difficulty of defining education becomes apparent, and the questionsIntellect, 28:says: "I would like to recommend the defining of education as a possible exercise for privateIntellect, 28:Let each one ask himself what he means by 'education'; and if he ponders the question deeply heIntellect, 28:itself. Thinking earnestly about the meaning of education compels us to face the fundamentalIntellect, 28:life as we never have before... Is the goal of education knowledge? Assuredly yes, but knowledgeIntellect, 28:shall it be, and determined by what ideals? That education aims not at mere knowledge or mere powerIntellect, 28:by the popular opinion of the day..." "The new education has for its great end, therefore, theIntellect, 28:largest service to man..." "We commonly classify education under three heads - primary, secondaryIntellect, 29:like [29] to add a fourth, highest. The highest education is religion but it is also education." -Intellect, 29:The highest education is religion but it is also education." - Randall, John Herman, Education andIntellect, 29:it is also education." - Randall, John Herman, Education and Religion, World Unity Magazine,Intellect, 30:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education The success of the future of the race isIntellect, 30:They must be cultured and trained and given an education which will be adapted to the highest andIntellect, 30:highest and the best that is in them. Such an education requires a proper perception of individualIntellect, 30:perception. Bertrand Russell points out that "Education should not aim at a passive awareness ofIntellect, 31:right when he says that the "chief business of education is the ethical revelation of the universe"Intellect, 31:the lack of the spiritual element in our formal education." Some of us feel also that there existsIntellect, 31:evolutionary development that the real goal of education is to lead humanity out of the fourth orIntellect, 32:man is reorganized accordingly... therefore, an education to the synthesis of understanding andIntellect, 32:necessary for a life based on recognition. "All education in the East is purely directed towardsIntellect, 32:all. And that is precisely the pass to which our education, that aims at a hoarding of information,Intellect, 32:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education This book seeks to deal with the methodIntellect, 33:of spiritual things. Everett Dean Martin defines education for us as a "spiritual revaluation ofIntellect, 33:- Martin, Everett Dean, The Meaning of a Liberal Education, Page VIII, Preface. This definitionIntellect, 33:for each generation, country and race. That education is intended to prepare us for "completeIntellect, 36:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education Education has also been expressed as "anIntellect, 36:- Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education Education has also been expressed as "an adventurous questIntellect, 38:Nature and Its Remaking" he points out that education has two functions. It must first of allIntellect, 38:and then provide for growth beyond that type. Education is intended to make man truly human; itIntellect, 39:be seen as a part of the technique of the higher education which the New Age will see developed; itIntellect, 39:is primarily a self-initiated process of education, calling forth all the powers of the will,Intellect, 39:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education From being something imposed from without,Intellect, 40:with the masses left practically without any education. In the West we have mass education, but theIntellect, 40:without any education. In the West we have mass education, but the individual is left, speakingIntellect, 41:is hastened and nurtured by a specialized education, called the meditation process, which isIntellect, 42:to Intuition - Chapter Two - The Purpose of Education In the West the emphasis is entirelyIntellect, 43:produced, but we have evolved a mass system of education, and we have developed groups of thinkers.Intellect, 44:Development Standardization Uniqueness Mass Education Specialized Training Science Religion MemoryIntellect, 44:Yet the cause is basically one - a method of education. Both are also fundamentally right, yet bothIntellect, 44:to supplement and complement each other. The education of the masses of the Orient will lead to theIntellect, 44:aloud for solution. A wide general system of education reaching down among the illiterate masses ofIntellect, 52:at any rate, tentatively, if this process of education through meditation is to be renderedIntellect, 58:unaware. Now he enters upon a process of self-education and of an intensive investigation into hisIntellect, 60:God consciously incarnates. Through the work of education in all its many branches, theIntellect, 61:in the Eastern system, can be undertaken. The education and reorientation of the advanced humanIntellect, 61:human being must find its place in our mass education. This is the plea of this book and the objectIntellect, 75:God for himself as the objective of all education. Who was it said that the world is not a prisonIntellect, 75:by the process of rejecting form after form. Education is not only purveyed in our schools andIntellect, 87:and fostered through sound methods of exoteric education and of training; the second is madeIntellect, 129:considering has brought us and for which the education of the memory and the cataloguing of worldIntellect, 129:now being born into world experience, the old education with its memory training, its books andIntellect, 129:will return to its original meaning is at hand. Education [130] will then have two functions. ItIntellect, 140:physical plane life and appetites. Through right education, it learns to be receptive towardsIntellect, 147:But at this point the parallel breaks down. Education in the Occident fails to carry its exponentsIntellect, 153:happened to the man who has carried forward his education from the stage of memory training and theIntellect, 178:of the Self. Through the mental and spiritual education which advanced meditation practices confer,Intellect, 203:one who is not purely emotional, who has a fair education, and who is willing to work withIntellect, 265:will lead the young along the paths of right education; they will control our economic, social andMagic, 20:laws, and the exoteric administration; in education it is the will to learn, the arts and sciences,Magic, 178:upon their standard of development and their education. A certain definite unfoldment of theMagic, 178:He must have a certain amount, therefore, of education, and be himself a profound seeker of truthMagic, 334:which will supersede our modern methods of education, and the significance of soul powers and theMagic, 552:its mistakes and errors, is to produce thinkers. Education, books, travel, in its many and variedMagic, 629:of the Self Psychology. 5. Enquiry Intuition Education. Patanjali, 72:factors. The [72] great contribution of education (in schools, colleges, universities and otherProblems, 18:This should be the keynote of all future education of the German people. Given that and given rightProblems, 23:purpose, and the use of an inclusive and sound education, that other nations will patternProblems, 32:successful work. This work is largely that of education. Hitherto, there has been little effort toProblems, 32:the needs of the future and the present forms of education. These forms have apparently failed toProblems, 33:these ideas; the progressive movements in education have done something to remove old abuses and toProblems, 34:that those countries in which the old mode of education is still peacefully practiced may be notProblems, 34:way of preparing their youth for total living. Education is a deeply spiritual enterprise. ItProblems, 34:II - The Problem of the Children of the World Education in the hands of any church would spellProblems, 37:to giving humanity things. The aim of education, generally speaking, has been to equip the child toProblems, 37:as comfortable and successful as possible. This education has also been primarily competitive,Problems, 40:for a long range program of reconstruction, of education and development as it affects the youth ofProblems, 42:in the world of men. These are religion and education. In this chapter we are considering theProblems, 42:In this chapter we are considering the factor of education which has in the past so greatly failed
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