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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EDUCATION

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Rays, 745:misinformation, organized lying and limited education. They are fighting against the sealing up ofRays, 748:it was only those who had benefited by education and those in the "upper brackets" who thought andReappearance, 18:of endeavor: first, into the field of worldwide education, and secondly, into the sphere ofReappearance, 18:eventually demonstrate) can come into being, the education of the masses in cooperativeReappearance, 91:the energies which initiate the new world education. Those first to be affected by them are theReappearance, 129:effort will be on the same scale as the mass education of mankind in the Piscean Age. MaterialismReappearance, 175:is, therefore, essentially a question of right education and correct training in world citizenshipReappearance, 184:or with working persistently in the field of education. The first group is in touch with theSoul, 46:can be no complexity of thought, no learning, no education, no habit-formation, [47] no responsiveSoul, 156:that he proposes as the goal of a liberal education... The energy of soul that has served on theTelepathy, 58:a group of my disciples anent the Antahkarana. (Education in the New Age. A Treatise on the Seven
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