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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EDUCATIONAL

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Astrology, 323:emotion-feeling has played an active and an educational part in the awakening of the mind. OnceAstrology, 443:help. The service to which I here refer is that educational process which will produce the comingAstrology, 545:nature of the people (as is today the case); of educational processes which fail to educate theAstrology, 632:opinion.' This is now being brought into the educational field through what is commonly calledAutobiography, 7:capital and labor and the breakdown of our past educational systems are all indicative of a divineAutobiography, 66:Bombay railroad station I had a very human and educational experience. This experience goes to showAutobiography, 72:They will emerge more rapidly when the right educational processes condition the comingAutobiography, 118:the slow process of evolution and a planned educational campaign. I have no anti-Jewish feeling;Autobiography, 170:Co-Masonic Order, the Order of Service and an educational movement. If you did not do so you wereAutobiography, 187:The editorial was dealing with the modern educational system and pointing out its usefulness forAutobiography, 257:the Plan is one of evolutionary development and educational progress towards an intelligentBethlehem, 151:that light and its furtherance all of our educational processes and institutions are consecrated.Bethlehem, 191:process - leading as it has to our widespread educational systems and the general high level ofDestiny, 15:human living - political, social, religious and educational. Who shall say (until at least aDestiny, 15:arresting will not be destructive. It will be educational and developing in its results. Destiny, 31:coming civilization outstandingly including all educational and financial enterprises, just as theDestiny, 108:- political, religious, economic, social, educational and philosophical. The result of all thisDiscipleship1, 37:the mind in meditation. Again - much of this new educational science will be given in the fifthDiscipleship1, 161:work must be largely selective and in the main educational. It will also involve the finding andDiscipleship1, 161:work in which you are engaged and it has educational objectives which have for their goal theDiscipleship1, 173:view of the underlying purpose of the planetary, educational movement. In this movement, those ofDiscipleship1, 282:movement, and this for you is novel and educational. Your life work, esoterically speaking,Discipleship1, 324:time that one of the wisest and one of the most educational things you have ever done is to startDiscipleship1, 445:would regard the past year as one of the most educational and most developing that you have everDiscipleship1, 457:soul. All the difficulties and trials (karmic or educational, testing or purifying) are felt in allDiscipleship1, 789:the plan is one of evolutionary development and educational progress towards an intelligentDiscipleship2, 219:Ray of Love-Wisdom, through the many extant educational processes and through the modern conflictDiscipleship2, 296:given aspirants (and this must be begun in our educational centers) will concern the dual use ofDiscipleship2, 296:firmly established it will revolutionize modern educational systems upon a planetary scale, andDiscipleship2, 298:will eventually be the major objective of the educational systems which will be functioning at theDiscipleship2, 310:brother of mine, not strictly education. Educational processes, concerning knowledge as they do,Discipleship2, 337:to dedicate great wealth to philanthropic or educational enterprises. In neither of these cases isDiscipleship2, 481:accomplishment. He therefore refrains from an educational process which would otherwise beDiscipleship2, 482:inclination. Yet it was supremely necessary and educational. Once however you had fulfiled theDiscipleship2, 487:involve your establishing with them an [487] educational relationship evoked by the quality of yourDiscipleship2, 566:allied and descriptive, to form a sequential educational picture: Sight - Vision - Illumination.Discipleship2, 592:which were founded on right motive, inspired educational processes, philanthropic enterprises andDiscipleship2, 669:circumstances, not karmically ordained but of an educational and disciplinary nature. You have hadDiscipleship2, 734:line; but, having a trained mind from the educational angle (for you passed through college, didEducation Education in the New Age - Preface Educational Trends in a World Crisis by Oliver L. Reiser ThisEducationa World Crisis by Oliver L. Reiser This book on educational philosophy comes at a time of crisis,Educationruns through critical thinking in the field of educational theory today is characterized by deepEducationThis statement demands a re-examination of our educational theory and practice. A survey of currentEducation, vi:values and achievements can be attempted. The educational implications of this development areEducation, xii:theme, which is that of the new and coming educational methods and ideas. The objective is toEducation, 5:It is with this aspect of the man that our educational processes profess to deal. That Son of Mind,Education, 7:the personality life, then the objective of the educational process imposed upon the subject willEducation, 9:education should be to make the subject of the educational experiment the conscious possessor ofEducation, 10:not be emphasized until the later years of the educational process. The time is coming when allEducation, 16:fundamental necessity which today confronts the educational world is the need to relate the processEducation, 16:of the present time. Until we can arrive in our educational objectives at the bridging of the gapEducation, 20:Such should be the major objective of all true educational endeavor. Love of selfEducation, 23:of the basic ideas which should underlie the educational tendencies. These thoughts, coupled withEducation, 24:hidden traits and instincts that the future educational systems must work. They must not work, asEducation, 29:points out the necessity for a new unfoldment in educational methods. The "group aspirant" must beEducation, 29:been occupied with generalizations as to the educational processes later to be applied, with theEducation, 37:doing much to bring about radical changes in our educational systems. Much remains to be done. TheEducation, 40:make it Aryan or mental. The Atlanteans had no educational system as we understand the term. TheEducation, 45:a basic unity of objectives should govern the educational systems of the nations, even thoughEducation, 57:as a functioning unit. A very high level of educational attainment is also emerging in allEducation, 69:There are three immediate steps ahead of the educational systems of the world, and some progressEducation, 71:racial life and will bring much light into the educational field. The tracing and relating of basicEducation, 72:of studying and training children that national educational authorities will be convinced of theEducation, 72:when in competition with other recognized educational systems. If a true understanding of the sevenEducation, 74:is the [74] heritage of every human being? Such educational questions and objectives soundEducation, 74:I would like to add that one of our immediate educational objectives must be the elimination of theEducation, 75:mischief is done and the form which his later educational processes may take, from the age ofEducation, 78:and the failure of his home circle and existing educational agencies rightly to aid him in makingEducation, 79:world. We have noted that in spite of universal educational processes and many centers of learningEducation, 79:and still do. Then in Europe, we have had educational attention concentrated upon a few privilegedEducation, 80:will be the next evolutionary development in the educational world? Let us remember one importantEducation, 80:brutal and aggressive. Germany has proved that educational processes when properly organized andEducation, 82:process involves the fundamentals of our present educational systems. It is, secondly, a process ofEducation, 87:that we have not taught aright. A better educational system should, therefore, be worked out whichEducation, 87:in joint conference by broadminded teachers and educational authorities in every country, is todayEducation, 89:respond to the major objective of the coming educational systems. Indications of this can be seenEducation, 91:fact those of you who are concerned with the educational system and situation, and who areEducation, 95:for me to outline for you the nature of the educational systems of the Aquarian Age because theyEducation, 96:techniques and will eventually dominate the new educational methods in schools and colleges. It isEducation, 97:eventually as the three major concerns of the educational process and upon them will the emphasisEducation, 98:[98] under this changed mode of approaching the educational process. What may therefore seem to youEducation, 98:I am also referring to a recognition which a new educational ideology will normally permit toEducation, 99:of the Aquarian Age nor dealt at all with the educational systems of that time. It is of no serviceEducation, 100:of most nations that the major task of the educational systems is to fit the child for citizenship.Education, 102:solely with the institutional aspect of the educational systems and with the proven effect upon theEducation, 102:by the weight of the materialism of the world's educational machine and by the selfish bias of theEducation, 104:while under parental control and in the educational systems of the day, their trend of thoughtEducation, 107:regarded as temporary. The purpose of the coming educational systems will be to preserve individualEducation, 109:is thus formed who are responsive to the new educational ideas, does it become possible for theEducation, 109:that contact. Our theme is the study of the educational organization of humanity, involving as itEducation, 119:grasp somewhat the goal of the new and coming educational system. Third, the ending of the PisceanEducation, 120:of paternalism upon the [120] race - political, educational, social and religious paternalism. ThisEducation, 120:authority; or the paternalism of an educational process. The idea of the value of sorrow and ofEducation, 120:the idea of the virtues of sorrow and the educational value of pain. These virtues are real, butEducation, 123:your attention to the fact that if the various educational groups found in the world today, inEducation, 124:[124] connected with some political, social, educational or religious philosophy, based on someEducation, 124:parts of the world, and a census of the world educational groups and the world religious groups (toEducation, 136:imposed by law. The desired ends may be aided by educational methods and already this is being doneEducation, 148:which will in the future age dominate the educational systems. It was necessary for all of you -Education, 149:of education and a different attitude to the educational processes (imposed upon the very young of
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