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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Astrology, 8:and emanations of this entity, and their united effect on our planetary life, the kingdoms inAstrology, 13:of the moon is purely symbolic in nature and in effect and is simply the result of ancient thoughtAstrology, 13:no radiation of any kind and, therefore, has no effect of any kind. The moon, from the angle of theAstrology, 13:some day disappear. In esoteric astrology, the effect of the moon is noted as a thought effect andAstrology, 13:the effect of the moon is noted as a thought effect and as the result of a powerful and mostAstrology, 14:paraphrasing: "Astrology is concerned with the effect produced in the substance of the sheaths byAstrology, 18:with the sun sign, the rising sign and the effect of the thought-form relating to the moon, theAstrology, 20:is no longer subject to the glamor and to the effect of the world maya, that moment the motion ofAstrology, 21:Logos. I refer in this last instance to their effect as it makes itself felt in the solar system asAstrology, 21:in the solar system as a whole and with this effect there are few astrologers at this time fit toAstrology, 22:- dynamic and magnetic - reaches our Earth, this effect is incidental and unnoticed. The primaryAstrology, 22:effect is incidental and unnoticed. The primary effect that they have is upon our planetary LogosAstrology, 22:they have is upon our planetary Logos and this effect reaches us through Him, pouring through thatAstrology, 22:of force upon the planet, they produce a dual effect: They produce an effect upon advanced man,Astrology, 22:they produce a dual effect: They produce an effect upon advanced man, galvanizing the centers aboveAstrology, 22:the activity of the Hierarchy. They produce an effect upon unevolved man, enabling him to functionAstrology, 22:systemic, and planetary - have a definite effect [23] upon all the lives in all forms in allAstrology, 27:and their interplay from the angle of their effect upon the planet, and incidentally, their effectAstrology, 27:effect upon the planet, and incidentally, their effect upon the forms in the various kingdoms ofAstrology, 27:the interplay of these energies with, and their effect upon, the various planetary forces,Astrology, 28:These are recognized as having a definite effect upon our system and our planetary life. ThoseAstrology, 28:the soul aspect and, for the present, their effect upon the individual must be regarded and shouldAstrology, 29:to the forces which impinge upon him. The effect of the emanation of our planet, the Earth, is aAstrology, 29:planet, the Earth, is a correspondence to the effect of that aggregate of atoms and molecules whichAstrology, 29:are intimately related to them, but their exact effect is a transmitted one and cannot be noted asAstrology, 29:humanity and the other kingdoms in nature. The effect of the three great constellations also cannotAstrology, 29:body of the planetary Logos. As little conscious effect is produced by these forces as the effectAstrology, 29:effect is produced by these forces as the effect of a [30] high moment of contact in your morningAstrology, 30:contact in your morning meditation produces an effect upon the atom or cell in the little fingerAstrology, 32:planetary response to them is of a more potent effect than is the influence of the zodiacalAstrology, 51:with the energy of the planets. The effect produced falls into two stages: The first stage whereinAstrology, 51:possibilities for this life are unfolded. The effect of the sun sign is sometimes called "theAstrology, 52:"the Sun of Possibility." [52] Through the effect of the energy flowing from the zodiacal signs theAstrology, 52:around the zodiac have a definite and momentous effect and are called "paramount signs ofAstrology, 52:from this reversal. A right understanding of the effect of the various energies and forces willAstrology, 53:fifth initiation the non-sacred planets have no effect, though the initiate wields their energiesAstrology, 65:planets which govern them may, and do, have one effect upon the mass and another upon the averageAstrology, 65:the average individual man, and still a third effect upon the disciple or the initiate. As theAstrology, 65:body of our solar system, their reception and effect will depend upon the state of the planetaryAstrology, 71:great changes and unique revelation, but their effect is very different to the earlier experience.Astrology, 90:I am now going to outline to you the spiritual effect of the passage of a soul around the wheel ofAstrology, 90:in the case of each constellation, the general effect upon a soul - undergoing the experience -Astrology, 91:and hints and to convey a general idea of the effect of the great illusion upon resultantAstrology, 109:of the signs. These express the underlying effect upon the man as he progresses in one of twoAstrology, 120:through the Mutable Cross have a more potent effect upon him than those pouring in the early stagesAstrology, 120:soul is, therefore, becoming more active, the effect of the Fixed Cross will be seen working out inAstrology, 131:in certain signs, I am concerned with the effect of the waxing and the waning influence upon theAstrology, 140:certain of the personality forces and the effect of the exoteric planets is supplemented by anAstrology, 141:and these begin to have a dominantly esoteric effect. In Capricorn, for instance, the influence ofAstrology, 141:Vulcan has both an esoteric and hierarchical effect, whilst in Leo the Sun rules all three - theAstrology, 148:Alan Leo) by Saturn, Mercury and Venus, and the effect that they will produce upon human affairsAstrology, 172:in our world period as it is concerned with the effect of the planetary influences, the solar raysAstrology, 174:connection between them and their progressive effect upon the subject [175] passing under theirAstrology, 183:Libra wields and a consequent analysis of the effect of Libra in an individual life. It might thenAstrology, 186:the midway point" and have a united and definite effect upon the subject. The same statementAstrology, 191:valley nor the heights produces any demonstrable effect. Mercury, which is the expression of theAstrology, 196:clear manner, to affect human response. Their effect has been planetary in its nature up to dateAstrology, 210:under the control of the solar Angel. The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect andAstrology, 210:The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great strugglesAstrology, 211:is an aspect of the pairs of opposites, and its effect is also definitely to vitalize the bloodAstrology, 213:been the result of the beneficent or the malefic effect of the impact of sixth ray force upon theAstrology, 213:never intended. Such is often the undesirable effect of the activities of well-meaning disciplesAstrology, 234:results and the judicial mind weighs cause and effect more correctly than any other. It is not myAstrology, 248:there comes a "point of crisis" wherein the effect of the energy pouring through the sign (via theAstrology, 251:and Mercury. I need not enlarge upon their effect except to point out that the result of theAstrology, 259:care their significance, position and energizing effect in the zodiac - both upon our planet andAstrology, 259:of these three signs upon the Earth and their effect upon the kingdoms in nature which our EarthAstrology, 266:which potencies pour which are creative in their effect and which produce changes which are neededAstrology, 267:of response. They will, therefore, have no effect upon the life and history of an individual andAstrology, 272:noted, and that is their essential duality - the effect of which is obvious and so dramaticallyAstrology, 287:This takes place upon the Fixed Cross and their effect is drastic in the extreme. In Pisces, theAstrology, 293:is attained by the man upon the Fixed Cross; the effect of that Cross is to bring light andAstrology, 300:the Sun, as it veils Neptune, produces a potent effect upon the personality, symbolized for us hereAstrology, 300:(which is also veiled by the Sun) symbolizes the effect of the soul upon the personality. Hence theAstrology, 301:was the influence of this triangle that its effect upon the Moon was to denude her of life byAstrology, 312:yet are widely separate and different in effect. Cancer - mass consciousness - instinctualAstrology, 317:the Scorpion is rapid in movement, deadly in its effect upon men around it and is a creature of theAstrology, 318:It is a picture of the law of cause and effect. These thoughts you can elaborate for yourself andAstrology, 319:Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn) intensify their effect upon him, until in the fourth incarnation heAstrology, 324:us now briefly consider for a few minutes the effect of the ray influences as they focus throughAstrology, 324:these statements are true in part and generic in effect but they are only partial truths andAstrology, 344:fact that they have a more specifically psychic effect and subjective influence than their strictlyAstrology, 352:reaches us through Gemini. It is the effect of a cosmic energy at present unknown to humanity. TheAstrology, 352:and not of personality force; the powerful effect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom - workingAstrology, 358:Logos, to full cosmic consciousness. This effect is most powerful in Gemini owing to the fact thatAstrology, 359:Scorpio and to our planet, has a mass or general effect, for it is the hierarchical ruler ofAstrology, 359:it is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio and its effect is of a planetary nature far more than isAstrology, 361:drastic purification of motive, then the united effect of both these clarifications will be humanAstrology, 363:last analysis, the planet is the result or the effect (should I say, resultant effect) of the rayAstrology, 363:result or the effect (should I say, resultant effect) of the ray influence, just as in the humanAstrology, 363:as in the human being the physical body is the effect of the governing rays. Through the planetsAstrology, 366:not given much time to the consideration of the effect of the zodiacal signs upon the physicalAstrology, 367:must be added both the direct and the indirect effect of the rays which rule the sign. It isAstrology, 369:wheel with its dual action and its dual effect upon consciousness (and therefore the whole problemAstrology, 373:employed and directed. The result of this dual effect of the Shamballa force at the present time isAstrology, 376:life to which we give the name, Shamballa. Its effect is necessarily twofold. It produces in [377]Astrology, 383:may become more remote in their contact and effect. Today, however, Taurus, Venus and the EarthAstrology, 393:We have somewhat considered the rays and their effect and relationship as they, through Taurus andAstrology, 397:of the aspirant; self-pity, which is the effect of a constant concentration on the frustration ofAstrology, 397:the will eventually will prove the sublimatory effect of the transference to higher use of the sex
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