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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Destiny, 80:the path of discipleship is determining in its effect upon the future. Destiny, 81:people are often distrusted, and the Gemini effect along this line makes of Great Britain noDestiny, 96:as yet relatively quiescent as far as any world effect is concerned. To them I assign no otherDestiny, 96:country of Switzerland, has had a most potent effect upon that country and a study of these effectsDestiny, 98:India is the first ray and hence the immediate effect of the inpouring Shamballa force is toDestiny, 99:of crisis is surmounted. Of its nature and its effect I have naught to say to you at present. IDestiny, 110:deliberately because they describe the general effect of the two functioning energies. Upon oneDestiny, 110:can rely and this is the basic and enduring effect of all the sixth ray potencies which have beenDestiny, 120:What can, therefore, be seen occurring is the effect of the Shamballa force upon the forms inDestiny, 121:the sixth ray, we considered first of all the effect of the ray upon the work and training, theDestiny, 123:closely related to the animal kingdom and its effect there is to produce in the higher forms ofDestiny, 128:and by developing the capacity to get behind the effect to the cause which generated or producedDestiny, 131:civilization. A curious [131] indication of the effect of the seventh ray magical work upon theDestiny, 135:third, sixth and seventh rays) that their effect varies according to the ray type or ray quality ofDestiny, 142:but is beginning to have a definite effect upon the mental plane; there it influences the minds ofDestiny, 143:just now (except through the general pervasive effect of the third ray) might prove disastrous. TheDiscipleship1, 13:are working along spiritual lines. The eventual effect will be along the line of healing theDiscipleship1, 40:of an inner existing condition. They are an effect and not a cause. That they themselves may haveDiscipleship1, 40:That they themselves may have an initiatory effect (as they work out into manifestation upon theDiscipleship1, 45:The mental caliber of the group also had its effect, for the average vibration and polarizationDiscipleship1, 74:their own destiny. The Law of Cause and Effect cannot be offset. In those cases where it has beenDiscipleship1, 87:the problem of the disciple, plus the resultant effect of conscious, intelligent, spiritual work,Discipleship1, 106:from the point of the average of the group effect and not so much from the success or theDiscipleship1, 108:and the intent of this exercise and note its effect upon the animation of your vital and psychicDiscipleship1, 111:phenomena as necessarily retrogressive in effect. It can (and often does) mark a pathway fraughtDiscipleship1, 118:written papers upon this subject deals with the effect that your work and life has upon othersDiscipleship1, 118:type of person you have much to do. Is their effect upon you of the most desirable kind? YourDiscipleship1, 120:which leads to separateness. The reverse effect is also true. The radiation of others can be alsoDiscipleship1, 121:in my group, has nevertheless had a restricting effect and which does not succeed in evoking theDiscipleship1, 122:sacrifice. Your problem is, as you know, to effect this readjustment without producing the materialDiscipleship1, 150:more subjective and more far-reaching in its effect and scope. This will only be possible if youDiscipleship1, 152:a tendency to a lack of balance in the total effect of the equipment and with this - as well youDiscipleship1, 156:- to insulate yourself from fear and from the effect of the world situation and its alliedDiscipleship1, 170:borne in mind and your personality must note its effect upon other personalities and offset itsDiscipleship1, 191:Note specifically and accurately your emotional effect upon: Your family. Your associates. Those toDiscipleship1, 197:function normally in my life? 4th month - What effect will an illumined mind have upon my dailyDiscipleship1, 197:mind have upon my daily life? 5th month - What effect should my life as a Light-bearer have upon myDiscipleship1, 198:on light as it should be used, what will be the effect in my life, and what will be the effect inDiscipleship1, 198:be the effect in my life, and what will be the effect in the life of the group whom I serve? an IDiscipleship1, 207:of the past to the future and their united effect in the present will create one of the leversDiscipleship1, 208:a capacity to recognize the place and time to effect changes and, ruthlessly and as a soul, bringDiscipleship1, 208:based upon the past, under the Law of Cause and Effect. The other is based upon the foreknowledgeDiscipleship1, 208:conditioned by emerging tendencies which are the effect of soul contact and soul impulse. TheseDiscipleship1, 219:is over. It had primarily a physiological effect upon you which showed itself in the difficulty youDiscipleship1, 221:wield-owing to the unbalance and undue power or effect upon all you meet and seek to help.Discipleship1, 221:ray and to an achieved measure of control, your effect upon those you seek to serve is good. YouDiscipleship1, 222:reaction you can evoke from them. This is the effect of first ray force when focused upon theDiscipleship1, 222:life. Earlier I have used a phrase to that effect when teaching you that "your intelligent mind canDiscipleship1, 229:Note, too, your reaction to them and their after-effect in your personal life and in your service.Discipleship1, 236:itself with the sixth ray force, the shattering effect is increased and the personality carriesDiscipleship1, 238:been swept by an emotional thought-form and the effect of the astral energy has been to increaseDiscipleship1, 238:nervousness which have ever handicapped you. The effect of true teaching, emanating from mentalDiscipleship1, 239:at this time but can become a group asset. The effect of the work you have been doing with theDiscipleship1, 239:daily life. It has indeed produced a separating effect between yourself, your group and yourDiscipleship1, 247:so order the forces of the body that a mental effect is achieved. To all these, a fourth activityDiscipleship1, 258:the following question: What will be the effect, in the personality life upon the physical [259]Discipleship1, 260:you adhere closely to my instructions. The effect will be felt in your astral body. This [261]Discipleship1, 287:has been subjected, and due too to the effect of increased integration and to the psychicDiscipleship1, 295:its result, of each motive that impels and its effect, and of each objective gained and itsDiscipleship1, 295:next six months to close consideration of your effect as a worker upon those you seek to help. ThisDiscipleship1, 348:of these three developments and their effect upon your daily life in your office, home, environmentDiscipleship1, 356:the aphorism "Energy follows thought." The main effect should be upon the etheric nadis whichDiscipleship1, 360:Such thoughts are not constructive in their effect. In what does this discouragement arise? It isDiscipleship1, 370:upon the interior relations and the exterior effect of your ray forces as tabulated below: The soulDiscipleship1, 378:of the mind which is the result of the effect of the usual fourth or fifth ray forces (the usualDiscipleship1, 386:consciousness outside your personality life. The effect upon your daily life and service if you canDiscipleship1, 386:It is through the aura that an individual effect makes itself felt in a man's surroundings. MyDiscipleship1, 396:of you is that these conditions do have a potent effect upon the group life and the groupDiscipleship1, 397:know? a. Upon what is this joy based? b. What effect can joy have upon the world of illusion? [398]Discipleship1, 399:on joy as it should be used, what will be the effect in my life, and what will be the effect in theDiscipleship1, 399:be the effect in my life, and what will be the effect in the life of the group I seek to serve? CanDiscipleship1, 402:My suggestion would be that you study the effect of this ray equipment upon your immediateDiscipleship1, 403:far more often than in conflict, as is the effect in the majority of your brothers' lives. This isDiscipleship1, 420:subdued tempest. The third has had a dual effect: it has served to show you the futility of glamorDiscipleship1, 423:have you think this out, and ponder upon the effect of the imposition of tranquility upon theDiscipleship1, 424:even the most intelligent, realize the effect, in the early stages, of the higher forces upon theDiscipleship1, 426:a miasma of poisonous nature. It is like the effect of a dawning sun in the early morning on a hotDiscipleship1, 430:as it should be used, that will be the effect in my life? How would this affect the group in whichDiscipleship1, 430:the group in which I seek to work? Would this effect be desirable, and do I desire it? Is thisDiscipleship1, 444:Observer as it should be used, What will be the effect in my life? What will be the effect in theDiscipleship1, 444:will be the effect in my life? What will be the effect in the life of the group I wish to serve?Discipleship1, 446:you can - if you so choose - produce a definite effect upon those whose lives you are privileged toDiscipleship1, 446:them in any particular life, to the possible effect that the impact of that force - regulated orDiscipleship1, 447:by you and can be rapidly resolved. It is the effect of your mental body upon others that I wouldDiscipleship1, 491:Can you imagine, as you consider my words, the effect of this condition? A light that shines in aDiscipleship1, 491:form nature which we call in their aggregated effect the personality. You are conscious of yourDiscipleship1, 514:Your soul is mobilizing its forces in order to effect this release and so enable you to profit byDiscipleship1, 516:and of love - have an unconscious "holding" effect even upon those disciples in my group whom youDiscipleship1, 519:spiritual responsibilities and your spiritual effect upon all you contact, or with whom your lot isDiscipleship1, 526:and people, you are preoccupied with the effect this may have upon you and with your failure toDiscipleship1, 546:it wise to make; these would have a releasing effect upon your soul influence, and thusDiscipleship1, 557:long cycles, the soul has been negative in its effect upon the personality, and the personalDiscipleship1, 574:that energy follows thought; this can have a bad effect, producing undue tension, or a good effect,Discipleship1, 574:a bad effect, producing undue tension, or a good effect, producing a release of energy in variousDiscipleship1, 580:but they have nearly completed that task. The effect upon some of them is largely physical and alsoDiscipleship1, 580:and also upon the heart center. With you, the effect has been felt in the mental body and in theDiscipleship1, 585:One of the main uses of group work is the effect of group vibration upon the individual'sDiscipleship1, 655:Why? Was I dramatic? Why? Saturday... What effect did I have on people? Why did I have it? Did IDiscipleship1, 685:which the disciple is precipitated and that its effect upon him, as a personality, is eliminativeDiscipleship1, 689:obligation and, at the same time, produce an effect upon the environing world of men because of a
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