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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Discipleship1, 701:group or the Master's Ashram have a potent effect upon each other, for everything in their natureDiscipleship1, 701:individual disciple has, therefore, to watch the effect of three groups of energies which all makeDiscipleship1, 701:from other members of the Ashram or group. This effect will be dependent upon his being detachedDiscipleship1, 705:disciples need to distinguish between the effect (magnetic and dynamic) of the group and theDiscipleship1, 705:as a group, to formulate the desired thought-effect in such a manner that it will reach the mind orDiscipleship1, 711:really of much importance in comparison with the effect of the Hierarchy and its techniques uponDiscipleship1, 715:form and are steadily established. Their united effect serves eventually to attract the attentionDiscipleship1, 725:so based on love that it produces no personality effect in his own life or that of his fellowDiscipleship1, 729:beginner who is preoccupied with his individual effect in an Ashram. The trained, releasedDiscipleship1, 734:answering of these questions has a conditioning effect upon the group. It is here the Master'sDiscipleship1, 737:today. It is necessary, however, to revive the effect of these two experiences and the need to doDiscipleship1, 740:they normally and unconsciously wield has a dual effect. It draws out the best and evokes the worstDiscipleship2, 21:times an analysis of your group relation, of the effect that your national and racial thought-formsDiscipleship2, 21:sharply different as to coloring and phenomenal effect and, at the same time, I would remark that -Discipleship2, 31:to a disciple who sought to grasp the synthetic effect of inspiration. It is the Will and itsDiscipleship2, 34:import. They are potent in their transforming effect, if rightly used. I have not been tooDiscipleship2, 35:influence, its radiation and its magnetic effect in the world. Changes constantly occur. In theDiscipleship2, 61:of atomic energy has had a far more potent effect in the etheric web than in the dense physicalDiscipleship2, 63:or aspirant, he is not unaware of their massed effect, quality or status. Contact and relationshipDiscipleship2, 71:which can and will be used. It is less potent in effect, but in these days of crisis everythingDiscipleship2, 77:what I have to say and suggest, because of the effect it may have on your outer life of service. IDiscipleship2, 80:that the link is by no means severed. Another effect is that several disciples from other AshramsDiscipleship2, 82:self-discipline, to a purifying process, and to effect those reforms within their own natures whichDiscipleship2, 99:that of your own soul or the group? What effect has the work of the full moon had upon you? HaveDiscipleship2, 115:group meditation and will have primarily a group effect. This fact must be most carefullyDiscipleship2, 120:man has not been aroused, and when it is, the effect on the downflow of energy from the head centerDiscipleship2, 122:eventually by the sacral center itself. It is an effect or result of relation more than anythingDiscipleship2, 133:life, in his service, and therefore in his effect within the Ashram. [134] Let me now, brother ofDiscipleship2, 181:so that it may become Ashramic in nature and effect. Thereby you are trained to [182] use the heartDiscipleship2, 206:beyond the hierarchical ring-pass-not. The effect of that reflective vibration is both vertical andDiscipleship2, 221:World Servers, because theirs will be a massed effect, and usually wielded unconsciously. Under theDiscipleship2, 222:- now already in process of externalization. The effect of human meditation at this time is toDiscipleship2, 247:initiation lying immediately ahead is simply the effect of the recognition. They might be calledDiscipleship2, 249:nor space exists." Formula Four has a specific effect upon the "jewel in the lotus," awakening itDiscipleship2, 249:the previous four formulas have established an effect upon you and the needed interior changes haveDiscipleship2, 249:"the word of death." It negates the destructive effect of the death process which is going on allDiscipleship2, 249:its needed work, but it is not destructive in effect. This formula has never been given out beforeDiscipleship2, 277:at a time of crisis and are far-reaching in effect and are determining of conditions for severalDiscipleship2, 282:of the world of causes and to relate cause and effect in a practical manner. The initiate of higherDiscipleship2, 286:them here. The first statement I made was to the effect that the will is fundamentally anDiscipleship2, 296:whether you have ever considered the widespread effect of all the reflective thinking, theDiscipleship2, 305:focused, another type of energy will have its effect. Thus two different pictures will emerge. BothDiscipleship2, 307:with them, we have primarily considered the effect of this divine Intention, Purpose and Plan uponDiscipleship2, 308:who is being enlightened must search. [308] The effect which the revelation is intended to make inDiscipleship2, 322:a phase of the working of the Law of Cause and Effect, demonstrated in a most illustrative manner.Discipleship2, 323:circulatory nature of energy. Polarization, the effect upon this energy of the polarized will.Discipleship2, 323:to its own destiny, the Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma. I have here condensed into aDiscipleship2, 324:perception. Their grasp of the Law of Cause and Effect and their appreciation of the subsidiary LawDiscipleship2, 327:activity is without its inevitable effect upon the three lower kingdoms in nature. Forget not!Discipleship2, 332:affiliated Ashrams and having a specific ray effect. Initiations into those degrees which areDiscipleship2, 333:There are other events which have a definite effect upon every Ashram, the effect being determinedDiscipleship2, 333:have a definite effect upon every Ashram, the effect being determined by the ray or by theDiscipleship2, 340:upon him. Manifestation and the Law of Cause and Effect are related; where manifestation exists,Discipleship2, 357:is taking place at this time is partially the effect of the changes produced in the Hierarchy byDiscipleship2, 364:into the past and into the Law of Cause and Effect; it also gives intelligent appreciation ofDiscipleship2, 365:processes of death which have a most definite effect upon already established relationships. ItDiscipleship2, 367:to its own destiny - of the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma. This will take its back into the veryDiscipleship2, 395:events are apt to have undue and too powerful an effect upon the disciple. Once, however, he canDiscipleship2, 395:of proportion which has a stabilizing and sound effect. Students [396] would do well to take theDiscipleship2, 407:time in the long, long history of humanity. The effect of this radiation or magnetic aura is now soDiscipleship2, 419:Humanity - is reverberating to the orchestral effect of the formula which embodies this hint fromDiscipleship2, 420:manner; the difference is brought about by the effect of the inflowing spiritual life and theDiscipleship2, 427:of consciousness as it informs substance. The effect of the penetration with which we are nowDiscipleship2, 428:there are many aspirants and disciples, the effect of these penetrating energies is such that theyDiscipleship2, 432:spiritual stability. The disciple has to effect the stage of penetration alone and unaided; duringDiscipleship2, 448:he creates. Yet the created thing is only an effect - an effect of what, my brother? Again we comeDiscipleship2, 448:Yet the created thing is only an effect - an effect of what, my brother? Again we come back to theDiscipleship2, 449:that act of doing (which is in reality only an effect of an initiating cause or motive) into theDiscipleship2, 452:institute them as a personality, and the entire effect of these phases will then be containedDiscipleship2, 456:group interplay, the group action and the group effect does affect the Ashram. The quality of theDiscipleship2, 464:to you to have a definitely disintegrating effect upon your [465] vehicles, he reassured you andDiscipleship2, 467:the other centers being noted in relation to the effect upon the head center. The race as a whole,Discipleship2, 474:basic distinction. It will also have a definite effect upon your life. This thought gives me theDiscipleship2, 491:this concept of essential relationships to the effect you have, as a human being on the Path to allDiscipleship2, 505:attained position should constitute another; the effect produced by each of them in the threeDiscipleship2, 515:group as a force, having either a good or a bad effect, according to its coloring by the higher orDiscipleship2, 538:one particular life wherein the Law of Cause and Effect assumes importance in the consciousness.Discipleship2, 540:and as your radiation produces its individual effect upon the ashramic group, the consequentDiscipleship2, 544:the full facing of the implications and the effect which action may have upon the future. TheDiscipleship2, 544:of the inspiration but is puzzled at the small effect it appears to have upon other people. HeDiscipleship2, 567:pattern of living, as it gradually takes effect and you see deeper into the subject of the will.Discipleship2, 573:Arrest the downward flowing soul energy and effect its fusion with the uprising aspiration of theDiscipleship2, 582:soul energy sweeps into prominence, the initial effect is oft to negate the activity of theDiscipleship2, 583:you four which can be revolutionary in their effect upon you and of major importance in the moldingDiscipleship2, 589:and to the pointing out of the law of cause and effect. Trained interpreters are required. 3. TheDiscipleship2, 591:through the right eye. This will prove potent in effect. Then - as a soul - draw from the realm ofDiscipleship2, 620:subjected to for years and it has had its dual effect in stimulating the personality to a measuredDiscipleship2, 621:of your "aloneness" by registering daily your effect upon people. That means that you study themDiscipleship2, 633:gets at this stage comes from the stimulating effect of the aura of the Ashram. Discipleship2, 634:which bewilder the disciple but have no effect on anyone outside the Ashram. These you mustDiscipleship2, 656:constitutes a glamor and one with a most potent effect upon you. When - as in your case - theDiscipleship2, 669:shifts to other realms of awareness, and the effect of this - within humanity as a whole - is theDiscipleship2, 671:concepts, and they can be revolutionary in their effect, if you reflect upon them correctly andDiscipleship2, 684:the problem of the Master. He has to watch the effect of all the energy which flows from him to hisDiscipleship2, 685:a masculine or positive influence in its general effect, but its positively is in relation to theDiscipleship2, 692:from the angle of the ordinary man and from the effect which karma produced in the life of theDiscipleship2, 693:of consciousness, such as: 1. Death or the effect of the Law of Abstraction upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 699:programs this is easily accomplished, and the effect of blended instruments and broad soundDiscipleship2, 702:at night, will be more potent in transmutative effect than anything else that you can do. ForgetDiscipleship2, 709:few) who have a sound and beautiful group effect, but your individual contacts are not so
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