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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Fire, 501:from manifestation in the three worlds. To effect this transmutation (which is a point at timesFire, 514:atoms of science) and at this stage produce most effect upon the astral permanent atom. TheFire, 521:and only Consciousness producing intelligent effect through the medium of space. I would point outFire, 529:there is only force of different kinds, and the effect produced on consciousness by theirFire, 533:will come to be recognized as having a powerful effect upon man on the earth, via the three BuddhasFire, 540:nature or of the Self within. This has a dual effect and works through on to the physical plane inFire, 542:to the eye of the clairvoyant as dual in effect: The mental unit becomes a radiant point of light;Fire, 547:of any particular Lord of a Ray, and the effect of that condition upon a particular group of cells;Fire, 547:unit or monadic force center has a definite effect upon the group or community of Egos in which itFire, 548:will produce later a better comprehension of the effect of one consciousness upon anotherFire, 553:other cosmic entities, and concerns the magnetic effect upon Him of their psychic emanation. This,Fire, 562:comes under the law of Karma through the effect it produces. At this stage in the history of theFire, 563:between the third and the fourth kingdom. The effect of the life and persistence of a thought-form,Fire, 563:had committed evil unconsciously by producing an effect which was unnatural." See also S. D., II,Fire, 570:the Law of Karma, and really predicates the effect the Sirian system has on our solar system. EachFire, 570:words), in manifestation. We have practically no effect on our parent system, the reflex action isFire, 570:they started systemic Karma which, once in effect, constitutes that which is called Karma in ourFire, 572:things - three in all: We might study their effect as they demonstrate on the path of involution.Fire, 581:as the law of sacrifice and death), but its effect can be seen on all the five planes as well. ItFire, 583:characterizes most of us. Close proximity to an effect often veils a cause. Fire, 584:lower is always controlled from above, and the effect the buddhic levels have on the three lower isFire, 589:the second. The concrete Rays have an especial effect on the negative evolution of the devas, whoFire, 596:Love and Activity in a perfect balance. The same effect can be demonstrated in the sixth Round. InFire, 603:quality, good or bad, selfish or unselfish; the effect of his "emanation" during life is that whichFire, 606:The cause will be dealt with and not the effect, and hence the growing appreciation by the humanFire, 634:the law they will have a peculiarly powerful effect on the lowest subplane of the systemic physicalFire, 639:cannot be too strongly realized for it has the effect of transferring the point of centralization,Fire, 644:His efforts must be self-induced, or the effect of his own self-conscious endeavor; they will meetFire, 651:of that disaster have to be offset. Another effect upon the devas resulting from the war, as itFire, 652:would not even now be treading it. A similar effect can be looked for at this time, and theFire, 657:according to their ray and nature, and this effect will demonstrate in [658] a vivification of theFire, 674:eventually to a scientific consideration of the effect of this nature upon His dense physical body,Fire, 678:the great devas - utilize cyclic opportunity to effect definitely constructive results. A group ofFire, 683:to a fuller comprehension of the corresponding effect in the body of the Logos. It is on the mentalFire, 687:polarized on the cosmic astral plane, and the effect of Their life energy as it flows through theFire, 693:mental plane; this necessarily has a definite effect on the fifth systemic plane, and on the fifthFire, 694:of force on the mental plane has a threefold effect in connection with the Logos or the Septenate:Fire, 694:specimens of the third kingdom, and a dual effect is produced [695] through this, for the fourthFire, 696:physical bodies and with the lower mental, and effect their control. The chief effect being felt inFire, 696:mental, and effect their control. The chief effect being felt in those bodies, the initiate mayFire, 696:the planes concerned, for the vividness of the effect, and the stimulation works out largely in theFire, 698:concerned with this fifth principle and their effect upon the evolution of consciousness. Where manFire, 702:as the occult books express it, [702] an effect was produced which caused a response in certainFire, 708:imparted in various occult books anent the effect of individualization on animal man and hisFire, 711:having to do with a planetary Logos may effect modifications, and bring into action manasadevasFire, 715:part in bringing about this event, and it is the effect of this electrical phenomen upon the unitsFire, 715:culminated in the world war. The first effect of the appearance of fresh electrical stimulationFire, 716:Certain cosmic forces are at work and the full effect of their energy is not yet apparent. ThisFire, 716:forward the planetary plans. In every case the effect of the phenomenon is felt in some one orFire, 716:stage of buddhic consciousness, had a profound effect upon the vegetable kingdom. This effect canFire, 716:profound effect upon the vegetable kingdom. This effect can be seen working out in such results asFire, 717:the end of the eighteenth century, and its full effect is by no means yet felt, for it will beFire, 723:space of the five mind-born Sons of Brahma. The effect of such a visit as that of the Avatar fromFire, 724:the administration of the law of cause and effect, or of karma. They embody the karma of the pastFire, 726:by man. This avatar has naturally a direct effect upon the centers of the Heavenly Man andFire, 726:they work with impulse in mental matter and thus effect these group transfers. They Themselves areFire, 727:cycle Who now again take the opportunity to effect (in an active sense and through physicalFire, 729:appearance of these various avatars and in their effect. 42 S. D., I, 494; II, 112, 149, 333. 43 S.Fire, 738:the monad is again reincarnated." "...Every effect must be proportionate to the cause. And, asFire, 751:that extraneous force and nothing else, the effect is shown on the physical plane in the appearanceFire, 754:and therefore have a profound and far-reaching effect when utilized. They act as a focal point forFire, 759:physical vehicle, and with certain of His chelas effect a respiritualization of the CatholicFire, 759:demonstrate: The place of the etheric body. The effect of pranic force. The opening up of ethericFire, 781:it upon the planetary keynote, produces the effect of a threefold chord, or a fourth tone, aFire, 783:which are the laws of substance itself; the effect is the same for human, planetary and solarFire, 784:of the rapidly congregating atoms and their effect upon each other produces an increase of heat,Fire, 786:in ignorance of the laws of sound and of their effect. The occult work that he is carrying on isFire, 789:brings this about, and only those can escape the effect of the vitality of their own centers whoFire, 791:and of the lunar Pitris produces a very definite effect upon the lower group of lunar Pitris, andFire, 792:levels. Then, after a moment of equilibrium, the effect of the rhythm is felt entirely on theFire, 793:the ten, and each of them in some degree has an effect upon the whole. Figures, therefore, cannotFire, 793:cannot be considered as final until the effect of the lesser planetary bodies upon their immediateFire, 794:cycles. Figures also must be computed when the effect upon the planets of what are calledFire, 794:computation which must also be considered is the effect of the various moons upon any planetaryFire, 795:The decay of a moon has as great an evil effect upon all that contacts it as a decaying body onFire, 795:small through the process of disintegration, its effect upon the Earth will be correspondinglyFire, 795:the time the seventh round is reached, the evil effect of the then moon (which will have to allFire, 795:moon is included in these remarks. The greatest effect of moon conditions is to be seen working outFire, 795:further factor in cyclic computation lies in the effect of the following stars and constellationsFire, 796:stage - an unrevealed secret. If the radiatory effect of a human being or of a group of humanFire, 796:standpoint of practical science, so the occult effect of these greater forms upon each otherFire, 798:must not be considered literally as an effect; true effect involves a third idea. Some appreciationFire, 798:not be considered literally as an effect; true effect involves a third idea. Some appreciation ofFire, 798:this dual initiatory cause and its objective effect: [799] Spirit-matter in dual activity producesFire, 803:with something much wider than the interplay of effect and cause within the sphere of his ownFire, 804:which we have been witnessing. So great was the effect of His energy, that the vegetable kingdomFire, 804:much) affected, and the mineral kingdom felt the effect in a startling manner, far more than theFire, 806:the innate vitality of the astral body and its effect upon the mental and the physical. This is theFire, 806:and an intellectual apprehension of cause and of effect. This is the shortest stage but is also theFire, 808:now proceed to study three things: First, the effect of the higher energy upon the lower bodies, asFire, 808:also "elevates" the lunar Pitris. Second, the effect of this energy on the mental plane in theFire, 808:group or groups. In the first case, we have the effect of the egoic life upon its sheaths, andFire, 812:and of the kidneys. When doctors comprehend the effect of the emotions upon the nervous system,Fire, 812:through the cause and not just through the effect. (2) The entire social world of thought willFire, 813:of the laws of individualization, and the effect of the influence of the fourth, or human, kingdomFire, 826:of the petals more vitalized, and has a definite effect on each. Second. The 70 incarnations. TheseFire, 826:and two. These seventy incarnations primarily effect the development of love in the personal life,Fire, 829:the normal process, and take aeons of time to effect what some are choosing to do in a brieferFire, 830:Initiation the inner bud bursts open through the effect of the electrical force of the Rod, whichFire, 833:within itself in a dual manner, but the effect is a unified whole as regards the great Unity in
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