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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Glamour, 217:power are recognized to be as they are, and the effect or effects to be brought about by thatGlamour, 257:my brother, have a purely physiological effect when not impelled or motivated by directed thoughtHealing, 3:(sometimes called the emotional body) is the effect of the interplay of desire and of sentientHealing, 3:upon the self at the center, and the resultant effect - in that body - is experienced as emotionHealing, 5:life and experience of the physical body. The effect upon the physical body of the condition ofHealing, 6:of the ills from which man suffers today are the effect upon him of conditions existing in theHealing, 6:whole. For these he is not held responsible. The effect upon his physical body of the planetaryHealing, 8:and according to what he is, so will be the effect upon the patient. When a healer worksHealing, 15:form and the species. [15] The law of cause and effect, called Karma in the East, governs all this.Healing, 15:this. Karma must be regarded in reality as the effect (in the form life of our planet) of causes,Healing, 20:ideas as to the ancient Law of Cause and Effect which are necessarily in your mind. When I say toHealing, 20:brought into relation with each other under the effect of the catalyst produce a third andHealing, 21:of the [21] Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect is not to be understood as we now interpretHealing, 28:that there is disease; that disease is an effect of inner causes; that man has made as vast stridesHealing, 28:made as vast strides in the understanding of the effect of these causes as they produce changes inHealing, 32:kingdoms in nature. Disease is purificatory in effect. Definite methods of healing are peculiar toHealing, 32:of that which is static. The law of cause and effect governs disease as it governs all else inHealing, 34:this is that it has a potent and predisposing effect upon the vital and etheric body. The physicalHealing, 39:these above illustrations to demonstrate the effect of the prevalent wrong attitudes to life andHealing, 46:of force. The endocrine system, which is an effect of the seven centers, and the determiningHealing, 53:which is fundamentally conditioning in its effect because of the stage of the individualHealing, 54:sacred art of healing. Law III Diseases are an effect of the basic centralization of a man's lifeHealing, 57:trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exact through whichHealing, 57:and the correct handling of force, in order to effect the free flow of energy. The followingHealing, 58:There is much misinterpreted testimony to this effect, and when men can read the records moreHealing, 62:the free use of salt sea bathing has a definite effect on the healthiness of the physical body. TheHealing, 62:and by the mouth, has a vitally prophylactic effect. One of the major problems today to theHealing, 65:nor can he arrive at the cause producing the effect. All that he can affirm is that, in allHealing, 69:- that it is inevitable that they produce an effect upon each other as never before. "If one memberHealing, 74:cause. In these cases, the outer cause is not an effect of the individual inner cause, which isHealing, 82:of disease, because disease is the undesirable effect of energy upon the energy unit which we callHealing, 86:emphasis laid upon the vagus nerve with its effect upon the heart and consequently upon the bloodHealing, 96:motivated or wrongly oriented. It is simply the effect of integration, because saints and sinners,Healing, 98:trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exact through whichHealing, 114:governs coma. [114] The Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma, governs all disease. This embracesHealing, 116:All these streams of energy have a definite effect upon the centers of the disciple, according toHealing, 116:the blood stream, and also have a specific effect upon the organic structure within the range ofHealing, 121:for "the blood is the life." These have specific effect upon the heart, but usually of a functionalHealing, 121:deeply seated causes. Those which are a direct effect of energy, playing upon and through theHealing, 127:fervor, distorted aspiration, the overpowering effect of glamor, and the many conditions ofHealing, 133:have both a physiological and a psychological effect upon the personality and its interior andHealing, 133:spiritual will of man. Law III Diseases are an effect of the basic centralization of a man's lifeHealing, 135:trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exact through which theHealing, 139:objectives intrinsically in themselves have an effect upon that towards which man is striving. ThisHealing, 169:solar plexus in the aspirant, which has its own effect upon the heart and a reciprocal effect uponHealing, 169:its own effect upon the heart and a reciprocal effect upon the ajna center. There are,Healing, 178:which is the aroma, the influence, the effect and the radiation of a personality. I throw out theseHealing, 194:and produces, in time and space, the definite effect which the center has upon its environment.Healing, 195:into activity. All this produces a consequent effect upon the surrounding tissue, substance andHealing, 199:of the effects of the above facts, and their effect upon the areas governed by the centers and inHealing, 204:by the orthodox medical science) a most potent effect upon the whole organic system; theirHealing, 207:spiritual [207] energy. He thus enables him to effect his own cure, consciously or unconsciously.Healing, 208:of energy reception and distribution, and to the effect which they produce upon the entire ductlessHealing, 215:three subsidiary rays) have a definite active effect; karmic adjustments provide opportunity orHealing, 216:of regulating the creative life has a paramount effect upon the physical body, so this stageHealing, 217:development and the process of evolution take effect) is largely due to the quiescent state ofHealing, 219:of attention from a center, with consequent effect upon the glandular system. This will all beHealing, 221:in the planetary substance have a potent effect upon those races (still among us) which are theHealing, 224:and racial barriers - the first producing more effect than the latter during the initial stages.Healing, 229:Teachers of the race saw to it that cause and effect were quickly to be noted. At this time thereHealing, 237:and aware of the great Law of Cause and Effect - will deal with the criminal through medical means,Healing, 240:the glandular system as it, in its turn, is an effect of the centers; the blood stream carries toHealing, 243:from its life aspect, having a direct emanatory effect upon the individual atoms of which the denseHealing, 243:emphasize is that it is this obscure planetary effect (obscure to us, at this time) upon theHealing, 245:The results of dissolution are beneficent in effect. Ponder on this beneficent activity and on theHealing, 249:aftermath of war. Such epidemics have a serious effect upon the human race after the war cycle isHealing, 252:racial periods, they are now general in their effect. The clue to this can be found if studentsHealing, 254:diseases which are more strictly mental in their effect - the cleavages, the insanities, theHealing, 262:evil, to offset consciously the Law of Cause and Effect by a recognition of the causes in theHealing, 262:asked brings in the factor of cause and effect with constant inevitability. The concepts ofHealing, 263:The outstanding evidence of the Law of Cause and Effect is the Jewish race. All nations prove thisHealing, 266:the retributive aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect, and until they endeavor to ascertain what itHealing, 268:New Testament. Its emphasis is material and its effect is to impress a purely materialistic JehovahHealing, 270:lines until such time that the Law of Cause and Effect is accepted as a major conditioning factorHealing, 275:They are to be found, secondly, in the karmic effect of the three planetary diseases: Cancer,Healing, 276:can deal with one area of the body and with its effect upon the entire physical vehicle. TheHealing, 276:various systems, their interrelation and their effect upon the many organisms which constitute theHealing, 284:associated center, with a consequent definite effect upon the diseased area; or they lessen theHealing, 287:of flushing, with a purificatory and stimulating effect. It is only possible in these early days ofHealing, 289:in reality concerned entirely with karma or the effect of the inner causes of events, equipment andHealing, 292:too complicated and too widely diffusing in its effect. All that one can do is to posit the factHealing, 292:one in which the great Law of Retribution takes effect, is that of disease. This is a point whichHealing, 293:within our solar system are imperfect, the effect of this imperfection must inevitably affect TheirHealing, 295:is itself the cause of manifestation, whilst its effect (which is karma) is the liberationHealing, 296:trace the conditioning energy to the appropriate effect, dealing primarily then with the task ofHealing, 297:and an acceptance of the fact of the effect - in the case which we are considering in relation toHealing, 300:suited not. He gave up in despair." The main effect of this imperfect "maneuvering" andHealing, 307:in two forms: That congestion which produces its effect within the center itself, and therefore andHealing, 307:a negative sense), or as it leaves it (when its effect will be positive in some way or another).Healing, 308:place of difficulty and to know its cause, its effect and its end. [309] There is also a moreHealing, 311:group origin, and has therefore an outer group effect and is an expression of group karma. TheHealing, 314:can work with the cause and not with the effect. Over-emotionalism is an astral correspondence ofHealing, 320:or aware of its presence. Germs are the first effect of an original cause. Some few form a part ofHealing, 324:providing the vaccine and other substances. The effect on the inner bodies is practically nil, andHealing, 336:and dynamic rapport, producing a radiatory effect, then they affect the vagus nerve and the firesHealing, 339:that the period of the full moon has a definite effect upon unbalanced people, upon the dreamingHealing, 340:less than one hundred years old and is an occult effect with far reaching results. I mention theseHealing, 342:of the moon will steadily lose their baleful effect and there will be a dying out of the variousHealing, 343:in its arrangement and consequently in its outer effect not only [344] according to ray types butHealing, 345:- differing in no way from another soul - will effect the needed transmutation or transfusion into
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