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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Healing, 347:storehouse of energy. It is the use and the effect of this energy, as it is appropriated by a formHealing, 348:and consequent death; when more feeble in effect, we call them illness and note their purificatoryHealing, 348:we call them illness and note their purificatory effect. These contaminations (as they can beHealing, 349:comprehended. A great Law of Cause and Effect exists, but one particular aspect of it has neverHealing, 358:within his own physical body, suffices to effect an immediate cure. The magnetism in the body ofHealing, 369:Radiation Scientists have made statements to the effect that the air we breathe containsHealing, 369:arises whether the healer's radiation has the effect of ionizing the atmosphere surrounding theHealing, 378:approach them, they are apt to have a shattering effect. Yet the first demonstration of existenceHealing, 384:which is the antechamber to the world of causes. Effect; Meaning; Cause. In these three words youHealing, 385:A recognition of the great Law of Cause and Effect, if possible. This is not always possible whenHealing, 388:treatment, but it primarily concerns the effect of the healing group when it first establishesHealing, 415:as the Law of Sacrifice and Death - but its effect can be seen on all five planes as well. It isHealing, 417:of the etheric double of the solar system. The effect is the same and the consequences similar.Healing, 418:the shattering of the web. This has a threefold effect: First. The life that had animated theHealing, 431:This has nothing to do with the Law of Cause and Effect as a factor in the soul career of anyHealing, 447:"The Law demands the entrance of that which can effect a change." Bearing in mind what I haveHealing, 450:death or dissolution, is in reality a great effect produced by the central Cause, and theHealing, 450:existence. He discovers that death is simply an effect produced by life and by his conscious will,Healing, 452:When the cause, desire, has produced its effect, the personality or form aspect of man, then asHealing, 456:world and to spiritual things, has a momentous effect upon the phenomenal aspects of the deathHealing, 458:the solar [458] plexus and green has a definite effect upon the heart and life streams. CertainHealing, 474:action in the brain. This substance and its effect will be questioned as yet by orthodox medicine,Healing, 474:A psychic tremor is established which has the effect of loosening or breaking the connectionHealing, 491:unnoticed by the soul. It has a definite soul effect, something like a long and strong pull at aHealing, 500:on and incarnation follows upon incarnation, the effect of the indwelling soul quality graduallyHealing, 503:the phenomenon of death has a somewhat similar effect and has a close parallel in the phenomenaHealing, 503:the kingdoms of nature, has to some extent this effect; it shatters and destroys substantial formHealing, 515:the two previous initiations have very little effect upon the soul and only affect the incarnatedHealing, 516:into words the transmuting and the transfiguring effect of the third initiation, which cannot beHealing, 522:here remind you that a law is in reality the effect of the life of a greater entity as it enclosesHealing, 533:trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect and know the point exact through whichHealing, 533:which relief must come. Law III Disease is an effect of the basic centralization of a man's lifeHealing, 537:on such a large scale take centuries to effect. What I have, therefore, to say upon the futureHealing, 538:to directed intent; they will then produce their effect according to the response of that body,Healing, 550:trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect and know the point exact through whichHealing, 550:be able then to ascertain the location of the effect (the disease) through perception of theHealing, 558:third law runs as follows: Law III Disease is an effect of the basic centralization of a man's lifeHealing, 559:assured in this ancient law that disease is an effect of the basic centralization of a man's lifeHealing, 577:power. He must be able to relate cause and effect; the relating agent is ever the mind. In oldHealing, 577:erroneously though not entirely so) on the effect of the auric emanation and its purity orHealing, 584:centralization and habit) is more potent in its effect upon the life of the aspirant than is theHealing, 594:of difficulties, resulting in an undesirable effect upon the physical organs found within the areaHealing, 594:solar plexus center begins to have a radiatory effect in response to the magnetic "call" of theHealing, 596:in aiding the man to die and will not attempt to effect a cure. The door of entry for theHealing, 597:high point of general integration) has a potent effect; planetary prana comes in powerfully on theHealing, 606:and unsuccessful. It is better to have no effect upon the patient and his condition than by theHealing, 612:spiritual man can affect it - and most of the effect is produced in the etheric body and not in theHealing, 618:by radiation from the seven centers, but their effect - individual and combined - is magnetic. TheHealing, 620:whilst in incarnation, and indicate (by their effect or lack of effect upon the centers) his pointHealing, 620:and indicate (by their effect or lack of effect upon the centers) his point in evolution. Two ofHealing, 621:to the perfection of His glandular system, as an effect of correctly awakened and energized centersHealing, 622:emphasized is that this dual withdrawal has an effect upon every center in the body. TheHealing, 622:have a relationship and a definitely qualifying effect (both radiatory and magnetic) upon theHealing, 622:is withdrawn from the head center an immediate effect is felt in all the petals of all the centers;Healing, 623:and that the glandular system is simply an effect - inevitable and unavoidable - of the centersHealing, 624:energy from a center, will have a most definite effect upon the allied or related gland, andHealing, 625:Students should bear in mind that the primary effect of the activity of the glands and of theirHealing, 625:the angle of its determining his psychological effect upon his fellow men. It is not my intentionHealing, 643:other it is the patient's soul which feels the effect of the healing energy. In the first case theHealing, 651:The process outlined here is that of the effect of energy or soul potency playing upon force. ThisHealing, 656:should stand at the patient's head. His personal effect is not then so great, but that does notHealing, 656:and the etheric and health auras have a definite effect upon the corresponding aspects of theHealing, 657:physical body. This produces a tremendous effect upon the diseased area, and the center in thatHealing, 660:in terms of healer and patient. Oft the effect of the activity and knowledge of the true healer isHealing, 661:by his natural destiny. It is an ignoring of the effect or the result upon the form nature.Healing, 671:nature are concerned, but it is expulsive in its effect and dynamic in its annihilating impact,Healing, 671:been given to what would have been the worldwide effect down the centuries if the Christ had notHealing, 673:Master are different, for one concerns the effect of the three worlds or their non-effect, and theHealing, 673:the effect of the three worlds or their non-effect, and the other concerns adaptability to theHealing, 675:The emotions of the [675] patient should have no effect upon the healer and should fail to deviateHealing, 676:is a dynamic energy having predominantly a group effect; for this reason, the higher initiatesHealing, 677:terms, or whether he can show sufficient love to effect a healing. Let him ponder on the threeHealing, 697:lesser triangle is the one which produces the effect upon the patient and through which the healerHealing, 699:they have a definite and sometimes a decisive effect and the knowledge is most useful when known.Healing, 703:will work is simply that of planetary prana; the effect of this will be to stimulate the naturalHercules, 11:he had to experiment with the law of cause and effect, and this from the standpoint of theHercules, 66:of the intellect and it has a peculiarly vital effect in our Aryan race. In this race the mindHercules, 82:in Libra, and is subjected to the disciplining effect of the world of illusion and form in Scorpio.Hercules, 141:purifying air and light might have their due effect. The monster, strong in darkness and in sloughyHercules, 147:have, he still avidly craves more. A crippling effect of this form of mental distortion isHercules, 160:has sometimes been called "the sign of the effect of Scorpio". The moment we have freed ourselvesHercules, 187:Because the energy sweeping through you has an effect upon your vocal apparatus. You are dealingHercules, 202:the mental growth of humanity had produced an effect which we are told exceeded the expectations ofHercules, 215:use we make of them. The larger picture of the effect on world and racial evolution should receiveHercules, 218:are embodiments of energies which have a potent effect upon all forms of life on our planet, andHercules, 221:appearance. [221] One other instance of the effect of the constellations upon our Christian faithInitiation, 3:in a peculiar way, under the law of Cause and Effect, as does all else in the universe. AllInitiation, 15:- Chapter II - Initiation Defined The Place and Effect of Initiation The ceremony of initiationInitiation, 16:mental, and affect their control. The chief effect being felt in those bodies the initiate mayInitiation, 16:on the planes concerned, as the vividness of the effect and the stimulation of the first twoInitiation, 30:IV - The Founding of the Hierarchy The Immediate Effect The result of their advent, millions ofInitiation, 35:Hierarchy are having, and will have a profound effect upon humanity, but the result desired isInitiation, 36:evolutionary process, and a profoundly important effect upon the mind aspect in man, can already beInitiation, 79:subjugated and brought under control, then the effect of the force and energy contacted is toInitiation, 93:stand before the Great Lord. They are putting effect before cause. Goodness and altruism grow outInitiation, 98:passes through the Saturnian. It has a definite effect upon the causal body, and serves toInitiation, 109:making of an initiate is an affair with a dual effect, for it involves ever a passing on of someInitiation, 134:- Chapter XIII - The Rods of Initiation The Effect of the Application of the Rod a. Upon theInitiation, 134:of the Rod a. Upon the Initiate's Bodies The effect is fourfold and lasting, but varies accordingInitiation, 135:is only possible to touch very briefly upon the effect of the application of the Rod to the causal
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