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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Initiation, 137:petals gradually unfold, having a simultaneous effect on one or [138 ] other of the central three.Initiation, 151:kingdom and produce the creation of forms. This effect is dual in character: The devas on theInitiation, 152:and which, in its turn, is having a definite effect upon the animal kingdom. It is one of theInitiation, 155:in some degree, and each produces an effect. What the initiate is learning to do is to make soundsInitiation, 156:It refers to the controlled use of words to effect certain ends, and the retention of speech energyInitiation, 172:the forces in the three worlds and thereby effect liberation for himself, thus helping the ends ofInitiation, 174:The triple nature of fire, and the effect of the great fire upon the lesser. As this Shiva, orInitiation, 181:upon the ray of the monad, and have a definite effect upon the path for service that will be chosenInitiation, 199:help the group if put to different work. The effect of the Sacred Word will be studied, andInitiation, 200:The sounding [200] of the Word, and its effect upon a particular esoteric center (not in any caseInitiation, 219:the law of retribution; the law of cause and effect, or ethical causation. There is the karma ofInitiation, 219:the resultant of moral action, or the moral effect of an act committed for the attainment ofInitiation, 220:and people. The outward expression, or the effect of the cause which is ever concealed. Thus,Intellect, 5:"Eastern philosophy, one suspects, has had small effect upon western thought chiefly because of itsIntellect, 23:for education, both lower and higher. The total effect, however, is disappointing, and misses theIntellect, 30:imagination. Could it be said that this is the effect of our modern educational systems? Is not theIntellect, 82:and is a mode of development whereby we effect union with the soul, and become aware of innerIntellect, 103:with other incidents, and a study of cause and effect. The "mind-stuff," as the Oriental calls it,Intellect, 109:has been chosen for a purpose, - either for its effect on the meditator or for its effect inIntellect, 109:for its effect on the meditator or for its effect in service upon some other person or in relationIntellect, 126:reference to him and to his affairs, and to the effect of life and circumstance upon him as theIntellect, 155:happiness, but that happiness is an after effect and not a part of the illumined state. TrueIntellect, 159:of clarity, sum up these results as follows: The effect on the mind is direct apprehension of truthIntellect, 159:main characteristics of illumination. A second effect on the mind is responsiveness to telepathicIntellect, 160:to an intense activity, which has a definite effect upon the nervous system, and secondly, there isIntellect, 166:platitudes of a nice and cultured mentality. The effect of the illuminative process on theIntellect, 168:other sort of Rapture is, on the contrary, the effect of pure intellectual vision in those who haveIntellect, 169:to learn the necessary adjustments. A second effect, as we have seen, is the recognition [170] ofIntellect, 171:coming and going on its own initiative. Its effect is astonishing in that it almost always bringsIntellect, 200:objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner willIntellect, 211:soul pours into the brain, and has a definite effect upon the nervous system. If, however, the mindIntellect, 211:(as in the case of the pure mystic) the effect makes itself felt primarily in the feelingIntellect, 231:should be chosen which are positive in their effect. Those that induce a waiting and negative stateIntellect, 240:energy, producing big results. The devastating effect of uncontrolled emotion, for instance, isIntellect, 241:that these varying energies will have a definite effect upon the energies of which he himself isIntellect, 248:Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation Another effect of meditation, and a very prevalent one atIntellect, 257:problems, and some potent mental occupation will effect a cure. It is for this reason that wiseMagic, 12:of matter and self, produces all forms. The effect of this junction is to add to the embryoMagic, 12:admits him to "the freedom of the heavens". The effect of the free [13] play of the soul of manMagic, 36:pairs of opposites, spirit and matter, and their effect upon each other. This is the basis ofMagic, 46:of the Zodiac appear to have a real effect upon our planet and of which astrology is as yet theMagic, 57:and therefore of egoic energy. Is not an effect of the vibration of the form side of life, beingMagic, 63:that he grasps the fact he is watching the effect of the cyclic impulses and the effect of theMagic, 63:the effect of the cyclic impulses and the effect of the soul's meditation upon his form nature, theMagic, 79:a magic nature. The amount of force required to effect certain results does not warrant their use,Magic, 79:elapse in an effort to produce an equilibrizing effect. Magic, 79:mind. The two types need each other, and their effect upon each other tends to eventual synthesis.Magic, 98:increases, as its light waxes more potent, its effect upon [99] the subhuman kingdoms is analogousMagic, 99:and this H. P. B. has well pointed out. The effect upon these lesser and more material states isMagic, 99:our solar system. In the vegetable kingdom, the effect will be the demonstration of increasedMagic, 99:be one of the results. In the animal kingdom the effect will be the elimination of pain andMagic, 101:harmless in their effects. Study your emotional effect on others so that by no mood, no depression,Magic, 103:one's own self and development, and from their effect upon those whom one contacts and upon one'sMagic, 106:from the bodies of adepts and saints, giving the effect of bright and shining light. When theMagic, 144:word light. First the sound and then the first effect of sound, the pouring forth of light, causingMagic, 146:next word in the sequence form. Vibration, the effect of divine activity, is two-fold. There is theMagic, 146:divine activity, is two-fold. There is the first effect in which the vibration (issuing from theMagic, 146:is registered, and the environment has its effect upon the form. This effect is noted, but notMagic, 146:environment has its effect upon the form. This effect is noted, but not understood. The man, underMagic, 147:slow and steady impact of this vibratory [147] effect, slowly awakens to consciousness orMagic, 165:understanding and the linking of cause and effect which are characteristic of the higher kingdom inMagic, 188:the motives which prompt his activity and at the effect of his influence upon his fellowmen. TrueMagic, 188:by strenuous physical plane activity; it is the effect of a man's being what he truly is, a divineMagic, 188:is, a divine Son of God, and not by the studied effect of his words or deeds. A true server gathersMagic, 191:of the activity of the will. The first effect is produced by character building, and by theMagic, 194:interests, and produce a magnetic and dynamic effect which will attract and lift humanity. ThisMagic, 199:an expression of force and its apparent effect in matter. The five centers with their forty-eightMagic, 206:The two activities must go hand in hand. The effect of breathing exercises is varied: There is anMagic, 206:exercises is varied: There is an oxygenating effect. The blood stream is purified and pressure isMagic, 206:vary according to the counts. There is a subtle effect of prana (which is the subjective elementMagic, 207:of time will have a shattering or a cohesive effect upon the physical body, and devitalize orMagic, 207:the etheric body correspondingly. There is the effect upon the centers, which is most effectual andMagic, 207:so awaken the head center. Let no one doubt the effect of breathing exercises upon the vital body.Magic, 214:eye can have a disintegrating and destroying effect. It can, through its focused attention,Magic, 215:undergoes a similar activity plus a stabilizing effect which brings to an end the restlessness andMagic, 221:note this for it is in itself an instance of the effect of the astral plane upon the human brain,Magic, 249:their reactions; others too materialistic. The effect of this is felt in the midway spot andMagic, 249:instability. This instability has a direct effect on the solar plexus center which was the "midwayMagic, 280:matter, control his use of thought, watch the effect of his mental processes on those he contacts,Magic, 282:upon their quality, produce a good or a bad effect, are coarsening or refining in their influence,Magic, 282:cell body. Thus, as we well know, the physical effect of a coarse brutal animal natured man will beMagic, 283:it with each other) having a harmonious effect physically upon each other. This is, on the outerMagic, 283:of its attractive force, and of the magnetic effect it is to have in the world? What does the groupMagic, 297:one from the following angles: The cause. The effect. The method of direction. You will note that IMagic, 298:itself, and is par excellence, a formulation or effect of the mind principle, and a result ofMagic, 303:the trained and controlled mind, that cause and effect will be seen as one, and right steps can beMagic, 304:catastrophes. He is simply deluded, but the effect on his astral body and upon his solar plexus isMagic, 309:or dryness, the heat or cold have a definite effect upon the psychological outlook. You will find,Magic, 311:energy of this involutionary life has a potent effect on that other tiny involutionary life whichMagic, 312:in certain types of men, and the other has an effect upon the sex life and produces some of thoseMagic, 313:the life of a decaying shell, is having a real effect in the inauguration of the New Age. ThisMagic, 313:effect in the inauguration of the New Age. This effect is twofold: - through the emanations fromMagic, 313:sign and an emotional sign. It will (through the effect of its potent force) stimulate the astralMagic, 314:into a perfect brotherhood. Its emotional effect will be to "purify" the astral bodies of men soMagic, 314:on which they most potently work. At present the effect of this sign is constructive among theMagic, 315:person with whom we live or daily consort has an effect upon us, either for good or evil. TheyMagic, 316:originating cause which sought to bring about an effect on the emotional body. Simple reaction. TheMagic, 321:in a sea of sentient forces which have their effect upon us because - under the Law - we haveMagic, 329:persisted for many centuries. What will be the effect of the message of a group Avatar? What willMagic, 329:great work of saving the world? What will be the effect of the mission of a group of world Saviors,
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