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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Psychology2, 124:are the characteristics of the true server? What effect does service have On the mind? On thePsychology2, 124:not a sentiment or an ideal, but that it is an effect and a scientific procedure at the same time.Psychology2, 124:can be briefly defined as the spontaneous effect of soul contact. This contact is so definite andPsychology2, 125:a theory of service. It is simply the first real effect, evidenced upon the physical plane, of thePsychology2, 125:service essentially is, has necessarily had an effect, and men today are earnestly attempting toPsychology2, 126:inevitably in two ways. First, there is their effect upon the individual. This occurs when the soulPsychology2, 126:these soul laws are beginning to have a group effect in humanity itself, and to influence the racePsychology2, 126:to influence the race of men as a whole. This effect is somewhat in the nature of it reflection inPsychology2, 127:him, gently and naturally, will then have an effect upon his environment and his associates. ThisPsychology2, 127:upon his environment and his associates. This effect can then be called a "life of service." TooPsychology2, 128:begin to flow through the man to others, and the effect in a man's immediate family and group willPsychology2, 128:flow of life becomes stronger through use, the effect will spread out from the small surroundingPsychology2, 128:under the influence of the Law of Service) the effect of the outpouring life may become nationwidePsychology2, 132:in the world today which is working under the effect of that general response to which we earlierPsychology2, 133:Ray - The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life What Effect does Service have upon the Mind, thePsychology2, 134:by any individual, begins to emerge. The first effect of the inflowing force of the soul, which isPsychology2, 136:the emotional or astral body. Here again the effect will be dual, owing to the condition of thePsychology2, 143:The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life Ray VI The effect of the activity of this ray, during the pastPsychology2, 145:Great Invocation which has been used with marked effect. It should continue to be used, for it isPsychology2, 147:The energy displayed is dissipating in its effect. This law works as a dispersing agent. When inPsychology2, 149:what we have to say about the functioning and effect of the Law of Repulse into three parts: ThePsychology2, 166:and read for yourselves the pilgrim's way. The effect of this Law of Repulse, as it works out inPsychology2, 173:where the personality is concerned; their effect does not register, even though necessarilyPsychology2, 174:can serve his fellow men. These laws have this effect only as they emerge in the consciousness ofPsychology2, 175:and normal interpretation and the immediate effect of the practice is to teach the disciple toPsychology2, 177:Progress can only begin to have a conscious effect in the life of the disciple who has been pledgedPsychology2, 185:bodies and to the soul by their coordinating effect. These streams of energy, in their turn, havePsychology2, 185:These streams of energy, in their turn, have an effect on the physical body and swing it intoPsychology2, 193:that these Groups are not a cause but an effect. That they may themselves have an initiatory effectPsychology2, 193:That they may themselves have an initiatory effect as they work upon the physical plane is no doubtPsychology2, 195:the minds of men, and this is, in its turn, the effect of various types of energy, which arePsychology2, 195:energies of the zodiacal signs have a specific effect upon the energy of a Being, Whose purposePsychology2, 195:natural laws and also spiritual laws. This effect produces a blending of energies which is bothPsychology2, 198:five laws with which we have been dealing: Law Effect General Physical Effect Reaction QualityPsychology2, 198:have been dealing: Law Effect General Physical Effect Reaction Quality Physical Plane Unity - ThePsychology2, 198:a definite activity upon the physical plane. The effect or consequences of the impulses behind themPsychology2, 199:is such that only in five instances can the effect of these laws be noted, and then only by thePsychology2, 199:the initiate can dimly begin to recognize the effect of the sixth and the seventh laws, but no onePsychology2, 205:momentarily make itself felt, and thus at need effect important decisions. These are the nice goodPsychology2, 227:is will, functioning in love) has been able to effect in conjunction with matter for the productionPsychology2, 247:of meaning will produce not only a pronounced effect upon the spiritual seeker himself but willPsychology2, 260:delay their entry into physical life in order to effect a conditioning of the processes ofPsychology2, 260:but it is naturally brought about by the simple effect of their living in the world and therePsychology2, 260:themselves frequently quite unconscious of the effect that they are having. It will be apparentPsychology2, 270:The Approach of Appropriation will express the effect of the present stimulation upon the unevolvedPsychology2, 271:through the gate of initiation, and is the effect of the same energy playing upon the personalitiesPsychology2, 273:Today, such is the progress made through the effect of evolution that many people can and doPsychology2, 298:may be their own rays and the consequent ray effect in their lives, and thus draw up mostPsychology2, 301:their effects, upon dreams and their occasional effect, upon instinctual behavior (which is largelyPsychology2, 306:below the diaphragm receive the major impact and effect of the incoming life. Three of the petalsPsychology2, 311:terms of the mass activity, and the preparatory effect where humanity, as a whole is concerned. ThePsychology2, 320:This is positive energy having an attractive effect upon negative energy. The outgoing tendency.Psychology2, 327:now engaged, our primary aim is to point out the effect upon the soul of the experiences undergonePsychology2, 368:light of the soul or may have a striking harmful effect. Psychology2, 376:grasped and deeply considered will have the effect of producing alignment. The moment that thisPsychology2, 395:infallible comprehension which grasps cause and effect simultaneously, and sees why and whence andPsychology2, 408:of the educational procedure will be to effect this with the minimum of difficulty. The humanPsychology2, 436:Found between a man and his environment. The effect of this may mean that he is an anti-socialPsychology2, 452:Stimulation might, therefore, be defined as the effect which energy has upon force. It is thePsychology2, 452:effect which energy has upon force. It is the effect which soul has upon form, and which the higherPsychology2, 481:desirably) or which may have only a temporary effect, once the urge of response has exhaustedPsychology2, 483:the recognition of the great Law of Cause and Effect (working out from life to life) and thePsychology2, 483:as it works out under the Law of Cause and Effect and the truth [484] about man's innate divinityPsychology2, 487:are, for instance, having a deep psychological effect upon humanity: The suspense, fear andPsychology2, 503:category of dreams above) will still have some effect. This condition of mixed recording, ofPsychology2, 512:the etheric body itself through the galvanizing effect of two things: ideas, as they are presentedPsychology2, 516:of the individual. There is, therefore, a mass effect and an individual effect and these two mustPsychology2, 516:is, therefore, a mass effect and an individual effect and these two must be more carefully borne inPsychology2, 517:source of much of the present world crisis. The effect of this "pull" in two directions is having aPsychology2, 517:"pull" in two directions is having a serious effect upon sensitive individuals. They are pulled inPsychology2, 517:their influences have ceased entirely to have an effect upon humanity, there will be fusion and notPsychology2, 518:of the zodiac into which we are now passing. The effect of the relation existing between the forcesPsychology2, 518:in every department of human life today. The effect of the new zodiacal influences upon the elevenPsychology2, 518:and one that has been little considered. What effect will the potency of the sign Aquarius (whichPsychology2, 519:it will contribute an entirely new approach. The effect of the relation of the seven rays to thePsychology2, 519:task of the psychologist is to investigate the effect or the relation of the seven centers ofPsychology2, 525:is as yet of so small a measure that the effect of the transference is almost negligible. ThisPsychology2, 533:the atoms of the body and thus having a powerful effect upon the entire nervous system which itPsychology2, 537:This congestion has a general and widespread effect. Difficulties arising from the awakening of thePsychology2, 537:the mystical experience) produce also a powerful effect upon the blood stream. They are connectedPsychology2, 542:results of any transference which is forced into effect instead of following the natural course ofPsychology2, 547:in the planet itself and having a definite effect upon humanity, through contact with the soil andPsychology2, 557:am giving you upon the psychic powers and their effect. The next idea to which I would call yourPsychology2, 565:of distress and goes forward and produces its effect without any capacity on the part of thePsychology2, 582:mental faculties. This has an integrating effect and temporarily is marked by a complete andPsychology2, 603:burning astral fever necessarily produces an effect upon the physical body as well as on thePsychology2, 608:localized around the pineal gland. The vibratory effect, you know, of those two centers can becomePsychology2, 610:- and thus producing or exciting a definite effect upon the eyes and upon the optic nerve.Psychology2, 611:the quality of burning than has soul light. The effect of the soul light is stimulating andPsychology2, 614:they have little registered or noticeable effect upon the unevolved man or upon the average man whoPsychology2, 620:flow of group life and activity so will be the effect - emotional and physical - upon any sensitivePsychology2, 622:base of the spine, will in time have a peculiar effect upon the entire circulatory system, for thisPsychology2, 684:to convey the needed power and understanding to effect the intended work, and secondly the effortPsychology2, 685:being to respond and to understand. In order to effect this transmission of force, a peculiarPsychology2, 702:progress was made. This had a threefold effect: The lives of all true aspirants and disciples werePsychology2, 706:results of soul contacts on human beings and the effect to be seen in the personality life might bePsychology2, 708:or they may work out as physiological effect with a definite psychological basis. These forms ofPsychology2, 710:phenomenally magnetic and influential in their effect on others; they unify and blend and gatherPsychology2, 719:consciousness, and that, in its turn, has an effect upon the form. It is possible (and so thePsychology2, 720:Age. These are having a wide and general effect upon the ethers around the earth, upon the
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