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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECT

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Psychology2, 721:to respond to the new forces is there, and the effect upon the mind and brain is real and lasting.Psychology2, 721:and the head center (Sirius). The secondary effect of these energies is upon the mineral kingdom,Psychology2, 724:and the stabilizing of the exoteric outer effect, of which the earlier effort was naturally andRays, 13:rapport with the human kingdom, the fourth. The effect of all these great groups of Lives uponRays, 13:the inflow of this energy, its inevitable effect under cyclic law and its consequences, as theyRays, 14:transmutation and abstraction, and the one effect is as unalterable as the other. It is upon thisRays, 17:experience and soul awareness. The secondary effect can be noted in the human consciousness by theRays, 30:aspirants have noted and have been taught the effect of the will upon the astral, or emotionalRays, 32:own reactions and training, and as regards any effect which he may call forth in the life of aRays, 35:the effort you make to understand will have its effect, even if the brain registers it not. In theRays, 40:space and electricity stands revealed. The major effect of this revelation (prior to the thirdRays, 42:soul or form, or by both united, can have any effect upon his attaining his final destination. IRays, 50:modern language; ideas are formless and are in effect points of energy, outward moving in orderRays, 55:Ageless Wisdom takes note. It is related to the effect of spirit or life upon substance, thusRays, 56:of tension, until the third initiation. Then the effect of the OM is such that the personality as aRays, 58:that mysterious event which is the result of the effect of all preceding developments and to whichRays, 74:of light. Light and revelation are cause and effect. The coming revelation for which all men wait,Rays, 75:abundantly" is developed and has its inevitable effect. Students would do well to bear in mind thatRays, 94:of men. I am not able to express the effect of the outpouring from Shamballa in clearer terms. WeRays, 97:one of the most important hints concerns the effect of the group life and radiation upon theRays, 98:both eliminating and substituting results. The effect of the life of the Ashram, as far as theRays, 104:death or dissolution is in reality a great effect produced by the central Cause, and the injunctionRays, 105:existence. He discovers that death is simply an effect produced by life and by his conscious will,Rays, 111:soul (which is relationship) begins to have an effect; men become larger in their outlook and theirRays, 120:response. This sense of synthesis has a mass effect earlier than it has an individual effect, andRays, 120:a mass effect earlier than it has an individual effect, and this is a thing of interest andRays, 124:that it registers on ears with very little effect. Secondly, the whole story of life - which isRays, 125:by the applicant to himself, and the effect of the discipline is to reveal to him certainRays, 151:"The Law demands the entrance of that which can effect a change. The Law demands that rightRays, 164:The Law demands the entrance of that which can effect a change. Bearing in mind what I haveRays, 176:focused will-to-good which is so dynamic in its effect that evil disappears. Evil is after all onlyRays, 181:into contact with the human intelligence, the effect upon humanity (before mastery is gained) is toRays, 185:practically no place, and therefore little or no effect upon the forces and energies which wereRays, 185:and planned impression from the Hierarchy; any effect coming from the human kingdom was due solelyRays, 185:larger tribes or embryonic nations, this mass effect increased, but there was still but littleRays, 191:forces are now raging and running wild; their effect is almost tangible (being in ethericRays, 194:[194] to the feet of the Initiator through the effect of love, and thus he availed himself of theRays, 219:so intensely preoccupied with themselves, their effect upon others, their endurances and pain, orRays, 220:increases and stabilizes, is invocatory in effect and draws forth response eventually from theRays, 229:into the field of the human consciousness. The effect of this release is to awaken the intuitionRays, 230:Initiation You will note, therefore, that the effect of Aquarius upon the Hierarchy (as far as you,Rays, 238:does (as part of a normal development) feel the effect. From the Christ down to the newest andRays, 241:a goal in itself. You seldom consider it as an effect of the inner purpose of Sanat Kumara. TheRays, 241:been on the aspect of revelation, making it an effect of what the disciple has done with himselfRays, 243:to think and consciously to relate cause and effect. It is a process on the way to somethingRays, 260:the evolutionary process. Evolution is an effect of this hidden work, emanating from cosmic levels;Rays, 262:energy begin now to have a dynamic transmutative effect in the world of forms wherein he nowRays, 271:high stage of initiation of the group and is, in effect, connected with inter-hierarchicalRays, 274:will automatically and with full circulatory effect enable the exoteric work of the men and womenRays, 279:of daily life experience, under the magnetic effect of soul contact, and as the inevitable resultRays, 281:to the interior work of the Hierarchy and the effect of this living, developing intensity upon theRays, 282:becomes more and more inclusive. That is the effect upon Him, as He works on behalf of humanity orRays, 282:in nature. There is a definite and evolutionary effect. But on the higher three levels of theRays, 290:between Will and Love produced a definite effect in [291] the consciousness of the Christ and ledRays, 306:taken to implement divine purpose, the resultant effect may be the destroying of forms in the threeRays, 306:of forms in the three worlds, but that is an effect and only a secondary destruction; somethingRays, 324:from the angle of the seven rays, from the effect upon the centers, planetary and individual, andRays, 330:has been subjected (with a consequent purifying effect which will demonstrate later), it will beRays, 336:our Treatise; we will confine ourselves to the effect of the rays upon the initiate and to theRays, 339:of zodiacal influences have eventually a dual effect: one upon Shamballa (the planetary headRays, 339:the Hierarchy (the planetary heart center); the effect is also felt in the head center and theRays, 354:of fire by friction has a potent and destructive effect upon the dense physical body. The GreatRays, 361:Shamballa, is having a [361] definite vibratory effect upon Him; also (and this will beRays, 364:the word "spiritual" refers to every effect of the evolutionary process as it drives man forwardRays, 370:to man, though the results can be seen in the effect which humanity has had on the animal kingdom,Rays, 371:and into the highest center of all; it has this effect only after the entering initiate has takenRays, 374:men, aspirants, probationers and disciples, the effect is stimulating and magnetic. On averageRays, 374:to impact and sensitive to impression, the effect is not helpful and is often destructive, becauseRays, 374:high vibrations. On undeveloped humanity, the effect has been called "condensation orRays, 374:The great Ashram is likewise magnetic in its effect, and through its magnetic potency (broughtRays, 388:working under its inspiration and through the effect of the second ray central fire. All have atRays, 415:Shamballa and is focused in the Hierarchy. Its effect is not felt until after the third initiation,Rays, 419:aspects of life to unfold and manifest. The effect of these intentions of the ray Lords or LivesRays, 442:and to that which is committed to him as the effect or the result of each successive initiation. IRays, 442:each successive initiation. I prefer the word "effect" to the word "result," for the initiateRays, 442:works consciously with the Law of Cause and Effect on planes other than the physical. We use theRays, 443:entirely since early Atlantean days. The effect of an increasing soul contact has not simply beenRays, 447:past months or years is closely assessed; the effect of that gain upon the daily life and in theRays, 457:in unison will produce a definitely attractive effect upon the Spiritual Triad. This SpiritualRays, 457:turn has been exerting an increasingly magnetic effect upon the personality. This begins at theRays, 471:energy upon our planet is now having a definite effect upon that center which we call Humanity.Rays, 473:that their magnetic influence and their creative effect are making the building of the antahkaranaRays, 481:this [481] about, and only those can escape the effect of the vitality of their own centers who areRays, 493:He is therefore himself invocative. His life effect is registered upon the higher levels ofRays, 503:this relation (and its conscious interplay and effect) which is evoked by the building of theRays, 510:an active holding agent. Indicate briefly the effect of the Word of Power. When adequate stabilityRays, 513:quality of his idea which will bring the right effect, and not the way in which he makes a soundRays, 535:All this is the result of a process and the effect of the inherent livingness which is found in allRays, 545:the Ashram and of their training, have a potent effect upon those whom they may contact. The effectRays, 545:effect upon those whom they may contact. The effect is produced without intention and is caused byRays, 545:that the presence of a Master will have a potent effect where an individual disciple is concerned.Rays, 553:energies occultly "fell into the center," the effect produced was both good and bad. Human unityRays, 565:not hitherto realized - by the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law of Cause and Effect (from theRays, 565:Law of Cause and Effect. This Law of Cause and Effect (from the spiritual angle) appears to theRays, 567:the nature of the Plan, which is after all an effect of the Purpose. In these five preliminaryRays, 568:initiation with which it is associated. Its effect upon humanity, regarding humanity as a worldRays, 569:activity, and this is the case today. The major effect, as far as humanity is concerned, is to makeRays, 573:during the process of the first initiation. Its effect upon humanity will be: To bring about theRays, 574:far as the individual initiate is concerned, the effect of seventh ray energy in his life is potentRays, 574:process is consciously taking place. The effect of this upon the mental plane is similar to that
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