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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTED

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Astrology, 134:largely responsible for the changes now being effected in our planetary life in all the kingdoms ofAstrology, 207:defects straightened out and some real advance effected. But the unconquered residue and theAstrology, 440:and these should produce - if correctly effected - that which is called alignment or integration,Astrology, 453:fusion of energies resulting therefrom has been effected. I refer to this particular world cycleAstrology, 613:a determination to follow the will-to-good has effected in his life. Beyond this realization, heAstrology, 680:of Spirit-matter and mind, or manas, was effected during the third root-race, and that theAstrology, 683:and the One Initiator. This could not have been effected had not the planetary Logos of the VenusBethlehem, 143:blended and fused the part with the whole, and effected an at-one-ment between the will of God,Discipleship2, 517:life wherein a major transfer must be effected. To all this again must be added the present worldEducation, 31:few people (the initiates of the world) having effected all the lower syntheses, are now occupiedEducation, 75:is of small moment. An orientation has been effected, an attitude (usually defensive, and thereforeEducation, 126:group and group. In the earlier stages this is effected on a mass scale by [127] means of theExternalisation, 29:the ages. In every case, the origin of the work effected and the medium whereby the race has beenExternalisation, 198:without simplicity and goodwill little can be effected after the world war. The great need will beFire, 116:order to make plainer the changes that must be effected and the dangers that must be offset.Fire, 124:with greatly increased velocity. This is effected definitely at the first Initiation when theFire, 124:to ray) become active and a similar process is effected between them as was effected in the pranicFire, 124:similar process is effected between them as was effected in the pranic triangle. From being threeFire, 127:that the higher union with the Logos may be effected; this union must be desired, not for selfishFire, 136:The junction of the two fires of matter is effected early in the history of man, and is the causeFire, 137:merges with the fire of mind through a junction effected at the alta major center. This center isFire, 139:second blending with the fire of manas has to be effected. Scarcely as yet have men succeeded inFire, 139:is the complete merging with the fire of manas effected, and only when it progresses geometricallyFire, 236:cosmic opposite, and the marriage of the Son is effected. The two cosmic units merge. If we hereFire, 287:matter. For the mass of humanity, this will be effected during the opening up of the ethericFire, 335:might be said that the key whereby entrance is effected into the human kingdom is that of instinct.Fire, 348:and on the astral planes. By the stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke toFire, 365:life and influence of the different schemes is effected in four different ways: First, throughFire, 367:and the One Initiator. This could not have been effected had not the planetary Logos of the VenusFire, 386:of Spirit-matter and mind, or manas, was effected during the third root-race, and that theFire, 405:Factor When the process of transmutation is effected by the five Heavenly Men, then the wholeFire, 446:type of energy. A transference is being effected of certain groups of human and deva Monads out ofFire, 462:whole cycle of the fifth round, and will thus be effected normally and as the result of dueFire, 491:the work proceeds under rule and order, and is effected through the cooperation of the devas in theFire, 492:the removal of all that obstructs. This is effected, in relation to man, at the JudgmentFire, 497:any other kingdom. The transmutative process is effected more easily in the vegetable kingdom thanFire, 582:the Law of Cohesion, the disintegration having effected that which makes cohesion possible. We canFire, 582:his physical body. When this disintegration is effected, the man merges with his astral vehicle,Fire, 584:it was this Law of Magnetic Control that effected the juncture of astro-animal man, and theFire, 652:push onward along the evolutionary path has been effected, and hence one of the great objects ofFire, 697:Logos of which he is a part; this is consciously effected. The two initiations, called the sixthFire, 700:stimulation, and this special group of Pitris effected a transition of the lower into the higherFire, 714:a revolution upon the planet second only to that effected at the time of individualization. I wouldFire, 720:of the germ or spark of mind; this will be effected by a dynamic action of the will. This seemsFire, 721:system. In the earlier system, emancipation was effected through the faculty of discrimination,Fire, 757:to the inspiration of His Lord. This is effected via the chela's Ego, the force flowing through hisFire, 768:individualization as we understand it is not yet effected. This process of radioactivity on theFire, 824:remains to be unclosed. This final opening is effected during the period of treading the stages ofFire, 828:interesting period in which certain things are effected which might be described in the followingFire, 851:a brother planetary Logos whereby an exchange is effected. The student must here think in terms ofFire, 861:is in process of awakening. This has to be effected before the interplay of energy between theFire, 999:set up by the man when meditating. When this is effected, the man can be a conscious creator, andFire, 1229:is, to those who (through the medium of the work effected in the third Initiation) have been put inFire, 1243:is one of the fourth order. This merging is effected in the following way: The initiates upon PathFire, 1268:of SATURN seen, and thus the consummation is effected. Through SATURN'S fateful force the victorHealing, 314:in these early developments then the cure can be effected, but only again if the will of theHealing, 449:"The Law demands that the changes thus effected remove the form, bring quality to light, and layHealing, 550:essential in its implications if a cure is to be effected or if the healer is not to waste time inHealing, 711:and a way and thus confront the enemy who has effected entrance and settled down to live. EjectionInitiation, 67:matter, so that direct communication can be effected between the higher and the lower via theInitiation, 127:and on the astral planes. By the stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke toInitiation, 148:group from the moment that segregation has been effected, and is brought about by the InitiatorIntellect, 79:that of soul realization and soul awareness is effected is that of meditation. This process ofIntellect, 81:place here. "The realization of this identity is effected by Yoga, that is, the intimate andIntellect, 91:the mind to the soul, and through the union thus effected, enter into communication with a higherIntellect, 159:the part of his instrument with which contact is effected. Leaving the subject of Union and theMagic, 146:finally the integrated form can be built. This effected, the aspect of vibration is to be noted asMagic, 534:of Liberation becomes active and a transition is effected out of a prison house which cramps andMeditation, 6:brain and its final alignment remain to be effected, so that it may act as a direct receiver andMeditation, 30:The Lords of the Flame were called in and they effected the transfer of polarization from the lowerMeditation, 67:assignment to other groups more suitable will be effected by judicious consideration of the workMeditation, 78:that the shattering of the causal body is effected. When the inner fire is circulating through eachMeditation, 122:that this entrance which we call obsession is effected largely through the negative attitudeMeditation, 124:web is not closed tight, and entrance can be effected from without. This is a physical plane cause,Meditation, 137:some weak spot. The door whereby entrance is effected must be opened by the man himself; theMeditation, 186:prepare it for the final disintegration which is effected by fire. Mantrams that evoke the GodMeditation, 189:burns on one of the three lower planes. This is effected through the activity of elementals,Meditation, 193:of a funnel for use. This is very definitely effected through the instrumentality of the centers.Meditation, 248:of the Triad, or the threefold Spirit. This is effected by the truly occult meditation. That theMeditation, 250:effect, psychological and otherwise. More was effected by the sound of the great guns, forMeditation, 259:of spirit. A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has effected the transfer of polarization from theMeditation, 277:with emphasis I reiterate - only as alignment is effected is the Master able to work with theMeditation, 277:with the bodies of the pupil. If naught else is effected by the publication of these letters exceptMeditation, 334:of the physical body is an essential. It is effected in various ways, all of them reasonable andMeditation, 335:be available by which more rapid refining may be effected: The use of colored lights. These lightsPatanjali, 8:the Transfiguration). A later synthesis is then effected between the united third and secondPatanjali, 70:from the wrong states of consciousness can be effected. The next sutra is most interesting as itPatanjali, 170:This process is a progressive one and cannot be effected all at once. It covers two stages: 1. ThePatanjali, 210:or inner ruler, then unity with the soul is effected, and consequently identification with that onePatanjali, 290:all be thrown into uniform activity. [290] This effected, the fire at the base of the spine,Patanjali, 311:process and the transference which is effected in the solar plexus. The energy of the sacral centerPsychology1, 168:seven differentiations of one great cosmic ray, effected within the very being of our solar LogosPsychology2, 103:foundation for later relinquishing which can be effected without [104] pain and the sense of loss,Psychology2, 134:the planetary Hierarchy. When alignment has been effected, when the at-one-ment has been morePsychology2, 220:as the result of the interposition, consciously effected, by the Hierarchy. It is possible for usPsychology2, 225:with the soul. The higher at-one-ments, hitherto effected on the plane of mind, have to bePsychology2, 269:nature, and the Touch of Enlightenment is effected through the mind. The first three initiationsPsychology2, 358:This can take place when the disciple has effected the needed integrations of the threefold lowerPsychology2, 414:person, let us remember that the fusion effected and the changes brought about are the result ofPsychology2, 435:activity when two major fusions have been effected: that of the fusions of the three bodies into
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