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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTIVE

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Discipleship2, 100:how do you propose to implement it and make it effective? What is the main task of the Ashram atDiscipleship2, 118:attention, the results may be most potent and effective - far more so than you may think. TheDiscipleship2, 126:been patiently and regularly done and produced effective results - from my point of view. I shallDiscipleship2, 159:function, and the Will of God demonstrate its effective goodwill. Through humanity, alone andDiscipleship2, 161:can be expected more rapidly and prove more effective. This raincloud is formed through the jointDiscipleship2, 181:first makes the second possible and eventually effective. This meditation, when practiced,Discipleship2, 182:spine, and that this second meditation is only effective when the disciple can work with the heartDiscipleship2, 182:and the thousand-petalled lotus. This becomes effective physically through the medium of the pinealDiscipleship2, 183:major center. This center becomes physically effective through the carotid gland. The alta majorDiscipleship2, 183:and general alignment; of this alignment, the effective use of the new Great Invocation will be anDiscipleship2, 185:essential unity. The disciple becomes outwardly effective. His Ashramic consciousness and his powerDiscipleship2, 215:work, leading to creative result of an effective nature, upon which you might reflect. For ourDiscipleship2, 219:and a cycle of organization, of planning and of effective expression will follow. Reflection,Discipleship2, 224:these meditative forms that they will not prove effective and of the needed vital potency unlessDiscipleship2, 234:formulation of what he can do along the line of effective cooperation, is of no service orDiscipleship2, 235:avenues of thinking to make that plan useful and effective is meditation; laying oneself open toDiscipleship2, 236:guidance of a Master. Meditation only becomes effective creatively and on all the three planes inDiscipleship2, 239:meditation which can be immediately effective is organized and developed. [243] Discipleship2, 248:That form of alignment is the production of effective and direct contact with the soul. TheDiscipleship2, 260:They respond to human need when the demand is effective, and are custodians of the Plan; but theDiscipleship2, 279:mind. Knowledge is that which brings about an effective working relation between this outer tier ofDiscipleship2, 279:the past and the present, and thus produce effective, phenomenal living today. Wisdom is theDiscipleship2, 312:this pure destiny will become correspondingly effective. This is an important point upon which toDiscipleship2, 340:ordinary student understands it - is no longer effective. Neither good Karma, resulting in a senseDiscipleship2, 344:demanding entrance on the basis of demonstrated, effective, creative work. They show also (and IDiscipleship2, 379:energy which makes the work of the world servers effective. You can see from this short resuméDiscipleship2, 432:his disciples, is to aid them in bringing about effective Polarization and a consequent spiritualDiscipleship2, 443:coming period of reconstruction you will be of effective service. But, brother of mine, to be trulyDiscipleship2, 443:service. But, brother of mine, to be truly effective in the manner desired, you must cultivate theDiscipleship2, 454:of tension has completed its work, and become effective when the interlude of recognition has madeDiscipleship2, 454:these departments of life will depend upon your effective use of "interludes." Only you canDiscipleship2, 461:creative work. It is also rendered more effective if aided by the will and as your mental body isDiscipleship2, 562:opportunity. But, my brother, to make this duly effective and to get true and real benefit out ofDiscipleship2, 573:in this development and increase your vision, effective service and usefulness. Do this meditationDiscipleship2, 582:dominant energy should render your outer work effective upon the physical plane, if you willDiscipleship2, 582:organized vehicle. When your work is not effective, brother of mine, what is the reason? Note thatDiscipleship2, 582:of the Ashram. The result should be most effective service and the steady growth of any work youDiscipleship2, 611:the nature of release and of a freeing for more effective service. In reviewing what I said to youDiscipleship2, 710:capacity upon the physical plane in outer effective human service. You have made great strides inDiscipleship2, 717:individual instructions, I have used the word "effective"? This has been deliberate upon my part,Discipleship2, 736:(are you not, my brother?) which will produce effective change. I seek to have you ponder upon theDiscipleship2, 741:my tried and loved disciple, because I see more effective service to be rendered by you if you canDiscipleship2, 743:outer plane. When his service is as full and as effective as he can render it, then - under aDiscipleship2, 749:problem is in reality a vital thought-form, effective for good or evil. The line of establishedDiscipleship2, 752:what people ordinarily call good. I refer to effective radiation. What causes this, my brother? IEducation, 16:much energy by the idea as is needed to make it effective or "apparent" (esoterically speaking). OfEducation, 49:incorporate them into the whole as integral and effective parts, and thus avoid the separateEducation, 112:and absorption has been going on and may prove effective. Let us work towards that end. But at theExternalisation, 106:hierarchical conclave in 1925 has been real and effective. That meeting of the Masters of theExternalisation, 142:the knowledge of the formula, will be great and effective. It will change attitudes, enlighten theExternalisation, 144:Lord's Prayer) and the Great Invocation are only effective if used upon the mental plane and withExternalisation, 144:the mind, they automatically become dynamically effective. Students all the world over have forExternalisation, 145:effects. The OM is potent and [145] dynamically effective when rightly used and will produceExternalisation, 147:Logos and must, therefore, become dynamically effective upon the physical plane? Hardly more than aExternalisation, 147:manner, or considered it must be occultly effective because they heard that it emanated from aExternalisation, 147:with those of the Hierarchy and thus produce an effective use of the Great Invocation with itsExternalisation, 148:to use the Great Invocation so that it may be effective can be developed if those who are workingExternalisation, 151:right way and the results will be increasingly effective. The evocation of the Hierarchy throughExternalisation, 154:If the Great Invocation can be rendered effective, humanity can then set up a direct relationshipExternalisation, 154:of the above statements. Suffering is the most effective and most rapid way of evoking worldExternalisation, 157:story. These rightly carried forward will prove effective. Would it clarify matters for you if IExternalisation, 172:to become distraught by the dual effort of being effective in service, whilst at the same timeExternalisation, 193:inspired. The future world order will be the effective expression of a fusion of the innerExternalisation, 223:Forces and can make Their work possible and effective. It is potent physically and emotionallyExternalisation, 250:are serving upon the physical plane, the more effective will be your use of the new Invocation. IExternalisation, 268:You can see from the above remark how the effective use of invocation is therefore dependent uponExternalisation, 268:produce those conditions which will bring about effective and recognized freedom. How They will doExternalisation, 270:Love - which is wisdom, understanding, and effective, skillful activity. When this invocation isExternalisation, 303:energy will be created which may prove a more effective way of releasing energy and a safer way,Externalisation, 309:which frequently stand between a disciple and effective service on the physical plane. It is oldExternalisation, 310:took right action, which have prevented effective service. But, my brother, all things have toExternalisation, 340:brought about a spurious but temporarily most effective unity. This has been lacking in the case ofExternalisation, 347:energy on to the waiting world where its effective use will be largely dependent upon the sensitiveExternalisation, 351:action. Both the Full Moons should be times of effective service. The Buddha does not requireExternalisation, 354:It is, therefore, easily to be seen and most effective in manifestation. Three nations express theExternalisation, 364:who could and would sweep the mass of men into effective opposition to the Axis Powers. TheExternalisation, 376:the old and horrid ways of life. Nothing really effective had been done, prior to the war, toExternalisation, 386:will require much money to make the preparation effective, to send a trained personnel into theExternalisation, 388:and particularly at the Wesak Festival, will be effective if the "cold light" of the aspirants andExternalisation, 397:it did not, therefore, prove adequately effective in arresting the onward march of evil. It does,Externalisation, 397:of goodwill which will render world peace an effective outcome of wise action and the establishmentExternalisation, 414:energy and of the forces of love, and when effective, will evoke the response of spiritual BeingsExternalisation, 423:He Who comes will make this union possible and effective. This event will evoke worldwideExternalisation, 442:what you can to heal divisions, and thus render effective that basic integrity which should uniteExternalisation, 445:of occult matters or of human fate or of the effective enterprise of human free will [446]Externalisation, 446:and the breadth of their thinking may prove so effective that the "Cycle of Conferences and ofExternalisation, 448:He is, however, responsible for a newer and more effective presentation of the coming worldExternalisation, 525:own place (a sealing which will be progressively effective) have made a closer relationshipExternalisation, 541:to be done by the Hierarchy will be far more effective. This you may anticipate and upon this youExternalisation, 543:which should have been passing out. So effective has been their work that the teachings of theExternalisation, 572:free people of certain spiritual qualities and effective activities which they believe signify thatExternalisation, 572:of hierarchical appearance is dependent upon the effective service of the first group of isolatedExternalisation, 585:life task and proving themselves capable of effective work along some particular line, able toExternalisation, 601:heart. This has already been done, and with most effective results. Of the factual nature of thisExternalisation, 617:requires a world which will have in it enough effective workers and spiritually-minded people toExternalisation, 632:of the New Group of World Servers. This is an effective group of workers, intermediate betweenExternalisation, 643:receptivity of men; the creative appearance of effective goodwill can, however, be some time inExternalisation, 643:appearance, on a scale great enough to be effective throughout the whole world. This greatly to beExternalisation, 652:humanity come to an end? In what manner will the effective and needed changes be made? How will theExternalisation, 653:countries of the world wherein they can render effective service. The reappearance of the Christ at
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