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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTIVE

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Externalisation, 654:full use and two of them are rapidly coming into effective service. It must be borne in mind that IExternalisation, 676:by the Will-to-Good, is rapidly becoming effective. In London, in New York, in Geneva andFire, 339:along the line of what we call love. Effective work in connection with evolution, or theFire, 393:the seed, the result of prior actions, remains effective, and asserts a strong controllingFire, 464:and producing response. This awakens to a more effective apprehension all the units of the animalFire, 476:[476] searches for the Philosopher's Stone, that effective transmuting agent which will bring aboutFire, 478:here is that the transmuting process, when effective, is superficially the result of outsideFire, 646:base of the spine. In this center we have a very effective display of the two polarities, for theFire, 683:As the nature of his own centers, and their effective action upon his own dense physical body, isFire, 968:and leads to rapid results - these results being effective of accomplishment according to theFire, 968:forms created by average man are only relatively effective, and this within great limitations, andFire, 975:be the more this energy will be centralized and effective. Much of the ineffectiveness of people isGlamourfor special group purposes are not in general as effective when used as an individual exercise. TheGlamour, 27:of difficulty. To find out what methods are effective in inducing a cessation of the bewilderingGlamour, 155:reality and away from the Great Illusion is made effective, and the Angel and the Dweller areGlamour, 161:It is, therefore, easily to be seen and most effective in manifestation. Three nations express theGlamour, 180:life, is not used at this time in the process of effective approach. It is the effort primarily toGlamour, 193:just as the technique of the Presence becomes effective upon the mental plane, so this techniqueGlamour, 193:this technique produces powers which can become effective on the astral plane and eventually bringGlamour, 211:I am developing for you is one of rapid and effective dissipation and is based upon the acceptanceGlamour, 212:three stages must be somewhat developed before effective use of the formulas can be possible, andGlamour, 213:an almost instinctual reaction, then sound and effective work can be done; to this work must beGlamour, 213:in the light of many minds, rendering them effective instruments in world affairs, penetrating andGlamour, 215:if he would lay the foundations for effective service in the dissipation of world glamor. Glamour, 221:sixth ray astral vehicles. These make the most effective workers in the group but are subject toGlamour, 255:so later. The only factor which makes the breath effective is the thought, the intent and theGlamour, 256:employ this form of life direction and reach effective results. This is fundamentally true.Healing, 8:the healer has the duty of rendering himself effective, and according to what he is, so will be theHealing, 96:to a failure to "carry through" the thought into effective action upon the physical plane. ThisHealing, 103:and the work done would not be adequately effective. From the physical standpoint, they work alone;Healing, 123:in any case, the disciple [123] becomes an effective influence and can never be what isHealing, 139:objective before the average man (unconsciously effective) is to respond fully to personalityHealing, 139:or undeveloped man (again unconsciously effective) is to live a full animal and emotional life,Healing, 168:to master the processes whereby it can be made effective - or the nature of that which must beHealing, 186:the potency of their life, themselves are effective in destroying all hindrances and obstructions.Healing, 208:(which is in the last analysis the effective and practical application [209] of the known facts) itHealing, 215:stages, and becomes increasingly dynamic and effective as the various stages upon the Path areHealing, 244:or not, the later stages of dissolution, effective after the conscious withdrawal of the soulHealing, 245:it is itself a full and - on its own plane - an effective expression of the three divine aspects;Healing, 285:for you to do definite healing work that will be effective, sound, right and permissible. The risksHealing, 290:as the process of individualization became more effective in character and purpose and moreHealing, 296:qualities which are the polar opposite of the effective cause. Practicing harmlessness so as toHealing, 329:by prana is very common. It is often temporarily effective, but it concerns and deals only withHealing, 329:usually unregulated condition, is too great for effective work, owing to the polarization ofHealing, 345:and where the interplay of love may produce an effective stimulation. But this is not transfusion.Healing, 346:two ways: [346] Through a consideration of the effective working relation which exists between theHealing, 439:of detachment, which the group life makes effective in the case of the individual, is one of theHealing, 458:though certain notes on the organ will be found effective. At the exact moment of death, if aHealing, 458:the medulla oblongata will be found helpful and effective. A definite science of death willHealing, 460:or the heart, or the solar plexus - has been effective and the withdrawal is already well underHealing, 538:is required before the system I propose becomes effective. All that I give in my writings isHealing, 547:will stimulate the soul, there anchored, into effective activity, thus promoting a trueHealing, 547:take shape in his mind and greatly increase his effective service. You will note also that I am notHealing, 584:anchored point of contact, is in some ways less effective (within a limited sphere) than the energyHealing, 584:there. It is essentially more potent but not effective. Ponder on this and let me illustrate myHealing, 584:which is only slowly, very slowly, coming into effective action. To illustrate further: theHealing, 602:thought direction will be real and practically effective. Healing, 606:body. This is an act of radiation and is very effective; in the third case, an interplay is set upHealing, 614:not regarded as a principle. They are, however, effective and potent and may not be ignored. It isHealing, 640:what is called a high grade personality and an effective instrument for the spiritual man in theHealing, 655:This is the easiest way, but not the most effective. Where the patient's vitality is strong, heHealing, 670:concealed (and mobilized) that the Hierarchy is effective; the methods and modes whereby TheyHealing, 705:Great White Lodge, their work is frequently most effective. The spiritual healer, working with theHealing, 705:of light whenever possible, is seldom as effective physically. The members of the Black Lodge, orHealing, 710:present time believes to be so profoundly more effective. Just as all modern knowledge, developedHercules, 219:this contention. How then can these energies be effective? It is said that it is through theInitiation, 84:vivified, with the aim in view of the more effective controlling of the astral vehicle, and theInitiation, 198:manifestation. These results are powerful and effective, and hence the necessity for theirIntellect, 52:education through meditation is to be rendered effective. In Webster's Dictionary, the soul isIntellect, 211:is in the upper brain. During meditation, if effective, energy from the soul pours into the brain,Intellect, 233:It has been truly said that "meditation to be effective in producing results must not be merely aMagic, 151:which he has succeeded in bringing about become effective. The energy needed for the next step isMagic, 153:to method and as to a technique which has proved effective for thousands of years and with manyMagic, 258:clue to all the transmutation processes, and to effective magical work. As progress on the Path isMagic, 258:purpose and in the meditation work - become more effective in the bringing about of results. ItMagic, 412:reached a stage where they are internationally effective, and their influence is not confined toMagic, 447:phrase". We will assume that emergence into effective existence is the decision and that theMagic, 506:though certain notes on the organ will be found effective. At the exact moment of death, if aMagic, 506:the medulla oblongata will be found helpful and effective. A definite science of death willMagic, 512:in comes a period of silence and the moment for effective work. If disciples can learn to utilizeMagic, 588:is the stage wherein the centers, through the effective work of the earlier stage, become what isMagic, 604:intellectual, instead of being practical and effective. To cultivate this inner esoteric sense,Meditation, 132:means used to deceive and thereby curtail the effective output of the worker in the field of theMeditation, 191:forms are that it has a universal vogue, is very effective, and can also be very dangerous. TheMeditation, 194:for the transmission of power. If it is so effective in the case of the individual, as has beenMeditation, 194:surely its united use will be tremendously effective, and even dangerously patent. It is the lossMeditation, 260:and this is not potentially but in full effective power, realized through experience. This has beenPatanjali, 210:is the case, the response of the soul will be effective and the consequent reactions within thePatanjali, 347:and their vitalizing, so that they become "effective causes;" this siddhi, the [348] eighth,Patanjali, 369:desire, the basic cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live,Patanjali, 396:desire, the basic cause, personality, the effective result, mental vitality or the will to live,Patanjali, 409:in this sutra a statement which is the key to effective and safe meditation work. The one whoProblems, 10:and the community is seen as an integral and effective part of the city, state or nation. Dimly,Problems, 11:constitutes its ideal objective and is most effective in conditioning the people. A Pole, aProblems, 30:ideology that will prove finally and generally effective - that of right human relations. SlowlyProblems, 32:but they are of small importance in any effective, transitional enterprise unless there is a graspProblems, 56:incorporate them into the whole as integral and effective parts, and thus avoids the separativeProblems, 88:few in every nation, but it is not yet an effective and constructive aspect of any nation anywhere;Problems, 94:of force produces results which are not truly effective (for the cost is far too great) and areProblems, 118:a real effort at this time to make goodwill an effective agent in negotiating world peace and
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