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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTIVE

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Problems, 118:of its expression, to gather together into an effective and active world group all men and women ofProblems, 146:that sound economics, clear humanitarianism, effective education (as it fits men for worldProblems, 161:past has given, which will make it spiritually effective in the future and which today will slowlyPsychology1, 186:into more extensive fields, if the work proves effective. Should the spiritually minded andPsychology1, 226:form, with a radiation which will be dynamically effective. Again speaking symbolically (and whatPsychology1, 235:Soul.) It will be found that in the sutras much effective correlation can be made, particularlyPsychology1, 375:laws, connected with the seven rays, that are effective in determining the lines of demarcation,Psychology2, 137:the inflowing force will flood their lives with effective unselfish love and with devotion to thePsychology2, 137:when it reaches that point, is inevitable and effective. The inner thought and the desire lifePsychology2, 144:idea. With these the first ray disciple can be effective. Others can be reached more easily by anPsychology2, 178:disciples and which is already becoming more effective in its potency, even though this will not bePsychology2, 188:the work of the Masters' groups has been so effective? Much may depend upon just how far we willPsychology2, 265:functioning well will frequently prove a more effective agent of influence in his environingPsychology2, 337:material, and the man is ambitious, effective, and powerful. Yet there slowly arises in him aPsychology2, 343:by the Self, and fused into an instrument for effective world service; Unified, in intent andPsychology2, 387:center of spiritual will which is dynamic and effective but seldom called into play, to the willPsychology2, 644:by the New Group of World Servers. As they learn effective cooperation and achieve steadiness inPsychology2, 690:A responsiveness is desired and can be effective between the following three groups: The waitingPsychology2, 705:the face of the earth, must necessarily become effective. These people will then bring aboutPsychology2, 724:group integration might constantly become more effective, and the personal lives of the groupRays, 71:in reality much more powerful and potentially effective. It was essential, however, that a fusionRays, 71:cry of humanity as a whole could be powerful and effective in evoking response. Prior to taking upRays, 72:from that point of tension as a result of its effective action. The door closes behind theRays, 75:of tension. That realization will summarize, in effective conditioning consciousness, all that theRays, 99:makes the [99] intelligence aspect fruitful and effective for the carrying out of divine purpose,Rays, 102:of detachment, which the group life makes effective in the case of the individual, is one of theRays, 110:The will-to-good is dynamic, powerful and effective; it is based on realization of the plan and onRays, 110:will which would render their still selfish will effective. The main difficulty would be that theRays, 175:appropriate to the third initiation. It is only effective in its invocative appeal when used inRays, 189:- and their cooperation began to be [189] effective and useful to the Hierarchy, necessitating someRays, 213:of quality and of potencies in order to be effective in manifestation upon the outer plane. ItRays, 213:degrees in order to Permit of a wide range of effective relationships. Ponder on this statement.Rays, 213:plane. This entails, as you can see, smooth and effective coordination, a proper attention to theRays, 214:to keep his thought apparatus in a certain effective condition. His thoughts do not intermingle theRays, 275:triangles of practical goodwill on Earth with an effective subsidiary activity. That time is notRays, 279:expressions of soul-personality intention and effective interplay; they also constitute aRays, 364:the so-called irreligious man into a sound and effective businessman, with all the necessaryRays, 364:that the word "spiritual" connotes profound and effective interest in orthodox religion is notRays, 443:has also served to consolidate and to bring into effective use, therefore, the imagination with itsRays, 468:of character building are seen as essential and effective, and are willingly and consciouslyRays, 485:and conditioning or distributing, and so world effective. I am attempting to make a very abstruseRays, 519:himself into realms of greater knowledge and effective physical living, of the aspirant drivingRays, 551:the evolutionary process; it demonstrates its effective work in the emergence today of the greatRays, 554:of their task of crystallizing and making effective human goodwill, though generally unconscious ofRays, 563:control which will make the initiatory process effective. Rays, 575:by the influence of this ray become increasingly effective from life to life; the disciple'sRays, 578:years have seen that potency become extremely effective. Two factors have enhanced this effect: TheRays, 588:reason, plus the spiritual will, makes him an effective server of the Plan and a transmitter, in aRays, 615:plane. This will constitute one of His most effective methods in His proposed spiritualRays, 617:not yet the needed potency to prove immediately effective. This triple nucleus of determiningRays, 626:of difficulties and problems may prove effective. Each of the three Great Powers has its ownRays, 627:They find, however, that neither party has an effective plan or program, that both are animated byRays, 760:meaning and potency will render it far more effective. The year 1952 should see a major turningReappearance, 47:heart. This has already been done and with most effective results. Of the factual nature of thisReappearance, 93:in 1945. These forces of reconstruction are effective mainly in relation to those entities which weReappearance, 103:that its results will be lasting, cultural and effective. Hitherto, the presented concepts haveReappearance, 151:and of the forces of love, and these, when effective, will evoke the response of spiritual BeingsReappearance, 185:Their work will be largely to summarize and make effective the work of the two Sons of God: theTelepathy, 81:repeats itself when hierarchical invocation is effective and successfully established. This againTelepathy, 90:is naturally conditioned by human free will, effective peculiarly in the timing process. He mayTelepathy, 106:and distortions; he knows well that true and effective interpretation of the imparted impression isTelepathy, 107:third stage automatically becomes increasingly effective. The [108] received and interpretedTelepathy, 127:impression become entirely possible and normally effective. The great and omnipotent Lives inTelepathy, 175:but they are most potent and scientifically effective in bringing the centers into the desired
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