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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTIVELY

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Astrology, 382:who is in process of relating consciously and effectively all these three within himself. Man theAstrology, 557:and expression after the Mutable Cross has effectively forced the man on to the Path ofAutobiography, 63:complex led me always to admire them and this effectively cut out all jealousy. One morning EliseAutobiography, 234:this the disruption of the present world war has effectively cleared the stage. The evils of wrongAutobiography, 268:is taught to live normally, practically, effectively and spiritually in the everyday world. He isAutobiography, 284:the task of developing the mind so that it may effectively control the emotional nature and directAutobiography, 303:and reorganized and refinanced and again be effectively set into motion. At that time out of theDestiny, 28:which are at this time so powerfully and effectively affecting humanity and its coming civilizationDestiny, 73:day to lead the world spiritually as she has effectively in past history from the more politicalDestiny, 123:and quality which we call radiation. That word effectively describes the result of soul stimulationDiscipleship1, 9:of some great organization work together effectively as a unit. They must function smoothly andDiscipleship1, 27:to work consciously with glamor; they must work effectively with the presented truth, ignoring anyDiscipleship1, 42:of certain types of energy which will, when effectively functioning, produce cohesion orDiscipleship1, 42:various departments of a great organization work effectively together as a unit. They must functionDiscipleship1, 71:to an end; the Hierarchy can then recognize (as effectively established upon earth) certain focalDiscipleship1, 202:upon the "Christ [202] Way." To work this out effectively, you should concentrate your attentionDiscipleship1, 363:nature and must learn to express wisdom more effectively. You have wisdom manifesting strongly andDiscipleship1, 381:life thread can only thus be carried forward effectively. See, therefore, that this groupDiscipleship1, 408:you could discipline yourself somewhat more effectively. You have grasped rapidly and well theDiscipleship1, 478:beings and fit yourself to serve the Plan more effectively and your group brothers moreDiscipleship1, 720:fire of spirit must be opposed, distributed and effectively used by the disciples of the Masters.Discipleship1, 735:of tension from which you can consciously and effectively direct soul energy. This is the trueDiscipleship1, 739:disciples are always engaged in world work and effectively so. Newcomers and beginners have to beDiscipleship2, 84:other of my suggested spiritual enterprises and effectively work together for its furtherance. WhatDiscipleship2, 216:three stages, for they are intelligently and effectively creative and these four stages areDiscipleship2, 219:old civilization so that the new order can be effectively brought into expression. As the ChristDiscipleship2, 406:and the antahkarana is being rapidly created and effectively used. To phrase it otherwise: as theDiscipleship2, 583:ring-pass-not all that is required to make it effectively creative; this divine creativity willDiscipleship2, 611:I have carefully done in order to help you more effectively in the process of adjustment whichEducation, 46:all of them? Can we not present more effectively the great cultural epochs which - suddenlyExternalisation, 16:inner side - if they are in any way functioning effectively - the various schools and presentationsExternalisation, 17:blossoming, and this in order more rapidly and effectively to serve the race, and to cooperate withExternalisation, 130:and perception and mind, are actively and effectively working upon the physical plane. These focalExternalisation, 149:soul is found. Only those can use the formulas effectively who live, work, think and feel as souls,Externalisation, 156:procedure as you attempt to say it correctly and effectively: Forget not, first of all, theExternalisation, 156:difference between the linking up that you can effectively do and that which is done by a Member ofExternalisation, 166:In spite of a real inability to think truly, effectively and intuitively, the mass of men in allExternalisation, 204:are at present only able to express themselves effectively in the countries ranged against Germany.Externalisation, 388:with the clear light of your soul, so as to work effectively for the five weeks of the desiredExternalisation, 537:of this direct impact upon the earth. This was effectively carried out with much destruction in theExternalisation, 661:it is the energy of wisdom which is being effectively used. It might be said that this dual energy,Glamour, 54:and in order to distinguish more definitely and effectively between the forms of illusion in whichGlamour, 145:you (as you will discover) will be able to work effectively on this matter if you feel any sense ofGlamour, 191:agent in the earlier phases of the task and effectively eliminates the various glamors which veilGlamour, 210:matter itself and to focus it so powerfully and effectively that it becomes a great destructiveGlamour, 268:disciples to solve, to understand and to make effectively practical. Only by crossing the burningHealing, 343:those of us who are on the second ray could more effectively transfuse our love quality intoHealing, 349:is an advanced initiate and so able to work effectively and intelligently on the causal levelsHealing, 354:able to handle such diseases as cancer far more effectively. Healing, 495:is practiced more definitely and more effectively than was the restitution of the physical vehicle.Healing, 540:facts, and then making certain points of contact effectively useful. The first fact to beHealing, 552:be attained if the healing energies are to pass effectively to the right center and its controlledHealing, 584:of the soul, which for aeons has tried to grasp effectively its point of manifestation, theMagic, 420:son of God can surely function as freely and as effectively when in the married state as in theMagic, 607:and give out the teaching. They work [607] effectively but always from behind the scenes, andProblems, 44:all of them? Can we not present more effectively the great cultural epochs which - suddenlyPsychology2, 177:established certain rhythms, when he is working effectively along certain well recognized groupPsychology2, 177:significances. The disciple will then learn effectively to decentralize himself. This means that HePsychology2, 181:This is the major difficulty. To do this effectively and correctly, we must all learn to think ofPsychology2, 324:soul can now begin to use the instrument effectively. [325] An expression of the creative power ofPsychology2, 514:energy. He will also be taught how to use them effectively in outer service. Forms of nervousPsychology2, 647:be possible in a few years' time, but could be effectively tried in 1942. This is a forgivenessPsychology2, 703:It has to learn to be at home and to function effectively in the world of human living and there toPsychology2, 720:for the success of the plan Radiate more effectively out into the world of humanity. How to keepPsychology2, 728:of the Council was as to how They could more effectively stimulate the New Group of World ServersPsychology2, 742:of numbers, these people can make their presence effectively felt. It will be a force which canRays, 211:as a result of the united soul life of the group effectively making its presence felt. These twoRays, 294:he seeks to share intelligently and effectively. Recognition of the immediate contribution of theRays, 310:initiation and higher initiations can wield effectively this particular form of death - for monadicRays, 466:is the need to relate - consciously and effectively - the spiritual Triad, the soul on its ownRays, 573:be stopped; it must inevitably demonstrate effectively, because the energy of this seventh ray isRays, 612:and the Principle of Conflict has worked so effectively that all men are desiring harmony, peace,Rays, 619:of a great alignment. This alignment, when effectively concluded, will bring about a clear channelSoul, 20:has been to isolate a body of facts which do effectively embody the truth about man, his behaviorSoul, 129:the centers and thus be able to control more effectively the neuroses and glands of the physicalTelepathy, 65:added as the consciousness of man is more effectively employed. The Science of Contact will notTelepathy, 127:made such progress that these points can be made effectively. I would call to your attention thatTelepathy, 197:men's capacity for freedom in order to function effectively with that "life more abundantly" which
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