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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTS

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Destiny, 27:hold and its power, its influence [27] and its effects will be of an increasing momentum. One isDestiny, 29:in connection with these two rays and their effects upon the race of men. (I am not here dealingDestiny, 29:race of men. (I am not here dealing with their effects upon the other kingdoms in nature.) TheDestiny, 32:seen and this must lead inevitably to events and effects hitherto unvisioned and impossible. TheDestiny, 60:of the United States values money only for the effects on his life which it can bring and for whatDestiny, 70:the individual horoscope, but upon energy effects, coming direct from the signs themselves, or viaDestiny, 70:exoteric, esoteric or hierarchical); these effects are again conditioned by the interplay betweenDestiny, 94:but the energy is there and must make its effects felt. As in the individual life, as the resultsDestiny, 94:Where personality force dominates, the effects will be destructive and may temporarily hinderDestiny, 96:effect upon that country and a study of these effects will demonstrate future possibility for theDestiny, 101:or racial) to a grasp of their interrelation and effects upon each other. This science can beDestiny, 118:concentrated upon the producing of physical effects and material results, and that the focus of theDestiny, 123:this radiation produces definite and calculated effects. The sixth ray is, as you know, veryDestiny, 124:discoveries will be made. One of the inevitable effects of seventh ray energy will be to relate andDestiny, 124:some day be so potent and far-reaching that its effects will permeate down into the very depths ofDestiny, 124:seventh ray influence will have three definite effects upon the fourth and third kingdoms inDiscipleship1, 20:has loosed energies hitherto unknown and the effects are of a dual kind, producing both bad as wellDiscipleship1, 28:creative imagination. The Hierarchy produces its effects upon the plane of appearances through theDiscipleship1, 42:economic and social upheaval and the appalling effects of war are all the results of energies thatDiscipleship1, 53:centuries) been carried forward by us but its effects have only been registered unconsciously byDiscipleship1, 90:This focused thought produces inevitable effects within the etheric body and thus two aspects ofDiscipleship1, 109:general average of the results, any phenomenal effects and any growth in consciousness which youDiscipleship1, 109:be definitely traced to these exercises. These effects should be looked for, in your case, in theDiscipleship1, 135:which you must do. Deal with causes and not with effects. The effects are inevitably effective.Discipleship1, 135:do. Deal with causes and not with effects. The effects are inevitably effective. NOTE: ThisDiscipleship1, 144:wise and loving can do anything and the effects will be harmless and good producing. Persevere withDiscipleship1, 163:and objectively will be so definite in its effects that the future lines of emergence and theDiscipleship1, 185:is a tangible substance and potency, producing effects. Your radiation or "quality of effectiveDiscipleship1, 185:which I here call attention. This should produce effects without physical contact, and this shouldDiscipleship1, 248:followed and attempted with due watching of the effects. This entire meditation is to be carriedDiscipleship1, 258:and a practical interpretation of its desired effects in terms of your own life. You should askDiscipleship1, 262:aided in offsetting the dynamic destructive effects of your sixth ray force. Of this you should beDiscipleship1, 267:you. My spiritual interest and its consequent effects in energy form are spread over the entireDiscipleship1, 270:[270] Did the crisis produce any definite after-effects of a relatively permanent nature in theDiscipleship1, 272:conditions which we find all around us. They are effects of causes which are initiated by manDiscipleship1, 309:work and leave realization with its results and effects to take place naturally without any forcingDiscipleship1, 316:freer than the majority from the blinding effects of glamor. I would ask you to preserve thisDiscipleship1, 330:enter upon cycles or, rather, register their effects earlier than the rest of humanity becauseDiscipleship1, 330:differences consist and the entirely different effects which the same general outlook has upon twoDiscipleship1, 331:in speech and desire what you believe to be the effects of divinity. You over-estimate the capacityDiscipleship1, 334:you have done so? Only, my brother, by the after effects and not by any phenomenal vision, responseDiscipleship1, 378:the usual fourth or fifth ray forces (the usual effects) is lacking. There is a lack of precision,Discipleship1, 386:to withstand. These are for you but subsidiary effects. Your intended lesson is Detachment and, asDiscipleship1, 390:thought manifestations definitely produce effects in him. In these ancient platitudes lie, for you,Discipleship1, 409:judge with care what I ask you to do because the effects are so prompt, and contact with my energyDiscipleship1, 423:of purpose and are planned to produce certain effects, if faithfully carried out. I would have youDiscipleship1, 423:in their due time, produce definite physical effects? Tranquility is the imposition of a quality ofDiscipleship1, 446:of incidental suffering) and relational in its effects. Such interludes of unfoldment in the lifeDiscipleship1, 457:descended temporarily upon the group, and the effects of this are only now beginning [458] to passDiscipleship1, 502:the selfless and the more fluid way and the effects will be lasting in your experience. This is forDiscipleship1, 521:inner causes have spent themselves in physical effects - there then follows a period of liberationDiscipleship1, 573:head, watching carefully for any physiological effects of an undesirable nature; report them shouldDiscipleship1, 578:in your life, esoterically speaking, though its effects may produce exoteric happenings. TheseDiscipleship1, 591:and wisely furthered - produce lasting world effects; these details must be worked out; they canDiscipleship1, 631:logical tenacity (no matter what its disastrous effects on Christianity may have been) and hisDiscipleship1, 649:each other. Think with clarity, free from the effects of prejudice and propaganda. Serve with allDiscipleship1, 695:stimulation is taking place with varying effects. This involves an intensified aspiration andDiscipleship1, 700:controlling energies, their source and their effects. It is immediately obvious that the work ofDiscipleship1, 700:is the study of forces and of their origin and effects. An Ashram is a place wherein this studyDiscipleship1, 700:within himself and produce changes and specific effects in his life-expression upon the physicalDiscipleship1, 702:You have the analogous idea and its sequence of effects in the realization that the Master (spiritDiscipleship1, 705:point, predictable; they are the precipitated effects of hidden causes which lie deep in theDiscipleship1, 705:are as yet necessarily involved in the world of effects and, therefore, of illusion. To workDiscipleship1, 717:They are not esoteric causes but exoteric effects of inner attitudes. As we continue our studies onDiscipleship1, 721:it, but the concentration is not based upon the effects upon others when the fire of the mind isDiscipleship1, 721:loose with its destroying, burning and damaging effects. The Masters are, therefore, anxious toDiscipleship1, 730:will then have three rays producing simultaneous effects upon mankind: The first Ray of Will orDiscipleship1, 751:reactions to the new mode of life, to the effects wrought into his consciousness by his penetrationDiscipleship1, 765:which negates the imposition of force effects upon the consciousness. Ponder on this last sentenceDiscipleship1, 788:all the above, and having watched the ill effects of the usual teaching given anent the Masters, A.Discipleship2, XIII:useful while he was watching [XIII] the effects. For example: He knew not only the Ray qualities ofDiscipleship2, 5:clear vision of the nature of glamor and of its effects in the individual and group life canDiscipleship2, 7:only in consideration of these fundamental [7] effects of standing as a group in the "head's clearDiscipleship2, 23:There are outer processes at work which are effects of inner happenings in your own souls, in theDiscipleship2, 27:the waking brain attentiveness. The resultant effects, reactions, and the registering of anyDiscipleship2, 40:in an effort to find security, to obliterate the effects of war from their troubled minds, toDiscipleship2, 42:it ten years ago. The significant spiritual effects of the war can now be clearly seen, and I canDiscipleship2, 55:worlds, of the realm of causes to the realm of effects. Ponder on this. Individual approach must beDiscipleship2, 59:with Me is against Me." This refers to the after effects of the conflict between the Forces ofDiscipleship2, 67:mention this as it is a typical instance of the effects of this glamor.) 3. The stimulation toDiscipleship2, 70:initiates; no true disciple is exempt from the effects of this planetary situation. Inevitably,Discipleship2, 80:Hierarchy, and you cannot avoid it. One of the effects of the reorientation is that four or five ofDiscipleship2, 106:rapport and intuitive perception; but these are effects and not causes and are the product of theDiscipleship2, 130:six months you will do what you can to make the effects of the previous period of reflection, aDiscipleship2, 131:your brother's mind. This could not fail to have effects. You might interpret wrongly and in anyDiscipleship2, 143:follows his instructions, can expect to see effects of a surprising and lasting nature withinDiscipleship2, 163:with exactitude the first precipitation. Its effects have been mass effects to a very large extent.Discipleship2, 163:first precipitation. Its effects have been mass effects to a very large extent. They have affectedDiscipleship2, 167:the truth that both love and intelligence are effects of what is called the Will of God, andDiscipleship2, 167:causes being responsible for the outer world of effects, will deny its truth [168] and usefulness;Discipleship2, 177:to precede any meditation (and its subsequent effects) that was in any way related to my Ashram asDiscipleship2, 198:on this. Meditation is also eliminative in its effects and (if I may use such a term) ejects out ofDiscipleship2, 221:inner worlds take much time in producing their effects upon the objective, tangible plane of divineDiscipleship2, 249:awakening it to life; this it does (through effects produced) upon the three planes of the threeDiscipleship2, 259:point - the recognition of this death and its effects is only symbolically enacted and recognizedDiscipleship2, 263:point of life at the center of all forms. These effects, resulting from right comprehension of theDiscipleship2, 264:you, living normally as you do in the world of effects and not in the world of causes, areDiscipleship2, 264:and so draw you consciously out of the world of effects. Therefore, I would ask you to do theDiscipleship2, 283:mind, and are therefore crystallizing in their effects and distorting in their results; they areDiscipleship2, 306:of causes and their emergence from the world of effects. You can see also from this that this
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