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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTS

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Externalisation, 613:no country has as yet recovered from its dire effects. There is no true intercourse between nationsExternalisation, 617:on earth, and will be publicly recognized; the effects of that appearance and of that recognitionExternalisation, 634:in this second decade, and it will have lasting effects upon human living and design. Owing toExternalisation, 648:had reached such vast proportions, and its effects were so completely dominated by the Forces ofExternalisation, 655:the Hierarchy. Its rhythm is established and its effects are well known and proven. The directionExternalisation, 655:is rapidly coming into an unique potency and its effects today are reaching down into the veryExternalisation, 660:Hierarchy, the repercussions and the resultant effects will take place on earth, with physicalExternalisation, 660:will take place on earth, with physical plane effects, because the old occult truism "as above, soExternalisation, 660:objectively demonstrated. This result and the effects produced will constitute one of the modesExternalisation, 670:powers - in the past and today - and its effects [671] are noted. Under the totalitarian system,Externalisation, 673:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization The Effects of the Externalization September 1949 InExternalisation, 693:work of the first ray, and in so destroying its effects purity is achieved; the fostering of goodFire, 52:might be applied in this sense. Each of these effects produces a [53] different class of phenomena.Fire, 57:the fires of mind. In the earlier period the effects in manifestation of the divine Flame were soFire, 76:thus brings about and eventually transmutes, the effects of causes which He set in motion earlierFire, 76:to remember that all fundamental influence and effects are felt on the astral plane and work thenceFire, 78:body and prana lies the revelation of the effects of those rays of the sun which (for lack ofFire, 78:producing on the bodies then contacted certain effects differing somewhat from those produced byFire, 78:those produced by the other emanations. These effects might be considered as definitely stimulatingFire, 102:but limitation and termination result as the effects of imperfection giving place to a gradualFire, 103:only in matter of the second ether, and the effects therefore will be less severe owing to theFire, 105:Again from the systemic standpoint, these same effects may be observed, functionally, this time inFire, 123:(as will be brought out later) in certain effects. It produces a quickening of the normal vibrationFire, 138:entity; but that entity is held back in the effects he seeks to achieve until the vehicles throughFire, 144:correspondence to this in the sumtotal of the effects brought about in the second and third rootFire, 152:Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes II. The Effects of Rotary Motion Every sphere in the bodyFire, 152:rotates. This rotation produces certain effects, which effects might be enumerated as follows: 1.Fire, 152:This rotation produces certain effects, which effects might be enumerated as follows: 1. SeparationFire, 157:and we should be able to work out these four effects: Separation, or the repulsive effect,Fire, 158:perfect balance then produces certain specific effects which might be enumerated and pondered upon,Fire, 158:of words and not in any real inaccuracy. These effects are: The disintegration of form, TheFire, 163:to show their interrelation, and to trace the effects produced by their rightful development. To doFire, 173:is the main method whereby the Spirit effects its liberation from the trammels of matter, andFire, 175:force in the mechanical sense of motions and effects) remain statu quo as well as globes andFire, 184:the life of the third Logos. Kundalini has two effects upon the etheric web, as it is called. ByFire, 190:of densest manifestation, and of the most marked effects of sound, regarding it as a creatingFire, 212:Rods are applied to the human centers, and the effects are the same, only on a vaster scale. This,Fire, 213:apply the Rod without bringing about definite effects between the two. The Rods are charged withFire, 216:has several subsidiary laws which govern its effects on the different grades of matter. As saidFire, 217:form certain words of power, producing different effects. 92 The great WORD that peals through oneFire, 252:is developed to bring about certain specific effects and to attain certain specific goals. AbilityFire, 304:of causes which necessitate certain unavoidable effects, so a Heavenly Man at one stage of HisFire, 349:them. [349] All Rods of Initiation cause certain effects: Stimulation of the latent fires till theyFire, 355:about existence, utilizes form, and works out effects from causes through discrimination in matter,Fire, 427:as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor a. Ray Effects - The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art or theFire, 428:of manas. They are, literally, the radiatory effects of the Divine Manasaputras. We are concernedFire, 428:ether; this will result in the following effects: First, physical plane scientists will be able toFire, 435:fifth influence becomes more and more felt, its effects will be seen on the astral plane in anFire, 440:I will make no more comments on the future effects of the Ray which is passing into temporaryFire, 447:transference of atoms. So far-reaching are the effects of this Ray, both on the deva and humanFire, 452:take up this matter of the incoming Ray and the effects to be looked for from its influence) thatFire, 462:bring about great events. Nevertheless, certain effects might here be noticed. [463] Owing to theFire, 465:producing increased healing or blending effects upon allied groups. In this thought lies, for theFire, 469:Systemic Karma - The working out by the Logos of effects set in motion in previous Kalpas, andFire, 470:this system, and not so much the working out of effects originating in previous solar systems. TheFire, 540:he works blindly and begins to appreciate the effects of his physical plane life; by a realizationFire, 546:it the most difficult to open. Second, that the effects of one circle of petals opening will beFire, 554:seventh order become more powerful, and their effects can consequently be studied more easily. ItFire, 562:between those thought forms which are effects and those which are causes. It should be rememberedFire, 567:of the will? Do I make forms which bring karmic effects, or do I build those which go to the goodFire, 570:so slight as to be negligible, but very definite effects are felt in our system through causesFire, 570:in Sirius. These causes, when experienced as effects, are called by us the Law of Karma, and at theFire, 581:them anew. On the path of evolution the effects of this law are well known, not only in theFire, 594:produced certain results, certain permanent effects, and thus formed the nucleus for the presentFire, 624:and who, in their own substance, Record. Produce effects from cause. Direct force. This particularFire, 644:of the Rites of Initiation. Yet all three effects are felt in spirit-matter; all proceed under theFire, 651:the beginning, may produce many apparently evil effects. The development of the physical eye is aFire, 651:others will be hastened. One of the profoundest effects of the war was felt among the devas of theFire, 702:through a macrocosmic happening which produces effects in the microcosm. A final point here needsFire, 738:on. Meanwhile they are rewarded; receive the effects of the causes produced by them." "Of course itFire, 738:one of these 'lives' on a globe are causative of effects, the working out of which requires farFire, 747:concern Them on the cosmic planes, and only the effects are felt on this. They meditate in TheirFire, 754:low desire into high desire, will be some of the effects, while the result of the force flowingFire, 764:not only man's forms in the three worlds. The effects of the process are interdependent, and as theFire, 764:are produced in the higher body. As these effects are cumulative, and not ephemeral [765] as areFire, 784:to coordination [784] the more terrific are the effects of activity. This is true of Gods, of men,Fire, 786:more accurate forms, which will produce powerful effects on physical levels. Thus eventually inFire, 791:on, the vibration becomes more powerful and the effects therefore are more rapidly felt. At theFire, 793:response, therefore, differs, producing varying effects in time. The three major planetary schemesFire, 795:will discover how to neutralize any remaining effects through scientific achievement and knowledgeFire, 796:remains unknown. Science recognizes certain effects, leading and tending to the general coherenceFire, 796:of other groups and of other units, the effects of radiation from other rays, and of certain typesFire, 799:not possible for him to do more than study the effects produced by the juxtaposition of the pairsFire, 803:war and in present world conditions; these are effects of causes having their origin in the renewedFire, 804:destiny," and can initiate action which produces effects recognizable by him as being dependentFire, 804:type of energy is demonstrating, producing effects upon the lower and higher bodies of a definiteFire, 806:higher during this middle period produces three effects, which will be seen, if carefully studiedFire, 806:the working out of the law of Karma. These three effects are: The development of the astralFire, 812:of environal conditions, and will study the effects of the emotional currents upon the fluids ofFire, 815:disciplining of the physical body, the mystic effects his entrance into the heart center of hisFire, 834:The moon or moons in any scheme are systemic effects, and are not causes. In certain planetaryFire, 835:of the moon will not be known nor the effects of this traced. Eventually our solar system will passFire, 837:is specifically worded thus because the effects are felt in the lowest sheath of all, and areFire, 838:double is connected with its dense sheath, and effects are therefore manifested. Purificatory fireFire, 854:in their myriad differentiations have specific effects upon each other on mental levels, and theseFire, 854:upon each other on mental levels, and these effects are as yet utterly unrealized by man.Fire, 858:also aware of: Its purpose, Its technique, The effects produced within the lower self of the manFire, 862:of force, of force transmission, and of the effects of liberated force upon the higher planes isFire, 885:so that the flow of force may be unimpeded. The effects of this downflow of force may be viewed inFire, 886:energy of the physical body, and produces effects within the spinal column which arouses the
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