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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EFFECTS

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Healing, 50:if I here indicate to you the good and the bad effects and the corresponding diseases. [51] Healing, 55:to disease which come: From his own past; i.e., effects which are the result of causes initiated inHealing, 57:source? The problem of the past, and the present effects of that past, is too vast forHealing, 67:astral body, which definitely produces abnormal effects upon the nervous system. It is a disease ofHealing, 70:speak not here of worry) is inflammatory in its effects - and inflammation is hard to bear - andHealing, 71:I have cited sufficient reasons for the effects of Worry and Irritation to demonstrate to you theHealing, 71:going to deal with those causes which, producing effects in the physical body, arise in the mind orHealing, 78:assigned breathing exercises, with their subtle effects of reorganizing and readjusting the subtlerHealing, 78:though not enough is yet known about methods and effects. One other thing I would like to call toHealing, 80:is concerned, but they themselves are frequently effects of subtler causes, hidden in the life ofHealing, 82:form or another is related to the causes and the effects of disease, because disease is theHealing, 83:to describe these forces and their actuating effects: such as impulses, incentives, influences,Healing, 93:Can the power of thought produce healing effects when used by an individual or a group? In view ofHealing, 101:the patient's anxiety can negate the desired effects. In radiatory healing, the process is simplerHealing, 110:diseases, and so enable the wise to negate effects. This brevity and this system of impartingHealing, 115:of disease, with their allied and subsidiary effects, can and do produce results where the discipleHealing, 118:of reckoning with heredity, and of studying the effects of education - either academic or basedHealing, 119:of from the personality angle and the realm of effects) can clarify this law in your minds andHealing, 122:and activity always and inevitably produce effects, results, awakenings, disruptions andHealing, 123:conditioning; superficially and in its outer effects - particularly where the disciple is concernedHealing, 123:life, until he has become adjusted to the effects of his energy distribution, and also frequentHealing, 128:physical vehicle of the soul. Exemption from the effects of human ills is no indication ofHealing, 132:to vibration and its differing and varied effects. The secret of the Law of Vibration isHealing, 133:The reaction is primarily physical but the effects are largely psychological, and it is thereforeHealing, 137:With these I shall not deal. My theme is the effects of this conflict in the physical body. I wish,Healing, 140:producing both physiological and psychological effects. The importance of this glandular systemHealing, 150:in time and space become possible; certain effects can be noted, certain ray influences appear moreHealing, 151:of the centers, and so arrive at some of the effects which this energy inflow and conflict withHealing, 159:of its secretion is not yet established, and the effects of this gland are better known from theirHealing, 178:facts of coordination, integration and their effects in producing greatness. For those of you whoHealing, 181:change and of a renewed release of energies. The effects of the deep underlying causes themselvesHealing, 181:at present controls its life and produces its effects as it feeds and directs the life principle inHealing, 192:necessary trouble and consequent undesirable effects. These effects will be overcome but - in theHealing, 192:and consequent undesirable effects. These effects will be overcome but - in the interim ofHealing, 193:with the causes which are producing the effects upon the physical plane. It is a slower process,Healing, 193:Science and Unity are only temporary in their effects and are based upon a process of scientificHealing, 198:These uneven conditions produce potent effects upon the nervous system and upon the glands, leadingHealing, 199:Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease Effects Produced in Specific Areas Let us nowHealing, 199:Areas Let us now consider certain of the effects of the above facts, and their effect upon theHealing, 204:centers; they are first, last, and all the time effects of inner predisposing causes, and it isHealing, 207:Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease Effects of Understimulation and Over-stimulation ofHealing, 213:medical profession does not admit that they are effects of the activity or the non-activity of theHealing, 213:of physical creation) and the conditioning effects of the thyroid gland is due to the fact thatHealing, 226:if you bear in mind that they are in reality effects of causes upon which the investigator has notHealing, 229:was the activity of the dark forces. Their effects had to be brought about through the medium ofHealing, 240:existence of the centers and their physiological effects. So much emphasis has been laid upon theHealing, 240:all properly organized and directed, that the effects of the energy which they receive andHealing, 241:intelligent investigators the task of studying effects, after accepting as a possible hypothesisHealing, 242:the subjective causes and the objective effects. The two must be related. The activity - excessiveHealing, 243:of extraneous irritants, producing immediate effects upon the sensitive organism of man's body. IHealing, 249:the second part took place. The psychological effects continue; the scars and the results of theHealing, 251:but much remains to be done. One of the good effects of the world war will be to force the neededHealing, 252:be purely local; others seem universal in their effects; certain diseases are gradually dying out,Healing, 262:and international worlds which have produced the effects under which humanity today suffers. Healing, 263:the planet colors existence - are aspects of effects, initiated somewhere, on some level at someHealing, 264:past. They are demonstrating the far-reaching effects of the Law. Factually and symbolically, theyHealing, 273:then be away from the outer, tangible, physical effects and to the inner causes, as they are to beHealing, 275:field and posits the entire problem of karmic effects and of ray types. That these conditioningHealing, 281:by orthodox medicine, which deals with the effects of these subtle causes as they work out in theHealing, 284:therefore, that much must be known of the effects of these two basic and different techniquesHealing, 290:a position to make or work off more causes and effects. The personality not being thoroughlyHealing, 290:own causes and the conscious participator in the effects. Upon the Path, the karma of the chosenHealing, 291:to be initiated will not generate such dire effects as that of the past. Not all karma is bad, inHealing, 292:and among the commonest and most ordinary effects, and one in which the great Law of RetributionHealing, 293:from astrological conditions and producing effects of a planetary nature and involving, therefore,Healing, 293:development that men can "appreciate causes and effects as whole processes and can see both theHealing, 300:physical ill health and the undesirable effects which we have already studied in this treatise. ItHealing, 301:savage races. Certain brain disorders also are effects, and low vitality. Healing, 304:He knew not then that love sustains." The effects of this ray force are most peculiar and will be aHealing, 311:of clearance and ultimately beneficent in its effects. It is the working out into manifestation ofHealing, 311:and understood the proper food values and effects. Diabetes is more definitely the result of wrongHealing, 320:certain living potentialities, causing certain effects upon the surrounding field of energy, andHealing, 320:them. Such causes, for instance, may have their effects as a fierce and fiery and hot devotion toHealing, 321:The originating cause is the same, and the effects in the personality will differ according to theHealing, 329:effective, but it concerns and deals only with effects and never touches causes. The disease canHealing, 329:the increase and produces relatively permanent effects. But astral healing is rare and very seldomHealing, 329:is a difference in the causes of disease and the effects as experienced in oriental or occidentalHealing, 347:and leads to suffering, distress and various effects. Right identification leads to understandingHealing, 353:the newer modes of living, with their resultant effects of better health and a more correctHealing, 354:is occupied with secondary causes and effects of this etheric weakness. I shall consider this laterHealing, 359:through the vehicles and definitely produces effects. Thus cures are brought about in some vehicleHealing, 369:substance which can only be traced through their effects and through interference with theirHealing, 384:Most men live today in the world of effects, and have no idea that they are effects. Some few areHealing, 384:world of effects, and have no idea that they are effects. Some few are now beginning to live in theHealing, 384:becoming aware, of the causes which produce the effects which meaning reveals. It is for thisHealing, 410:the work of the over-shadowing soul which effects this; it is not carried forward by the soul inHealing, 415:them anew. On the path of evolution the effects of this law are well-known, not only in theHealing, 448:to resurrection and ascension. That which effects a change is a discharge (to use a totallyHealing, 450:to be, the central will which is known by the effects of its radiation or breath. This dispersal,Healing, 473:and the endocrine system. With these effects I shall not deal. The pathology of death is well knownHealing, 479:accurate knowledge of the outer aspects and effects of disease. Time, and constant trainedHealing, 482:long time. However, the mental and psychological effects of the world war will greatly hasten theHealing, 508:evolution, but which nevertheless have their effects and their planned objectives within thoseHealing, 542:not too sudden, and therefore destructive in its effects; particular care has also to be evidencedHealing, 545:of aloneness and isolation; that is why the effects of bad health, when rightly handled, lead to aHealing, 549:their immediate apparent cause, and therefore to effects and not to real causes. The healing withHealing, 583:physical plane (dense and etheric) and to the effects which the conflict between the energies andHealing, 614:essential that students regard these glands as effects and not causes of events and happenings andHealing, 618:related to the art of healing; one of the effects of the application of the healing energy (throughHealing, 620:on the basis of physical, or rather of etheric, effects, and may be regarded by you as indicating
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